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The English Civil War A People's History characters ´ 107 Ï ❮EPUB❯ ❂ The English Civil War A People's History ✽ Author Diane Purkiss – This popular history of the English Civil War tells the story of the bloody conflict between Oliver Cromwell and Charles I from theThis popular history of the English Civil War Civil War PDFEPUB #228 tells the story of the bloody conflict between Oliver Cromwell and Charles I from the perspectives of those involvedThe compelling narrative draws on new sources such as letters memoirs bal. A very interesting account of the background events and main actors in the English Civil War I've read it mainly because I have a very deep interest okay an addiction for Maria McCann's As Meat Loves Salt and I wanted to know about the historical setting of her novel This book certainly gave me food for thought and clarified some aspects of the New Model Army the Diggers' colonies the religious factions etc All things I didn't know much about and that are central to McCann's novel if one wants to really understand Jacob and Ferris' ideals objectives and shortcomings

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Lads and plays to bring to life the Roundheads and Cavaliers the foot soldiers war widows and witchfinders of one of the most significant turning points in British history The English PDF culminating in Oliver Cromwell’s triumph and the execution of Charle. A touch fragmented in places but a fantastic read and a real eye opener It's also totally relevant to what is happening in England right now in 2020 Parliament was usurped by Charles I AND Cromwell Parliament was abused both by Royalists and Parliamentarians And the way I see it Johnson and Cummings right now are acting like Cromwell and his mob than anything else Cromwell never wanted true democracy He wanted power for the sake of power Another message which comes through clearly the English have always been racists and xenophobes The irony is that Charles I was internationalist and Parliament isolationist This was a religious war as much as anything I could go on We need real proportional representation in this country as well as the abolition of the monarchy If we don't we'll remain stuck innthe 1640s which is what we are now

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The English Civil War A People's HistoryS IBy blending the political and the personal Diane Purkiss illuminates both the ideologies behind the English Civil War and the fears of those who fought in it the men who were destroyed by the conflict and those such as Oliver Cromwell who were defined by. The English Civil War is the most underrated occurrence in British history; even the major battlefields are poorly marked and signposted And yet this remarkable war amongst ourselves changed forever how this island of ours ruled their affairsOf course there are countless books running through the battles and reasons but this book goes deeper into the psyche of the real people the ones who fought the ones who remained behind to be savaged by both armies the ones who battled for a real revolution of ideas and how classes should be tolerated or removed forever Amidst the trauma of religious divides the choice between King or Parliament the curse of the Witchfinder General rises up to add to the mixIf you want a peep through the keyhole at Britian in this 17th century maelstrom take a peep through Diane Purkiss' novel It's a 600 pages that doesn't read easy at times but take the time anyway it's a real eye opener