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THE AMISH COOK a full color cookbook based on Elizabeth's columns compiles than traditional Amish recipes photographs of the Coblentz farm practical gardening tips cherished family tales and firsthand accounts of traditional Amish events like corn The Amish ePUB #231 husking bees and barn raisings A truly uniue collaboration between a simple Amish grandmot. The stories in this book are amazing the description of there lives and feelings was nice to readThe recipes are good I was a bit shocked that there are a ton of recipes with store bought items

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The Amish Cook Recollections and Recipes from an Old Order Amish FamilyHer and a modern day newspaperman THE AMISH COOK is a poignant and authentic look at a disappearing way of life• “The Amish Cook” column is syndicated in than newspapers nationwide• Elizabeth wrote THE AMISH COOK in longhand by the light of a kerosene lamp• Elizabeth has been a writer for the Amish newspaper The Budget for year. Food is so interesting to me Not just eating food but reading about food I think you can learn much about a culture a country a people all by the food they eat how they prepare it and rituals around how they eat it The Amish Cookbook gives much than than recipes it gives you a glimpse into the ways of the Amish The recipes and ingredients seem to be a reflection of their lifestyle simple and nourishing Although this book is labelled a cookbook there is so much inside Each recipe is accompanied by an article written by Elizabeth usually about the recipe Actually the articles would usually take off on different tangents such as when she would typically make the dish a bit of history on it her memories around the dish maybe the last time she made it and who was at her house She often throws in tidbits about her personal life too News about a grandchild being born how an early frost froze her garden about how she helped out a neighbour can some peaches All written very blunt simple right to the point without any complaints Actually a refreshing change from the wordy figurative language of novels Makes you think about how much time and effort is taken up by the frills in our modern lifestyleIn addition to these personal pieces there are small notes about Amish life and the events we might associate with them There are notes about barn raising rumspringa the 'rules' around using modern technology like phones and cars even a bit about the 'Dutch English' language many speakThe recipes Most are simple with only a few ingredients Some however sound pretty odd to me Coffee Soup anyone It is pretty much a bowl of coffee with bread in it There are a couple I might photocopy especially the bread ones It's tough finding an easy great tasting bread recipeI don't know a whole lot about the Amish but after reading this book I feel much informed Knowing what people eat how they feel about food and some intimate stories about their personal lives is much easier to read and leaves me feeling like I know about these people than I would if I had read a bland textbook on the subject

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The Amish Cook Recollections and Recipes from an Old Order Amish Family Free read Í PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ð [Reading] ➿ The Amish Cook Recollections and Recipes from an Old Order Amish Family By Elizabeth Coblentz – HorticultuTen years ago aspiring newspaper editor Kevin Williams Cook Recollections PDF #198 convinced Elizabeth Coblentz an Old Order Amish wife and mother to write a weekly cooking column called The Amish Cook Each week Elizabeth shares a family recipe and discusses daily life on her Indiana farm spent with her husband Ben and their eight children and grandchildren. Sweet writing gorgeous photos Most of the recipes look good although I think I'll skip the ones she prefaced with we used to eat this but kids these days have it so good and they probably wouldn't touch it