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Read ï Walk Me Home Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ì [Epub] ➤ Walk Me Home ➥ Catherine Ryan Hyde – From New York Times bestselling author Catherine Ryan Hyde comes a story of two young sisters who embark on a journey across the American Southwest to uncSt trying to find Teddy the closest thing they have to a family Carly desperately hopes Teddy will take them in and save them from Walk Me eBook #10003 going into foster care and forgive them for the lies told by their motherBut when the starving girls get caught stealing food on a Native American reservation their journey gets put on hol. I wasn't crazy about this book It's about two sistersa teen and preteen Carly Jen who set out on their bikes to escape being turned over to authorities after their mother has been killed when her boyfriend drives them both over a cliff in his truck The bicycles don't last long and they begin a long journey on foot to try and find their mother's previous boyfriend Teddie who is in California Their mother had left Teddie because he tried to molest Jen but Carly never believe it and thinks Teddie will save the day for them Their journey is incredibly hard to the point that it become a bit unbelievable Eventually they arrive on Wakapi Indian fictional lands; and; as they break into someones hen house try to steal a few eggs the owner a blind 92 year old Wakapi woman named Dolores catches them While pointing a rifle at them she says they have to stay for a week and work off the damage to her hen house She will provide shelter and food Jen warms right up to the old lady buy Carly seeks a way to escape The local tribal cop Alvin stops by every day to check on Dolores and he tries to help Carly find Teddie and offer any other advice he can He makes Carly promise she will not take off but that very night she tells Jen to pack up her stuff so they can get out she's afraid Alvin will turn them over to children's services Jen refuses and Carly finally goes on to find Teddie in Northern California where she has learned he's now located She walks she hops a train she meets up with an old woman and her senile husband and they give her a ride to Fresno The old women buys her a bus ticket and gives her money for the last leg of her journey Another almost unbelievable trip which brings her to Trinidad CA in one piece but just about she is bruise scratched exhausted and filthy dirty She finds Teddie pretty easily and that is a story I wont tell because if I do reading the book is really a waste of time The characters are lightly drawn and one note You like them but you wish you knew them better and you also wish the story had depth Their mother died horribly after telling her boyfriend that she was leaving him because of his abusive ways but if the girls are in mourning we don't get a clear sense of it The story just rushes forward in a muted way Wouldn't recommend it

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D While the girls work off their debt Carly becomes determined to travel onward until Jen confesses a terrible secret that leaves both sisters wondering if they can ever trust againSet against the backdrop of the American Southwest Walk Me Home and its resilient heroines will inspire readers and renew their faith in recovery and redemptio. Athough this is well written and the characters are well drawn the plot has a hole in it a big hole which is never filled Carly and Jen uickly leave their home in New Mexico It is clear that they have just discovered that their mother has died and Carly fears that Social Services will put them in a home probably separate homes so they are running away in the hopes that their step father Teddy will take them in Clearly they have no connection to their father but there must has once been one Carly in passing says there is no father but gives absolutely no explanation There mother is described as flitting from man to man over and over again over the life of the girls That begged the uestion of whether they were even the children of the same father Explanation is never given Did the father just walk away or is he dead We're never told Bigger than that is that none absolutely none of the adults who come in contact with these two girls ever ask about a father They are told about the step father Teddy but never ever ask about the blood father I waited the entire book for that shoe to fall and it never did Having lived in Arizona I liked the Native American aspects and the descriptions of the landscape I also liked Alvin and Delores and the many people who come in contact with Carly and her sister; they were diverse and interesting

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Walk Me HomeFrom New York Times bestselling author Catherine Ryan Hyde comes a story of two young sisters who embark on a journey across the American Southwest to uncover what it really means to be a familySince their mother’s sudden death sixteen year old Carly and her eleven year old sister Jen have been walking and hitchhiking across the Southwe. Four and a half starsThis book shows both the good and bad sides of people All Carly and Jen have is each other Or is it It just may be some of the people they meet on their walk will change their mindsRight from the beginning I was absorbed into this story I walked every step with Carly and her younger sister Jen The characters are well drawn Carly and Jen are both lovable but so different in their outlook Carly is enterprising and determined to stick to what she believes is best even when maybe it isn’t Her stubbornness is somehow endearing because her heart and motives are on the right track When Carly realises she has some facts wrong one of the characters sums it up when he says’ Way I see it you’re one of those people with set opinions on how you want the world to behave Always trying to bend the world to fit your liking instead of the other way around So then once you make up your mind how you want something to be you start losing the eyes to see what really is’ Some allowances must be made Carly is only 16 after all and she has not had the easiest upbringing Strikes me though that Carly is not alone in that attitude In this world there are than a few of us who see only want we want to see and shape our views opinions and actions accordingly This is the second novel I have read by this author and I will definitely be keeping my eye out for others She writes with heart compassion and honesty and realistic characters A book that will tug at your emotions