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Vietnam A Traveler's Literary CompanionOf family exhaustion from war one's Confucian Taoist and Buddhist obligations social protest and the hunger for a better life these are some of the concerns to be encountered in these thrilling landscapes Contributors include Nguyen Huy Thiep Linh Bao Nguyen Ba Trac Thich Duc Thien Ho Anh Thai Le Minh Khue Doan uoc Sy Vu Bao Duong Thu Huong Andrew Lam Nguyen ui Duc ui The Bao Ninh and Pham Thi Hoa. The stories here are full of atmosphere containing some gems of characters and language Each one brings in a different perspective and a slightly different take on location so there's a great variety within the book even with the focus on Vietnam and Vietnamese authors The most powerful pieces are actually the ones that have less of a concentration on physical place though as these tend to be the stories that evolve with attention to complex characters within the larger social or political scheme of thingsAll together though this is a step away from the average collection and certainly something of a trip in itself I'd recommend it to interested readers and I'll certainly be looking up books in the 'Traveler's Literary Companion' series

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Inese script and then in Vietnamese nôm and recently in novels and short stories These stories from contemporary Vietnamese writers living in A Traveler's Literary PDFEPUB #232 Vietnam and abroad take the literary traveler to extraordinary places from the jungle clad mountain ranges of the North to the mysterious silence of the old capital along the Perfume River Proximity of the spirit world love. Collection of short stories by contemporary Vietnamese writers Some are okay Some are straight up strange and experimental

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Read & Download Vietnam A Traveler's Literary Companion é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ç [KINDLE] ❅ Vietnam A Traveler's Literary Companion By John Balaban – Since relations between the US and Vietnam have normalized many people are traveling to this exoSince relations between the US and Vietnam Traveler's Literary Epub #219 have normalized many people are traveling to this exotic country previously closed to a generation of Western visitors Vietnam provides one of the first chances for Americans to know the Vietnamese outside the Vietnam A PDFEPUBcontext of war Vietnamese have been telling stories for thousands of years in poetry and in song in Ch. This anthology consists of seventeen short stories written by the best Vietnamese writers at home and abroad selected and edited by one Vietnamese Nguyen ui Duc and one American John Balaban Prior to my picking up this collection I had only vaguely heard of Mr Nguyen while Mr Balaban was mainly known to me as the translator of Spring Essence the first book length collection of 18th 19th century Vietnamese bard Ho Xuan Huong's poetry to appear in English Mr Balaban was also one of the chief figures responsible for a memorably unsavory brouhaha in the Letters to the Editor section of Poetry magazine in May September 2008Mssrs Nguyen and Balaban have done a respectable job of bringing together a diverse cross section of contemporary Vietnamese short fiction ranging from sparse 4 page long symbolism laden fables to longer complex and modern works in many modes spanning the gamut from realism to absurdist surrealism and beyond the longest story in the collection Ms Le Minh Khue's A Small Tragedy a gruesome Guy de Maupassant esueThomas Hardy esue story of violent class conflict and ironic karmic retribution clocks in at 38 pages Having grown up Vietnamese American in an era in which it seemed the only available English language writings about Vietnam were heavily dominated by the US military perspective I found the following lines in the editors' Preface highly refreshing In compiling this anthology we have avoided war stories The Vietnamese condition is too large and complex to see it solely through the dark lens of the recent war although inevitably the war echoes in some of the tales told hereThe authors of the tales in Vietnam A Traveler's Literary Companion include writers whose names are familiar to many literate westerners such as Mr Bao Ninh The Sorrow of War and Ms Duong Thu Huong Paradise of the Blind as well as writers whom most occidental readers will have never encountered before At first I was a bit bemused to find that four of the seventeen short stories in the collection are written by the same author a Mr Nguyen Huy Thiep but I was ultimately astonished and delighted to find that Mr Nguyen Huy Thiep's four stories differ tremendously from one another in substance mood and style making him one of the most versatile short story writers I have ever come across and well worthy of such a large amount of space in the anthology Mssrs Balaban and Nguyen ui Duc refer to Mr Nguyen Huy Thiep as Vietnam's preeminent literary craftsmanBeing descended from a family with Hue roots I was disappointed to discover that whereas the cultures of cities of Hanoi and Saigon are amply explored in this book the culture of Hue is barely represented sure there are a couple of stories about the city's ancient imperial culture but none about its present day inhabitants their temperaments and personalities Overall though I was pleased by the diversity of the stories chosen To my mind the two best stories here are Ms Pham Thi Hoai's The Saigon Tailor Shop and Mr Nguyen ui Duc's The Color of Sorrow both of which impressed me with their penetrating insights into the collective Vietnamese character as well as the effortless seeming lifelike complexity of the imaginary worlds they breathe into existence However none of the stories are outright bad though than a few are a bit heavily doused in what The Color of Sorrow's narrator refers to as Vietnam's primordial sentimentalism and reading them all together has a powerful cumulative effect that will leave any open minded reader feeling challenged entertained edified and ultimately satisfied