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Captured Held as a Slave by Irai MilitantsNd before long they enter into a relationship which is far beyond sexual Held as a Slave by ePUB #231 For Reed the attraction he feels towards Megan is a staggering betrayal towards his people The moment her baby is born Held as a Slave by ePUB #231 Megan’s freedom no longer appeals to her as it means leaving behind both her lover and her baby When the militants holding her captive threaten to take away her baby for ‘safekeeping’ she is forced to make a decision which leads to a series of painful and tragic even. After reading Gringa I was keen to read this book I loved it Loved the romance and the way it was built up It was very beautifully done and I couldnt stop reading Another book full of violence sex foul language but it all fitted inEve Rabi's humor is rife throughout the story which I love Not as funny as Gringa but eually moving I recommend it

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Ed insists she proceeds with the pregnancy even though she’s already married and even though due to her inflammatory speeches against the US she is now regarded as a terrorist and is on the FBI’s Most Wanted list Having no choice but to do as Held as a PDFEPUB #236 he says she is forced to rely on her dark and brooding rapist to help her with the baby and the pregnancy They make a deal – she will have the baby and he will raise it As time goes by and the time they spend together she finds herself drawn to Reed a. I enjoyed reading Gringa so I decided to give this series a try As in Gringa this book has a bit of everything action adventure humour sad moments and lots of HOT love scenesI liked how these series gives you an insight into the Arab world and the Ira war Again very original story with hot love scenes The pace is great The love story of Megan and Reed will keep you hooked Love their banter and how it develops into a deep fobidden romance that must be kept secretThere are moments in the second book where you will want to enter the book and slap Megan a couple of times to get a reaction out of her There are lots of twists and turns all the way until the endThere is lots of cursing so be warnedOverall great story Highly recommend it

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SUMMARY · Captured Held as a Slave by Irai Militants » [PDF / Epub] ☁ Captured Held as a Slave by Irai Militants Author Eve Rabi – Sargent Megan Saunders 27 is fighting in Ira when her convoy is ambushed by Islamic militants The only survivor she is held as a slave in one of Saddam’s bunkerSargent Megan Saunders is fighting as a PDF #8608 in Ira when her convoy is ambushed by Islamic militants The only survivor she is held as a slave in one of Saddam’s bunkers forced to deliver inflammatory speeches against the US and has to play nurse to injured militants fighting coalition forces Her primary mission is to escape and it is during one of these failed attempts she Captured Held PDF or is raped When she learns she is pregnant from the rape she is stunned than devastated for various reasons Her rapist Re. 25 stars rounded The extra is for effortThis is a self published story about a female American soldier captured in Ira and the events that take place while in captivity The idea behind the story was very interesting and I managed to stay involved in order to find out what happened but so many things are just wrong I feel guilty about saying too much because the author really puts herself out there and has some really good ideas However the story reads like a rough draft that needs a really big fat red pen The most glaring problem besides the typos was the heroine Couldn't stand her She epitomizes the tstl label and is narcissistic at the minimum The hero was tolerable He was suppose to be a hardened rapist but he was a beta That being said I can't see anyone as together as him falling for such a obnoxious ditz with such a pathological lack of maturity and insight There were numerous of other characters that totally stuck out like a sore thumb and would've worked as comic relief but I'm not so certain that was the goal considering the horrible things that happened because of them and to them There were many scenes that had no foot in reality and others that were just embarrassing I wanted to save the author from herself UGH No Don't put that in there You could also tell that the author wasn't from the US she's Australian There were a lot of sassy comments from the heroine that no real American soldier would ever make in a million years Maybe a little research would've been helpful But I did read it All of it Like I said she has some brave concepts which attracted me and would've really worked if she had an editor or a beta reader to give her some honest feedback when something was off A little reworking and rewriting and this could be a pretty good story There's a part two of this story No promises that it'll find my nose in it any time soon but will have to if I want to know how this trainwreck plays out That label isn't necessarily a negative I happen to enjoy many a trainwreck With regard to a recommendation Read this if you want but just go in knowing that you have to overlook a lot ofjust everything