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Download Make a Difference 109 í [Read] ➵ Make a Difference By Larry Little – This is the original Make a Difference that started the EAGLE Leadership Series and has lead to the expansion of Dr Little's executive coaching work spreading to a national and an international audien This is the original Make a Difference thatChanger David King Retired Director of Marshall Space Flight Center NASA and current Vice President DyneticsI highly recommend this book to leaders and anyone else who values people Make a Difference will teach you how to be successful in the most important area of your life relationships Zake Smith Executive Vice President of External Affairs Alabama PowerThe practical ideas shared by Dr Little is this book will help you understand the personality DNA od those around you You will learn how to successfully build strong teams at work and make a difference in the relationships in every area of your life Ellen Didier President of Red Sage Communications I. This is an interesting personality framework The best thing about Little's work is the focus he puts on learning about personality frameworks for the purpose of improving your relationships with family members coworkers and followers I really appreciate that and what his framework has done for one of my most important relationships and my understanding of myself

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This is the original Make a Difference that started the EAGLE Leadership Series and has lead to the expansion of Dr Little's executive coaching work spreading to a national and an international audience As an authority on personality and leadership development Dr Little asserts that the greatest myth about relationships is that they just happen The truth is that all relationships are intentional and all relationships take work and investment Make a eBook #188 If you are not intentionally investing in your relationships they will gradually become unhealthy and eventually the relationship will endHe reminds us that relationships are either growing or dyi. A friend who runs an IT company recommended this I'm not rating it because I skimmed it concentrating only on my personality type Competent Camel and my best guess at my wife's Much Loved Monkey The book covers 2 other personality types Leading Lion and Tranuil Turtle The book is a bit repetitive sharing the same details about the personalities in multiple chaptersNotesUnderstanding Your PersonalityPersonality test eaglecenterforleadershipcom Take the TestMuch Loved Monkey• People oriented loves to be around people• Loves to laugh have good time• Raises energy levelCompetent Camel• Task oriented focused on small tasks• Cares about how job gets done• List maker • Loves details• Structured process oriented eg accountant engineerMuch Loved Monkey• Can discern your emotions• Naturally extroverted• Compassionate empathetic; wants to help others• Processes emotions verbally• Struggles with feeling rejection because they internalize what others say to them• Not naturally organized• Tends to deemphasize importance of negative situations and uses humor to deal with themCompetent Camel• Processor organizer systemic thinker• Naturally introverted• Follow rules• Motto always be prepared Doesn't like spontaneity• Black and white thinker• Communicates logically• Not strong people skills May come across as straightforward lacking emotion• Has high often unreasonable expectations of others May be critical or negative when expectations aren't met Help them by setting reasonable expectations• May struggle with perfectionism and resulting feelings of frustration guilt incompetency• May micromanage stressful situations Must allow others to helpCommitment To ConflictMuch Loved Monkey• Expresses anger in verbal emotion based way; may become irrational• uick to ask for and offer forgiveness; generally doesn't hold grudges; works to harmonize relationships• In conflict desires first to be heard second to restore relationship• Allow them to verbalize thoughts offer security in the relationship and address the issue When all else fails agree to disagreeCompetent Camel• Most conflicts with a Camel arise from someone breaking rules• Gets angry because of lack of accountability or lack of follow through on assigned tasks• In conflict allow them to be heard Allow them to share details of why they think they're right• In conflict focuses on accuracy and logic than emotional connectionTips for conflict resolution1 Understand the person's personality2 Discuss in an environment free of interruptions where each person feels safe to speak freely3 Actively listen Pay attention to your nonverbal responses4 Focus on the issue not the person Stay calm5 Take personal responsibility for your contribution to the conflict6 Set realistic expectations; work towards a resolution all can buy into7 End conversation with affirmation even if you agree to disagreeThe DNA Relationship ContinuumMuch Loved Monkey is people oriented and extroverted top right uadrantCompetent Camel is task driven and introverted bottom left uadrantThe Essential GiftDealing with a Monkey• uickest way to destroy relationship is giving them consistent negative feedback• Keep eye contact with them• Allow them to drift in conversation; they brainstorm and problem solve verbally• When you disagree or disapprove communicate that you disapprove of issue not them• Give appropriate touch• Be aware of verbal and nonverbal communicationDealing with a Camel• uickest way to destroy relationship is withdrawing structure and organization from relationship• Give them a plan and let them follow it to completion• Camel struggles to understand emotional people but is willing to help from a task perspective Has a difficult time saying right words to someone going through an emotional time• Talk to them in rational not emotional terms• Don't ask them to break rules• Help them set appropriate expectations for themselves and others

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Make a DifferenceNg and these growths or deaths can be positive or negative but here's the good news you get to choose the relationships in which you're going to invest You get to choose which relationships you want to survive With the right tools you can make significant improvements in the relationships that are the most important to you This is the power of the Make a Difference model It gives you the tools to improve relationships with those you love live with and leadDr Little provides a powerful resource for anyone who values relationships of any kind Professionally it is a must for business leaders who care about their people Personally it is very simply a life. Interesting book on personality types and ways to interact with others Larry Little proposes that there are four personality types Much Loved Monkey Leading Lion Competent Camel Tranuil Turtle Camels and Turtles are on the introvert side and Monkeys and Lions are on the extrovert side Camels and Lions are on the Task side and Turtles and Monkeys are on the People side He gives examples of how they think and work and how you can interact well with different types Interesting concepts