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READ & DOWNLOAD È The Town That Forgot How to Breathe Í ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Town That Forgot How to Breathe By Kenneth J. Harvey ❤ – Something strange is happening in the seaside town of Bareneed Mythical creatures that formally existed only in mariner's dreams are being pulledLiction Now with the Town That Forgot PDF #10003 help of some colorful village residents Joseph must unravel this paranormal mystery to save his only daughterCalled the literary love child of Stephen King and Annie Proulx The Town That Forgot How to Breathe is a page turning gothic tale and a profound exploration of what it really means to live in the modern world. this is a very convincingly creepy read about a remote Newfoundland fishing town that becomes afflicted with and bizarre supernatural events sea monsters in the bay the long dead washing ashore intact live fish suddenly flopping in people's barns A native son has returned from the Big City with his little girl who starts playing with a malevolent ghost girl while Daddy gets and bonkers Meanwhile long time residents of the town are being stricken by a mysterious malady that literally makes them forget to breatheSome of this is GREAT the ghost in particular is strange and terrifying and Harvey creates a uniue atmosphere And there's a nice vivid sense of place; I felt like as surreal as the book was it still gave me a sense of what Newfoundland is like both the scenery and the cultureThe book is undone though by an overcomplicated and mystical plot It's top heavy with preachy Big Messages which ultimately sink it And to cram all the preaching in it uses about five subplots too many They all or less come together in the end but for most of its length the book is pretty unwieldyThe other problem I had was that it felt very static possibly because there were too many story threads for Harvey to pay attention to instead of building to a climax it just keeps circling back to the same disconnected scenes ghost girl wise old timer lady nutty dad locals forgetting how to breathe drowned bodies ghost girl freaky artist neighbor lady nutty dad not breathing locals around and around There's no sense of urgency or progressionI still gave it four stars because it creates a uniue and memorable atmosphere sort of like Italian horror films there's a dreamlike gothic uality to the enterprise that makes it disturbing without blood and guts And that little girl is NASTY Had a good 100 or 150 pages been cut this would have been a five star book for sure


That Forgot eBook #180 Something strange is happening in the seaside town of Bareneed Mythical creatures that formally existed only in mariner's dreams are being pulled from the sea Perfectly preserved corpses of villagers long ago lost at sea are being washed Town That Forgot How to PDFEPUB or upon the shore And residents of the town are suddenly suffering from a. I enjoyed this book but I think it was rather pretentious piggybacking off of HP Lovecraft's style whilst ignoring good character development I also found that the author failed to capture the rugged coastal province of Newfoundland and Labrador very accurately

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The Town That Forgot How to BreatheMysterious illness that The Town PDFEPUBis making them forget how to breatheRecent divorcé Joseph Blackwood has returned to his hometown in hopes of reconnecting with his estranged daughter But when the young girl begins having visions and conversing with the spirit of a neighbor's deceased child he knows that his daughter is suffering from some supernatural aff. Kenneth J Harvey dislikes modern things like electricity and baseball caps and the enlightenment and women leaving loveless marriages they're unhappy in He wrote a book that is basically a screed against these things So impassioned is he that he barely pauses in his preaching to develop character personalities or explain why the army has brought enormous machinery to a tiny fishing village or what exactly they're doing with it What budget funded that project Disaster reliefThe book has its moments I like nautical lore and folksongs and only wish that had actually been written out Some of the characters were well developed and likeable Ms Larecy and Tom uiltey and Doc Thompson but the Blackwood family Joseph Kim and Robin anyway read like the R A Salvatore characters in FaeryTale unbelievable Occasionally Harvey forgets himself and writes a passage that's beautiful just for what it is the scenery the imagery the actions supplying subtle character development Doug Blackwood most notably especially in the seuence where he's carving the toy whale Actually found myself sinking into the book then Or Thompson in his interactions with his cat Agatha I don't regret reading this book I just wish of it had been like that Less stress on an overarching plot a message and focus on people in a dying fishing villiage trying to hold their lives together That's really where the book shines If you're the sort of reader that can ignore an author's hammered in message you'll probably engage with this book than I did Despite the implications in the cover blurb this really isn't gothic or horror or anything like Lovecraft It's like a smalltown pastiche with ghosts thrown in