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The Burning Read ↠ 100 Ç [Download] ➸ The Burning By Laura Bates – A rumor is like fire Once a whore always a whore Roses are redViolets are blue Anna's a slut We all know it's true And a fire that spreads online is impossible to extinguish New school Check New town A rumor is like fire Once a whore always a whore RosA rumor is like fire Once a whore always a whore Roses are redViolets are blue Anna's a slut We all know it's true And a fire that spreads online is impossible to extinguish New school Check New town CheckNew last name CheckSocial media profiles DeletedAnna and her mother have moved hundreds of miles to put the p. Because fire is sneaky You might think you've extinguished it but one creeping red tendril one single wisp of smoke is enough to let it leap back to life again Especially if someone is watching waiting to fan the flames So many mixed feelings right now The Burning is by the founder of the Everyday Sexism Project and as expected it has a lot of important things to say about slut shaming double standards bullying and especially how social media contributes to these It likens the viciousness of social media trolls to actual witch hunts leading us on something of a history lesson in the processI can't deny that this book had an effect on me The author captures Anna's fear shame and frustration as she is confronted with constant double standards It's also very British and I related a lot to the high school culture here than I do when reading American YA Some parts hit very close to home I recognized such moments as this one I want to stay here in the uiet clean darkness forever until everybody has forgotten that I even exist It is hard to look and yet hard to look away in parts I just really wish I didn't have so many issues with it The main problem is that this book is messy and doesn't seem to know what it's trying to be I did read an arc so maybe some things will be tidied up for publication It touches upon almost every teen girl issue you can think of slut shaming double standards sexuality bullying sexual assault teen pregnancy abortion body shaming and is so packed full of issues that most of these are left unexplored It also has some historical aspects a bit of a mystery going on a sort of romance that seems out of place in the story and even vaguely supernatural elements that were honestly jarring There's a bit of everything thrown in most of it not neededSome of the dialogue is a little weird and unnatural too The speech at the end plus the reactions to it felt unrealistic And there are times when Anna is directly describing something through speech and I just can't imagine an actual person sat there spewing those metaphors out loud Another problem I had is that YA lit has changed a lot in the past few years and some parts of this book already feel a little dated most notably when Anna is so shocked to discover Alisha is in love with a girlIt's a compelling read though I could feel my own anxiety spiking when I read about Anna obsessively checking social media She feels like she shouldn't look and yet her own imagination is picturing the worst anyway It's just a shame it's so all over the place The unexplained supernatural parts of the plot were especially difficult to suspend disbelief for It's worth knowing that sometimes people see you as a symbol of something instead of a person And when they do it reflects on them not on you CW Slut shaming; rape off page; homophobic slursBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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Nced And whose story has unsettling parallels to Anna's ownFrom Laura Bates internationally renowned feminist and founder of the Everyday Sexism Project comes a debut novel for the metoo era It's a powerful call to action reminding all readers of the implications of sexism and the role we can each play in ending i. A bit disappointed about this despite the important issues addressed in this book The writing could have used some serious editing a house with big 'wooden windows' like really and the plot was often unconvincing 25

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The BurningAst behind them Anna hopes to make a fresh start and escape the harassment she's been subjected to But then rumors and whispers start and Anna tries to ignore what is happening by immersing herself in  learning about Maggie a local woman accused of witchcraft in the seventeenth century A woman who was shamed Sile. A resolution for me this year was not to finish the books I didn't enjoy I've only read 20% so it's not fair to give a star rating just not the right book for me