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review On Chapel Sands My Mother and Other Missing Persons Ò eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☉ On Chapel Sands My Mother and Other Missing Persons Author Laura Cumming – Uncovering the mystery of her mother’s disappearance as a child Laura Cumming prize wiHer mother’s strange tales of life in a seaside hamlet of the s and of the secrets and lies perpetuated by a whole community So many puzzles remained to be solved Cumming began with a Chapel Sands My MOBI #238 few criss crossing lives in this fraction of English coast – the postman the grocer the elusive baker – but soon her search spread right out across the globe as she discovered just how many lives were affected by what happened that day on the beach – including her own On Chapel Sands is a book of mystery and memoir Two narratives run through it the Chapel Sands. She started out her life as Grace until she was adopted before age 3 then she was Betty A name she never liked Later she called herself Elizabeth An older couple adopted her at age 3 George and Veda Elston She grew to dislike George who was controlling and didn’t want her mingling with others in the tiny village She wasn’t allowed to go out and play with any of the local kids This story is about the discovery of her strange disappearance that happened when she was about 3 but she wasn’t aware of until she was in her 50’s that’s shared with and written about by her daughter Who took her and why And for what reason was she returned days later Read to find out Advance electronic review copy was provided by NetGalley author Laura Cumming and the publisher 35 stars rounded up to 4Also on my WordPress blog

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My Mother and MOBI #10003 mother’s childhood tale and Cumming’s own Chapel Sands My Mother and MOBI #10003 pursuit of the truth Humble objects light up the story a pie dish a carved box an old Vick’s jar Letters tickets recipe books even the particular slant of a copperplate hand give vital clues And pictures of all kinds from paintings to photographs open up like doors to the truth Above all Cumming discovers how to look closely at the family album – with its curious gaps and missing persons – finding crucial answers captured in plain sight at the click of a shutte. oh what a tangled web we weavewhen first we practise to deceiveFor along time I thought those lines were written by Alexander Pope but the internet tells me that their author was in fact Walter Scott so much for my innocent illusionsLaura Cumming art critic for The Guardian newspaper tells in this memoir how her illusions and ideas about her mother and her mother's early life were changed during the course of her researchesI found the story and the way it was told integrating discussions of paintings and photography with her mother's life completely natural and enlightening view spoiler looking at other reviews opinions do vary about this though hide spoiler

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On Chapel Sands My Mother and Other Missing PersonsUncovering the mystery of her Sands My Epub #224 mother’s disappearance as a child Laura Cumming prize winning author and art critic takes a closer look at her family storyIn the autumn of a small child was kidnapped from a Lincolnshire beach Five agonising days went by before she was found in a nearby village The child remembered nothing of these events and nobody ever spoke of them On Chapel PDFEPUB or at home It was another fifty years before she even learned of the kidnapThe girl became an artist and had a daughter art writer Laura Cumming Cumming grew up enthralled by. The Mystery of OriginHow does consciousness emerge We are not born with it We cannot remember being without it Suddenly it is there A mystery There is a before and an after But there is no way to pinpoint the event After it occurs we have memories uncertain but nevertheless our own Before the event we rely on other people external evidence to confirm our existence If that evidence is incomplete or contradictory even greater mysteries ariseThe mystery of consciousness for Laura Cumming’s mother is punctuated by her abduction just as consciousness is forming The abduction is a public event which makes an entire community involved in what is otherwise a strictly personal process But both her family and the denizens of her Lincolnshire coastal village conspire to keep her unconscious life from her until middle age Five Days Gone is a memoir of recovery of that hidden life The abduction is an awfully good trope upon which to hang the entire taleAccording to most schools of psychology our personalities are fixed during our unconscious first few years Carl Jung suggested that our conscious selves are merely flotsam on a sea of unconsciousness Our fears presumptions about the world social sensitivities and inhibitions and perhaps even ambitions are created subtly but decisively in this sea which affect not only our own lives but is passed along to our progeny The presumption of therapy is that knowing what happened in the vast void can neutralise its affectsI’m not so sure To be of therapeutic benefit I presume any story we tell ourselves about the void has to be coherent We are after all engaging in a kind of personal theology in which the creator spirit must provide some rationale for the way we are Even if that creator spirit turns out to be a less than benign demon therapy only works if that demon is rational according to its own lightsTherapy is especially awkward if the subject is not ourselves but our forebears It is the contents of their void which has although indirectly dominated the formation of ours But what we have to work with is stories from others photographs rumours sterile official documents and an ultimate cultural oeuvre In Cumming’s case this latter is that of an isolated inbred English seaside village of the 1930’s And it seems that it is this culture which her mother was most shaped by and most reacted against for the rest of her life And this archaic culture in turn dominated Cumming’s psychic inheritanceTo know that one is the product of a general culture is not news And I doubt that it has much therapeutic import It may be important in relativising one’s opinions and presumptions But its unlikely to provide an explanation and therefore a ‘cure’ for specific neuroses It’s not even very personally satisfying except as history or poetry such as Jung’s archetypes As Cumming’s mother realises “We hide behind other people’s words lose our self consciousness in playing someone else” Whatever the individual is she is not to be found in generalitiesBut neither do the uniue details of one’s life help very much Firstly since most are not really uniue More importantly because the impact of strange parents a dim family history vaguely medieval neighbours and odd family conventions can’t be predicted Do these things shape or is it their rejection which directs our lives The enduring shock seems to occur when it becomes clear that almost everyone I know knows something about me that I don’t and they aren’t telling This makes the world untrustworthy as a matter of principleIt is suspicion of the world it’s motives intentions and its capacity for lies that seems to be passed along filling the unconscious void of the child as if it were biological Suspicion changes the mystery of consciousness into a threat Filling in the unconscious void with meandering dream like facts may not be a good idea since every additional fact confirms yet another falsehood The subtle hostility of the world is not a neurotic delusion Reality can be worse than imagination can allow Just the opposite of therapy The truth may be justifiably left aloneCould it be that the mystery of one’s origin is actually meant to be a secret That that period of infantile unconsciousness is meant as a sort of buffer between the individual and what is essentially an unbearable legacy of human suffering Without the void would many of us maintain the burden of consciousness; or would we choose to end its reignIn any case no amount of research effort devoted to the mystery is likely to reduce its mysteriousness In fact every anecdote told by another every photograph and every letter creates mysteries These we resolve with stories or not just as we could have done at the outset Searching for oneself is ultimately like searching for the fossil of the first human being Even holding such a thing in our hands we wouldn’t know we had it So after such an extensive trip through Cumming’s family life what is there but another imaginative story That may be enough “Paintings unlike books don’t divide between fiction and nonfiction”remarks Cumming about a painting by Degas And that is what her work amounts to a magnificent prose painting