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दीवार में एक खिड़की रहती थीWhich Sonsi keeps her precious things But there is a magical place beyond the window which sustains Raghuvir Prasad's दीवार में MOBI #10003 and Sonsi's spirit This window lived in a wal. I was uite intrigued by the title of the book that’s why I picked up It's originally written in Hindi but I read the translated version This book will take the reader to another world provided the reader is ready to go When I first started it I was a bit sceptical as to where the story is going until I realised there is no story at all The book is not about story it's about the everyday life of a newlywed couple with a little twist Raghuveer and Sonsi are two happy people who live a simple life They neither dwell on past regrets nor they plan for their future They live by the moment It was nice to read a book which was untouched by technology It is difficult to imagine a life without our phones televisions laptops but this book would defiantly give a glimpse of that life I can sum up this book as an afternoon dream a beautiful one for sure

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Read & Download á दीवार में एक खिड़की रहती थी 108 ´ ❰Read❯ ➵ दीवार में एक खिड़की रहती थी Author Vinod Kumar Shukla – Sahitya Akademi Winner of 1999 VSahitya Akademi Winner of Vinod Kumar एक खिड़की eBook #8608 Shukla's apparently slight novel reaches into the depth of feeling Raghuvir Prasad and his wife Sonsi have for one another an. Nothing much happens Fondly imagined and leisurely written this books borders on magical realism of Maruez or Rushdie There are seemingly nonsensical conversations magical worlds which are never explained and characters who disappear but it all seems plausible even obvious Sure that could happen in this town The author takes us to an almost Utopian world of a North Indian village where nothing much happens and in to the life of a newly married couple Wish one could stay back for a days in that gaon

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D for the world of lower middle class neighbours among whom they belong Their possessions are meagre the single room barely accommodates their bed the water pot the kitchen utensils and the tin box in. It made me laugh out loud several times touched my heart made me pine for the window and the world beyond it but left me unsatisfied in the endVinod Kumar Shukl have a style of writing like none other Some of those sentences are so much fun to read again and again His device of characters saying one thing and listening another is also very interesting There is no plot here This book is all slice of life and the craft of the author