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Back in the 1960s Jacui Schiff developed “reparenting” a techniue for curing psychotics generally labeled incurable by other therapists In Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis TA theory the psyche consists of components called “ego states” of which there are three types Parent Adult and Child Psychopathology emanates from battles inside the mind between the Parent and Child ego states with the Adult too weak or undeveloped to intervene In psychotics the Parent ego state has usually incorporated crazy messages from the real parents such as “You don’t deserve to live” “Get lost” “I hate you”; these are directed at the Child ego state which usually oscillates between compliance “It’s true I’m hateful—I don’t deserve to live” and rebellion “I’ll kill you” An ambitious psychiatric social worker Jacui Schiff reasoned that the way to cure severely disturbed people was to replace the crazy messages of the Parent ego state with sane messages—in effect to replace the old dysfunctional Parent with a new healthy Parent who would nurture the Child rather than persecute and exploit it To replace the old Parent with a new Parent however Jacui realized that she would have to become a parent to the psychotic patients furnishing the good parenting nurturing discipline modeling messages that the person had never experienced So she and her husband Moe also a psychiatric social worker started taking sixteen to late twenties “incurables” into their home and effectively “re raising” them—an extremely arduous and dangerous process since many of the patients were prone to suicide andor psychotic episodes sometimes leading to homicidal attacks Arduous and dangerous—but in most cases reparenting worked All My Children tells Jacui’s story detailing her trials and tribulations as a fulltime “mother” to psychotic young adults The book is exciting and very easy to read and the reparenting techniue dramatic and apparently very effective although extremely demanding on both patient and therapist—and therefore a process that I suspect very few therapists have been willing to emulate Each evening when Moe turned into our drive he automatically braced himself for “whatever kind of hell is waiting for me tonight” Since we deal so vigorously with everyone’s pathology walking into the living room always means wading knee deep in powerful emotions of hate anger fear—and also love Moe never knew what might be happening until he opened the door And he worried a good deal about whether he would be adeuate to meet whatever situation confronted him Typical homecoming One night he came home to total chaos Elizabeth was upset and some of the kids were trying to deal with her Tom was shouting at Dennis who was trying to frighten everyone into submission by out yelling them One of the girls was struggling in restraints and Rickey was crying Suicide was always a threat After a power failure during a summer storm “When those lights went out I was thinking man if I felt like killing myself this would sure be the time to do it” Shirley explained with a droll grimace at Elizabeth “I didn’t happen to feel like killing myself at the moment But then I heard Elizabeth running out of the room And I knew for sure what she was going to do So I ran after her—“ First meeting with Michael Tall gaunt white faced and with shaved red hair Michael looked subhuman—like something out of a Frankenstein movie He was being given than fifty pills each day Every time he got upset his medication was increased He had been taking nicotinic acid so long that his lips had turned brown and cracked His tongue hung out of his mouth much of the time and his skin was scarred with one of the worst cases of acne I have seen I had thought Dennis looked pretty awful But Michael was really beyond belief Also he had a horrible smell Besides the familiar schizophrenic smell there was an odor from the untended sores and boils He had simply not been kept clean in the hospital Nor had he been given any regular form of exercise His thin body was slack without muscle tone or apparent strength Symbiosis is a normal part of infancy A baby believes his mother shares his feelings and he responds to her feelings with total involvement By the time the child is two he understands that he and his mother are separate But if his infant needs were neglected he may spend his life trying to get the needs met by controlling mothering in some way A symbiotic relationship involves the attempted “merging” of individuals Two or people seem to divide up the functions of a single personality Thus only one of them can get angry drive a car or read a book They have a secret contract never to compete so there can never be dissension Bunny’s childhood colitis which had necessitated the eventual surgery removal of a section of colon was I knew a symptom of the deep anal anger Bunny had experienced toward her mother who had failed to provide the unconditional love infants need to be healthy Because of her confusion about having to meet other people’s needs rather than having her own met we established no expectation of Bunny except that she allow herself to be loved and cared for Elizabeth had suddenly developed a strong functional new Parent developed from us and most of her craziness promptly subsided She seemed to be skipping all the in between development and taking a giant leap from irrational to rational behavior Shortly after Elizabeth developed her Parent her thinking cleared up Delusions seemed to drop away she gave up her bizarre postures her suicidal script and also much of her little girl naiveté Jacui and Moe did not succeed with everyone We gave up on Rosita This failure gave me one of my lowest moments I cannot help but feel that it was I who failed with her And yet I do not understand how or why She should have gotten well She had made such a lot of progress in the beginning—only to lose it The Child in me believes there is some kind of magic in loving—that if I had only loved Rosita enough I could have found a way to help her get well Sometimes I could feel the wish for health and happiness—only to have it slip out of both our grasps Tom one of Jacui’s two natural born sons who loved Rosita says “It was important for her to play games and manipulate people than it was for her to get well” But I don’t really believe that Slowly and consistently John got better When he finally left home it was with a good job plans to marry and return to school John’s was our first wedding and we could not have been prouder of any son But why was it I wondered over and over again that I could be John’s mother and not Rosita’s Rosita was John’s natural sister It is a uestion I have never been able to answer “You’re spoiling Shirley” he charged me “You are overprotecting her She is not working to get well She is not trying All the kids know it You know it” For the other children this was the cardinal sin They could accept anything from one another—except the failure to try to get well Our first group of children were growing up—but always there were new babies For every child who left home there seemed to be three ready to replace him I was learning to hate the ring of the telephone; to dread reading the day’s mail I had not yet found ways to defend myself against the children who needed so much and appealed so desperately Example of a regression As for Dennis although he seemed fine in almost all other ways his game with me continued No amount of pushing seemed to motivate his working it through Repressed anger can be aired and then it dissipates but anal and infant anger which comes from the feelings of the preverbal Child has to be exposed and then relinuished And Dennis continued to be unwilling to do this “Do you know what it is you need to do” I asked him He nodded silently “Then you have to do it” I told him “We’ll take care of you son” Moe told him “You have to trust us” Dennis looked around the circle again his face very flushed We all waited in silence Finally he nodded and rose from his chair The kids began moving the furniture to clear the way for his acting out The group re formed with the boys in front nearest Dennis and the girls sitting in protected positions Dennis sat down on the floor in the center of the circle He took off his shoes and put them out of the way I took his watch and belt and put them safely away and then sat down on the floor facing him he began doubling up into angry contortions Within seconds he was a baby red and furious flailing and convulsing with frantic baby rage The struggle went on and on After nearly two hours during which we all spelled each other holding him all of us were exhausted Dennis was acting outthe anger he had felt at the age of eleven months when his mother had originally rejected him Now he was retaliating by rejecting me and making it all my fault I would be the cause of his getting sick again just as his mother was responsible for his being sick in the first place After Moe had been talking to him and stroking him for about twenty minutes Dennis finally gave a little mewing cry and lifted one arm When I was called in he allowed me to hold him He relaxed in my arms and the infantile cries grew into convulsive sobbing And then after awhile he could talk to us “I don’t know exactly what’s happening” I said “I can’t promise anything But I think Elizabeth and Eric know what they need to do and they have to find a way to do it”Before the children let go Moe and other help arrived and it was fortunate that we had enough people because it took ten strong men to hold Elizabeth and twelve to hold Eric We had learned that schizophrenics are script bound They will become whatever they are defined to be And during the early phase of a regression a schizophrenic youngster is fantastically vulnerable to suggestion I immediately began telling Eric that he was able to communicate what was going on “You know what is happening in your head” I said many times “You can account for everything you do or feel” “I can” he would echo with Elizabeth like naiveté One of the reasons our children get well the major reason Elizabeth did so well with us when we didn’t understand what was happening was that we try not to discount We consider all behavior purposeful and try always to confront it in some way However before we knew what had happened to hebephrenic children and realized the role discounting always plays in the development of schizophrenia we had no concept of how important that policy was to the children’s getting well Elizabeth and Eric never learned to identify and think about those feelings which their mothers discounted They were both masters of passivity and from them I began to understand that passive aggressive behavior must come from the oral stage of development that when a child is confused about separating what he is doing from what someone else is doing there has probably been a serious disruption in his outgrowing the symbiotic relationship with his mother which was natural as an infant Being spanked for misbehavior was an important experience for these children partly because it was a way of demanding that they be responsible for behavior but even because spanking is based on the expectation that the child will feel pain and was a major means by which the kids got permission to experience feelings Neither had ever been spanked by their natural parents What had happened I realized was that the children had perceived their natural parents as divided in the same way they were The Jekyll and Hyde parts of their personalities had each known a completely different kind of parenting The Sweet and Good Child had incorporated a silly insipid Parent that didn’t control behavior or nurture effectively The Bad Child incorporated an angry evil Parent that discounted and was homicidal “If you are bad I’ll let you starve” Later when Mark erupted into pathological outbursts around his castration fears Aaron took on the problem with his brother “Look” he challenged “the next time you feel castrated just let me know What I’ll do is I’ll kick you right in the balls Then you’ll know you’ve still got them” Mark stared at Aaron with shocked expression That was enough to stop his paranoid episodes altogether Now we put all our babies in diapers and feed them from bottles and let them sleep as much as they like When they are hungry they cry; both Elizabeth and Eric had trouble learning to do that When they are older they chew on teething rings and pretzels and start eating traditional baby foods Eventually they learn to crawl to talk and begin to feed themselves The two year old negativistic stage is always a problem; for a while I thought Eric might never get toilet trained If we meet the child’s needs during the regression the need for therapy is almost completely eliminated At every developmental stage we are confronted with a disturbed child and the disturbance must be successfully resolved so the child can have the experience of functioning like a normal healthy little boy or girl It really isn’t so difficult to resolve those problems because every child has within him a tremendous drive to grow up healthy and happy and only needs parents who will love him and respond to his needs Jacui Schiff’s reparenting therapy a subset of Transactional Analysis became controversial in the 1980s because some followers misapplied it and also because many members of other schools within TA disliked what they considered Schiff’s authoritarian approach to therapy Subseuently Schiff’s brand of reparenting fell out of favor with much of the TA therapy community and TA itself declined in popularity in the US although it remains popular abroad

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All My ChildrenS et pour prsenter des annonces Des All My Children Home | Facebook All My Children K likes The dramatic lives of our Pine Valley friends are back Exclusively on Hulu Plus iTunes and FREE on wwwTOLNcom All My Children TV Show News Videos Full All My Children Melrose Place Star Jamie Luner Accused of Sexual Misconduct with Teen Mar PM EST Actress Jamie Luner whose credits include All My Children and the reboot of Melrose All My Children Soapscom All My Children created by Agnes Nixon premiered in January and ran until September The soap opera focused on the residents of Pine Valley and starred Susan Lucci as Erica Kane Soap opera fans can reminisce about the show through Soapscom's All My Children daily recaps and All My Children news Watch All My Children cast reunion for EW's Watch EW's 'All My Children' reunion featuring Kelly Ripa Mark Consuelos and of the iconic soap o. Jacui Lee Schiff gained much acclaim in the early days of her therapy called Reparenting She had studied under Eric Berne informally and had taken his idea that schizophrenic patients might be using catatonia as a way of going back to a placetime when they felt safe developmentally Schiff and her husband at the time Moe Schiff began treatment of late adolescentyoung adults in Virginia They began a home environment where they treated these young people with regression analysis in a very extravagant fashion giving adults warm milk in baby bottles diapering them and most important to understanding the eventual development of this form of therapy physical punishment by paddling themAfter Jacui and Moe divorced over their differences focused on physical punishment Jacui moved to California taking with her those children as the patients were called who believed in her version of the treatment rather than Moe's In California a number of other problems arose which led to criminal accusations against Jacui after a patient was scalded to death while under the care of what Jacui Schiff called a responsible adult In this case as in general this was a patient who had also begun to study to become a therapist under Schiff's regimeSchiff and her son had won the Eric Berne Award from International Transactional Analysis Association for their work on a concept called Discounting which pointed out how patients could fail to realize the seriousness of their problems and how therapists could identify these discounts and counter them After Schiff's legal problems in California she was removed from ITAA on ethics charges After that she moved to Bangalore India where she was eventually also removed for problems in treatment and in relating to other therapists A similar pattern occurred in Birmingham England and after that she moved back to California where she lived until her death in a home due to complications of Multiple SclerosisThe book All My Children is co written by Schiff and a person who admired her work at the time I know the identify personally of many of the children described in the book Many if not most of them have repudiated her work and written and presented their reasons in national and international conferences for therapists and psychotherapists This work is generally repudiated See A Most Dangerous Method in the Chicago Reader for documentationhttpwwwchicagoreadercomchicago