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Tigana author Guy Gavriel KA masterful epic of magic politics war and the power of love and hate from the renowned author of The Fionavar Tapestry and Children of Earth and SkyTigana is the magical story of a beleaguered land struggling to be free It is the tale of a people so cursed by the black so While reading this book over the past month I thought a lot about the differences between youth and adulthood between young beliefs and mature ones And I think that maybe our youth is the only time that we can hold simple firm convictions Maybe it’s the only time that it’s possible to believe completely that love will conuer all or that there are good guys and bad guys or that if we try hard enough we can achieve anything we dream about In our youth we can say things like “ I would never” and feel completely certain that it’s true I think that a lot of maturing into an adult involves being proven painfully wrong again and againI feel like I lost a bit of my youth while reading this book Don’t get me wrong; I loved it It’s going on my favorites shelf and I’ll probably re read it dozens of times But I hate it a little bit too because it has now rendered so many of my favorite fantasy novels some that I used to even consider grey and nuanced flat and simplistic by comparison This is the most adult fantasy novel I’ve ever read And I don’t just mean that in the sense that it contains sex violence and heads exploding like rotten fruit I mean that in the sense that nothing in this book is black and white nothing is simple nothing is held sacred Fantasy used to be a genre where I could sometimes comfortably escape into a few simple ideals but this book has proven to me that even a fantasy novel can be gritty and realistic And now I feel like nothing less will doIf this were a typical fantasy it would be about a rag tag band of comrades coming together to make a long journey and reclaim their home from the curse of some distant evil goliath The foes battled along the way would be disposable creatures – orcs giants spiders dragons – beings that are murdered with little compunction The final battle would end in a massive celebration and all would be right with the worldBut this is not a typical fantasy This book is about an entire generation robbed of its very identity It’s about the children born to the losing side of a great war and the terrible legacy that they must bear It’s about collateral damage – not just faceless creatures but people with homes and families friends the one you love yourself It's about how a fight for peace can necessitate horrible violence It’s about the never ending nature of war It’s about this“ The lesson of her days Dianora thought was simply this that love was not enough Whatever the songs of the troubadours might say Whatever hope it might seem to offer love was simply not enough to bridge the chasm in her world”And this“ ’The land is never truly dead It can always come back Or what is the meaning of the cycle of seasons and years?’ She wiped her tears away and looked at him His expression in the darkness was much too sad for a moment such as this She wished she knew a way to dispel that sorrow and not only for tonight He said ‘That is mostly true I suppose Or true for the largest things Smaller things can die People dreams a home’”And this“ He carried like baggage like a cart yoked to his shoulders like a round stone in his heart images of his people their world destroyed their name obliterated Truly obliterated a sound that was drifting year by year further away from the shores of the world of men like some tide withdrawing in the grey hour of a winter dawn Very like such a tide but different as well because tides came back”The “heroes” are deeply flawed – capable of violence enslavement and the sacrifice of thousands of their own people in battle in the pursuit of their goal The “villain” is a very grey character and in the end is just a man A man with too much power perhaps and too much grief but still a man capable of feeling great love and deserving of sympathyThe relationships are intense and heartbreaking and I wept ugly tears than once I love that we get to see the conflict through the eyes of the long toiling Baerd and Alessan but also through the eyes of the youthful and naively passionate Devin And we get to see Devin mature in all the hardest ways possible“ Devin suddenly felt as if he could not bear it any Alessan’s uiet acuiescence was as a final blow in his own heart He felt torn open wounded by the hard truths of the world by the passing of things He lowered his head to the windowsill and wept like a child in the presence of something too large for his capacity”Dianora broke my heart the most though with her systematic destruction of her own self her own happiness all in the name of this terrible legacy ”She stopped and looked down at the flowers their fragile petals shaken by the breeze; but her thoughts were back with Brandin’s fairy tale of the far away princess born under summer stars cradled on such flowers She closed her eyes then knowing that this would not do And slowly deliberately searching out pain as a spur a goad she built up a mental image of her father riding away and then of her mother and then of Baerd among the soldiers in the suare When she opened her eyes to go on there were no fairy tales in her heart”My one slight uibble is that I do feel like the author pulled his punches just a bit at the end there view spoilerI truly grieved for both Dianora and Catriana And to have them both come back initially – felt a little bit cheap And to have everything become peaceful at the end also felt a bit cheap But I did love the riselka That pretty much saved the ending for me hide spoiler

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Orld the brilliance of a long lost nameTigana Against the magnificently rendered background of a world both sensuous and barbaric this sweeping epic of a passionate people pursuing their dream is breathtaking in its vision changing forever the boundaries of fantasy fiction The greatest strength of Tigana Guy Gavriel Kay's masterpiece is the ambiguity of his characters' ethics Fantasy as a genre suffers from the widespread simplicity of its expressions of good and evil Kay consistently transcends this genre weakness and Tigana marks his first and greatest break with the good vs evil tradition Tigana is full of characters who struggle with their decisions and the impact those decisions have on others Alessan the hero of the piece enslaves a wizard to his cause and must wrestle with the deaths he is responsible for in the name of an ideal Brandin the villain of the piece knows two loves greater than all the other loves in the novel combined and those loves are inextricably linked with his eually powerful hate And both of these characters are nearly impossible to dislike They are not good men nor are they bad men They are just men albeit men with power and powers that put them in positions where they can hurt masses of people They are two of the greatest fantasy characters ever imagined and the people they touch make a supporting cast of compelling depth Some have complained that Kay spends too much time with character and not enough with plot This criticism speaks to the feelings of readers than it does to a failing of the author Kay intentionally chooses character as his focus because it is only in depth of character that he can explore ethical ambiguity And ethical ambiguity is everything in Tigana The expansion of and focus on ethical ambiguity can save the fantasy genre Kay is at the heart of that movement and Tigana is his keynote address to the fantasy faithful If you take your fantasy seriously you must read Tigana Just make sure you read it with an open mind and let yourself feel compassion for all the people doing nasty things for reasons they believe are right

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Tigana author Guy Gavriel Kay kindle Î Paperback ↠ horticulturetrader ã ➹ [Read] ➵ Tigana By Guy Gavriel Kay ➼ – Horticulturetrader.co.uk A masterful epic of magic politics war and the power of love and hate—from the renowned author of The Fionavar Tapestry and ChildrenRcery of a cruel despotic king that even the name of their once beautiful homeland cannot be spoken or remembered But years after the devastation a handful of courageous men and women embark upon a dangerous crusade to overthrow their conuerors and bring back to the dark w Springtime morning in AvalleI don’t care that the priests sayI’m going down to the river todayOn a springtime morning in AvalleWhen I’m all grown up come what mayI’ll build a boat to carry me awayAnd the river will take it to Tigana BayAnd the sea even further away from AvalleBut wherever I wander by night or by dayWhere water runs swiftly or high trees sway My heart will carry me back and awayTo a dream of the towers of AvalleTwenty years ago the nine uarrelling city states of the Peninsula of the Palm were invaded by the armies of two conuering sorcerers Brandin of Ygrath and Alberico of Barbadior After having defeated Chiara Corte and Asoli Brandin sent his son to conuer the last free province of the Western Palm But the men of the Principality of Tigana stood fast and Valentin the Prince himself slew the sorcerer’s son by the River DeisaMaddened by grief Brandin himself then marched on Tigana He destroyed their armies murdered the royal family razed their cities to the ground burned all their books and finally conjured a terrible spell removing the province’s very name from the world making it impossible to speak or to hear for anyone not born there And thus for twenty years all that was known about the most southwestern province of the Peninsula of the Palm was lost Tigana is the tale of those who survived the death of their nation and their efforts to restore both their home and its lost name and the freedom of the entirety of the Peninsula from the tyranny of the sorcerers For years they have planned to simply assassinate Brandin to remove the hold of his spell but even so dangerous a plan is doomed to fail even if it succeeds For if the Ygrathan sorcerer dies all of the Palm falls to the Empire of Barbadior and Alberico who is a far brutal and tyrannical ruler than Brandin isA particularly interesting aspect about this book is its setting Based on Renaissance Italy the Peninsula of the Palm is a collection of city states who have been at war with each other for centuries thus making themselves ripe for the picking by foreign invaders For the last twenty years the Palm has been at peace because of the precarious balance of power between Brandin and AlbericoThe characters of the book are good Nothing and nothing less There are no exceptional larger than life figures but in the end I found myself enjoying them all The main characters of the book Alessan Devin and Catriana all start out as musicians in the company of the great Mennico di Ferraut and the focus on music and art is important throughout the whole book Another interesting character is Dianora one of Brandin’s mistresses who is secretly a survivor of Tigana herselfPerhaps most interesting when it comes to characterisation are the differences between the two tyrants currently ruling the Palm Alberico is a cold emotionless man driven only by greed and ambition He is brutal cynical and sadistic His goal is to take the throne of the Emperor of Barbadior and his invasion of the Palm is only a means to that end But Alberico wants power for the sake of power itself and because of that he’s only driven into an endless cycle of hungry ambition Brandin of Ygrath on the other hand is a man driver entirely by his emotions His love for his son and his grief for his death was what drove him to destroy Tigana and his passionate vengeance is still binding to the Palm Brandin despite all he has done is often portrayed as a competent ruler who cares about the lands he rules and even as a good man deep within Thus it happens to be that the main enemy in the fight to restore lost Tigana is the better man by far of the two tyrantsThere are two excellent parts of the book the beginning and the ending The prologue is simply beautiful taking place before the second Battle of the River Deisa twenty years ago and is really just a simple conversation between two men on the eve of battle Valentin Prince of Tigana and the artist Saevar The battle in the end on the other hand is one of the best scenes I have ever read in the fantasy genre because of its dramatic twists and turns its shocking revelations and the brilliantly chosen points of view describing itEverything in between is sadly a bit uninteresting There is nothing much going on except for the occasional great scene That makes the book seem a bit longer than it should and I was wondering several times while reading when things would start happening Fortunately though the fantastic ending and the beautiful writing is than enough to make up for itEssentially Tigana is a book about history and memory What happens to the people of a province when its very existence is snatched away never to be spoken of again? Kay states in the afterword that this topic was inspired by events during and after the 1968 uprising in Czechoslovakia where people who had led the uprising were not only executed but were edited away from all official pictures and historical records And it is a theme that is handled exceedingly well in this bookIn addition to that the book is morally ambiguous and constantly toys with the reader’s emotions and preconceptions by looking at the conseuences of the righteous struggle for the restoration of Tigana Is it right to force the world into another war to cause the deaths of thousands of innocent people and to threaten the lives of an entire Peninsula in order to restore a name? Add to that the portrayal of Brandin of Ygrath as a sympathetic and just ruler and you are left with no choice but to uestion the protagonists’ causeI think this is the first time I have ever read a standalone fantasy novel that does not even take place in the same world as others and where there is no hope of getting to know Because of that I was very skeptical but in the end I was definitely positively surprised This book was not perfect but it was definitely good enough that I would recommend it to just about everyone ”There are no wrong turnings Only paths we had not known we were meant to walk”