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The Mark of Cain review Î eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ ❮Read❯ ➯ The Mark of Cain Author Lindsey Barraclough – Damaris lowers her voice still I hold my breath to catch the words “You know there is something about the girl Zillah The spirits come to her” Damaris pauses “I—I have heaDamaris lowers her voice still I hold my breath to catch the words “You know there is something about the girl Zillah The spirits come to her” Damaris pauses “I I have heard the child whispering in the voice of another”In baby Aphra is found among the reeds and rushes by two outcast witches Even as an infant her. This one is getting 35 stars from me It's not as good as Long Lankin but it was still an enjoyably creepy read with lots of atmosphere Long Lankin scared the crap out of me The year I read that book I pushed it on anyone and everyone that I could I'd still recommend it than most books especially if you are looking for a Gothic read and I know Gothic books are getting and popular lately it seemsPsychological horror is my favorite favorite thing in movies and in books I find the unknowable terrifying than the knowable That is to say I don't find gory stuff scary at all just gross It's a very rare film or book that can pull off both I should do a post on that at some point At any rate The Mark of Cain is definitely Gothic than horror as I didn't find it nearly as scary as LL I still really liked it though because it brought back my favorite characters and a setting that has remained memorable in my mind for a very long time especially the church I guess the reason I didn't really like it uite as much as because it didn't do as much for me emotionally I definitely enjoyed the flashback scenes the most because it created sympathy for the antagonist and Cain Lankin himself and explained how the curse came to be But I also sort of felt like LL didn't need a seuel even though it was a fun read It's not that I think it tarnished the original book's legacy or anything like that but it was not uite up to that standard either The story arc wasn't as good and neither was the imagery I had a hard time picturing where things were located and that is not an issue I had with the first book Also the fact that the girls had to move back to this estate where something horrible happened to them and their father just kind of shrugged it off and pretty much deserted them there felt sort of unrealistic to me I'm find with the absentee parent trope but this went a bit too far for meAll that said I still really enjoyed it and thought parts of it were creepy and I liked the idea of the book and things like the witch bottles and the flashback scenes like I said and I did enjoy the ending So I do recommend it but with reservations You don't HAVE to read it if you don't want to

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Gifts in the dark craft are plain But when her guardians succumb to an The Mark PDFEPUB or angry mob Aphra is left to fend for herself She is shunned and feared by everyone she encounters except one man the leper Long Lankin Hounded and ostracized the two find solace only in each other but even this respite is doomed a. Uff I had a break from reading this as I went away on holiday I was kind of struggling with it before then and on my return just couldn't bring myself to pick it up again I'm honestly not sure why it's just not grabbing me at all I'm half way through and have just stopped caring It's not even that it's bad writing or anything like that and the early portion of the book did have me intrigued I guess this one just isn't for me

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The Mark of CainNd Aphra’s bitterness poisons her entire being Afflicted with leprosy about to be burned as a witch she manages one final enchantment a curse on her tormentor’s heirsNow in Cora and Mimi the last of a cursed line are trapped in an ancient home on a crumbling estate in deepest winter menaced by a spirit bent on reven. Oooooh I think I might actually have found this scarier than Long Lankin I definitely enjoyed it Okay there were a few things that bothered me like the superfluous description and the kids conveniently overhearing people talking about Crucial Plot Points but I enjoyed seeing Cora and Roger as older teenagers along with their burgeoning feelings for one another Which I'm really glad wasn't overdone because this book didn't need an awkward teen romance Roger was as awesome as ever AS IF THIS NEEDS SAYING There's a line where Cora asks him to do something and he thinks to himself What's a chap to do because he can't say no to her It made me laugh out loud and then want to hug him I think he's adorable The jolly hockeysticks dialogue might not be to everyone's taste but I love how authentically 1960s this book feels the village's disapproval of Mr Drumm's mistresses was kind of hilarious Oh and I also liked seeing Mimi as a person in her own right although it was frustrating when she wouldn't talk to Cora I wanted to see a lot of Mimi But I loved the glimpses we got of her her secrets and her strength I was trying to pin down why exactly I found this book scarier and I've come up with three reasons1 The setting Winter with rising icy flood waters and the roads blocked by snow feels claustrophobic than the sweltering summer heat in Long Lankin keeping Cora and Mimi trapped inside the house where the danger is2 The different threat Not knowing the witch bottles and marks were to protect the house and not being able to keep Aphra from getting inside using physical barriers like they could with Long Lankin3 The lack of a proper guardian or adult to protect the children HOW USELESS WAS THEIR FATHER And the woman who did look after them then became a threat in her own right one that they couldn't fight definitely scary stuff