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kindle ´ Into the Wild Ý 288 pages Download ✓ Erin Hunter Ê ❮Read❯ ➬ Into the Wild Author Erin Hunter – For generations four Clans of wild cats have shared the forest according to the laws laid down by their warrior ancestors But the ThunderClanIous than others In the midst of this turmoil appears an ordinary house cat named Rusty who may turn out to be the bravest warrior of them all My kids adore these novels so I knew it was only a matter of time before I had to read them too I figured I'd like them After all I like middle grade and YA fiction and cats are cool and Watership Down was one of my favorite novels of all time So how could a book about warrior housecats go wrongIf you're one of those people that hate cilantro than any salsa with cilantro in it is going to hit your ick soapy button and displease you This novel hit a lot of my ick buttons For one it has a lot of exclamation points in it which I generally interpret as a crutch for weak writing Also Hunter rarely uses he said or she said preferring instead meowed responded purred snapped suggested answered called growled etc Also the names drove me batty Young cats have paw as a suffix leaders have star as a suffix and the others have a different suffix so you have nothing but compound names Firepaw Ravenpaw Brokenstar Bluestar Tigerclaw LionheartOnce I'd already had my pet peeves hitI started looking for reasons to explain why I didn't want to finish it I think part of it is that the cats don't act like cats That's probably not fair because I read Tad Williams' Tailchaser's Song and liked it but for some reason I wasn't able to suspend my disbelief here Housecats are not social in the way that dogs rabbits deer wolves sea lions and other animals are To have them forming clans and caring about such things as group cohesion and honor honor Cats made them feel like dogs or like aliens that I didn't understand I also don't think that cats cache kills for later I know for certain that cats have no herblore whatsoever but I'm a big reader of fantasy so I'm not sure why I wasn't able to swallow it hereThat's not to say that I don't recommend this book Both my daughters ages 8 and 10 adore these books though the younger one is not a strong reader and prefers the graphic novel version My niece 9 also adores these novels as do her friends So clearly there's something here they're taking out if it a story about kitties They probably also are responding to the tried and true plot of boy from humble origins learns from his elders grows and eventually surpasses those who taught him to become the greatest of all The plotting isn't terrible and I did care about what happened I just wasn't willing to wade through the irritating prose to get there So I cheated A hundred pages from the end I gave up and asked my kid what happened Spoiler alert nothing you haven't predicted by chapter four

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For generations four Clans of wild cats have shared the Into the Epubforest according to the laws laid down by their warrior ancestors But the Best book and series in the world

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Into the WildThunderClan cats are in grave danger and the sinister ShadowClan grows stronger every day Noble warriors are dying and some deaths are myster BEST BOOK EVERComment below if you would like to join ThunderClanUPDATE If you want to join please send a friend reuest so we can be friends and you can see my comments This is ESPECIALLY for Kindle users because you won't be able to see when I reply to you You silently walk through the forest alone and scared You are hungry and tired and are in need of shelter Suddenly you come across a young tortoiseshell catHello she meows I'm RavenstarYou nod in acknowledgmentLet me take you back to the Clan she says We'll decide if we want to bring you in her eyes glitter daringly if you're up to the challenge Welcome to the ORIGINAL ThunderClan where online AND kindle GoodRead users can role playUPDATES Let us all congratulate Fernmist our newest member for birthing three beautiful kits Rosekit Creamkit and Nightkit Welcome Sparrowtail cinnamon cookiez We need mentors for Spikepaw and StarpawThe noble cats of ThunderClanLeaderRavenstarDeputies aka The TrifectaSilverstorm apprentice FeatherpawStormsong sagestar apprentice RosepawFirefall Thomas apprentice LightningpawMedicine CatNightpelt MaymunaRETIRED IcestormWarriorsFlowerclaw apprentice BlackpawFalconclawSoftleapWillowleafTrixi apprentice WhisperpawTigerlilyFireheartDarkmoonWaterflameSnowstripe Lindsy apprentice HopepawMoonwhispererGoldenstorm AdithyaSpottedfire Strawbery Rose GallagherEmeraldstripeMoonfeatherMorningdawnSilverstoneRedclaw AidanSkyheart skysarSparkytailWillowfall BrianaMoonfeatherFoxfur Aimee BachmanFlameheart Katlove92Leafdapple Florenceapprentice GoldpawIceslashAmberleafRedclaw SagestarStormsong sagestarCherryleaf Yellowfang2005Icepelt LeafTheRainWingNightclaw lynxSnowstripeStormstream apprentice DarkpawSilverbow aaronScarletsong FAIRESTIcysplash Chloeapprentice WaterpawDarkclaw MohsinDawnflower Chloe Ashebird LoganStormberry LeøpardSilverclaw Assassin Ardhra FrostSparrowtail cinnamon cookiezapprentice StreampawApprenticesBirchpaw Ashly KetchumRosepaw Whisperpaw AlaynaDarkpaw kaufmaskSpikepaw Featherpaw Waterpaw Hopepaw Starpaw LDSHADOWLADYLightningpawGoldpaw SattaStreampaw jynxueensFernmistKitsAmberkit MariaCraftkit BLCRAFTRosekitCreamkitNightkitEldersNONE