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The Inhuman Race Commonwealth Empire #1The year is Race Commonwealth Kindle #215 The British Empire never fell Communism never happened The Commonwealth flies the flag of the Empire Many of the Empire’s colonies are stripped bare in the name of British inter. The Inhuman Race #1 of Commonwealth EmpireBy Yudhanjaya Wijeratne Population ten zillion and sixWhere signs say Welcome to the Star Core MetropolisMe I live on the wired side of townReaching and searching for a space called paradise foundMetropolis by Janelle MonaeIn 1927 German moviemaker Fritz Lang made a silent Sci Fi movie that discussed class division called Metropolis It also had a robot with human likenessJanelle Monae broke in to the music scene with an EP and a conceptual album based on that movie and fashioned an alter ego similar to Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust called Cindi Mayweather android #57281Her music was brought to my mind as I read ‘The Inhuman Race’In the year 2033 We are still under British rule Elizabeth the Third is on the throne the Commonwealth flag is flying high and the country is called CeylonIn that backdrop we meet the ‘Silent Girl’ amidst the ruins of Colombo’s top hotelsThe city is mainly being used as a Garbage dump and is also a home for gang warfare among bands of feral children Shades of Battle Royale Lord of the Flies and possibly Hunger Games might come to the readers mind“She's praying in the sand like she's the last samuraiIt's a stick up stick up and a pick up pick upTelling lies and telling lies will put your face on fireRun and tell your friends to never dream never winGhettos keep a crying out to streets full of zombiesKids are killing kids and then the kids join the armyRising and a waking yes sir here comes the sunMarch into the war and with the kick of the drumThe wiser simians have got the bombs and the gunsSo you might as well keep dancing if you're not gonna run”Dance Or Die from the album The ArchAndroid by Janelle MonaeThe Silent Girl meets a boy child who is better known as ‘Pissa’ mad oneTogether they leave the ruined Colombo after a fateful night and boards a supply train heading to KandyKandy is where the rulers are the governing center The Mahanayake ultimate Judiciary resides along with the powerful houses that controls the resources and trade routesKandy is where the girl and boy meets with an unexpected fateThen it falls on one Doctor De Almeida to bring some semblance of justice to the ‘Silent Girl ‘ and ‘Pissa’By the time the readers find out the identity of ‘Silent Girl’ and ‘Pissa’ they’ll be six deep in the book and will only surface once they’re doneI’ll give 5 stars to the author for imagining such a storyHowever the concept of AI beings and their evolution have been discussed from Asimov to Philip K Dick and Ted Chiang so there’s nothing original conceptuallyBut the author manages to mash up uniuely Sri Lankan situations and folklore to build up the storyThere were instances where I felt whether non Sri Lankan Readers would feel put off by thatMaybe a footnote or two might be helpful Plus I needed to know the rationale behind using gangs of ‘Kids’ as entertainment Why not ‘adult beings’ It kind of reminded me about child conscription by the LTTEI’m not sure whether I missed a point where it was elaborated in the book if that’s the case I need to re read Then there were all those typos in my Kindle copy Let’s hope they correct it by the time the next book is releasedDespite those few concerns the Inhuman Race was a page turner It ends with a cliff hanger that makes you want to call up the author and ask him to finish the next book ASAP Overall rating is 4 starsEagerly await the 2nd installment of the Commonwealth Empire saga

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Ests powerless to resist Upon this stage is Ceylon – The Inhuman PDFEPUB or a once proud civilization tracing itself back to the time of the Pharaohs reduced but not dead The Great Houses of Kandy still control the most. After reading the first chapter I closed the book because dystopian children are a very disturbing theme for me But thought of giving it another try and finished the story this weekend What made this story uniue is the story set in Sri Lanka and Yudhanjaya’ cultural and political references which made it very familiar yet dissimilar to the present period The concept was not new to me also I didn’t like the part of child form of robots using for entertainment Despite those few concerns and some typos The Inhuman Race was indeed a page turner Highly recommend this for dystopian sci fi fans

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Free download The Inhuman Race Commonwealth Empire #1 ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ [BOOKS] ✸ The Inhuman Race Commonwealth Empire #1 Author Yudhanjaya Wijeratne – The year is 2033 The British Empire never fell Communism never happened The Commonwealth flies the flagLucrative trade routes since even dust and ashes can serve a purpose In this surreal landscape where technology Inhuman Race Commonwealth ePUB #9734 and humanity intersect we meet The Silent Girl – a survivor an explor. A very promising start to a trilogy The Inhuman Race is set in a future Sri Lanka where cyborg children fight each other for the entertainment of humans The Brits hadn’t left the law is upheld by Buddhist monks and technology is inventing wondersWhat I liked best about this book is how close to home it is I live in Colombo and when the author takes me through a decrepit future version of the city I can paint an all too realistic and terrifying picture of what it looks like This is a story about people who think and talk like me and shares my brown frustrations How tribal of meThe point I want to get to is that I have never uite had this kind of relatability with a book before International readers may fail to notice some Lankan references but I’m thankful to the author for putting them in anyway But don’t mistake this for a book only Lankans can enjoy It is very much a story of humanity and the lack of it in some cases I can’t wait for the rest