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read ô eBook or Kindle ePUB Î Jacqueline Baird Doumerue had no desire to be reminded of the past So why had she fallen into Rayner Millard's arms so easily when he'd turned. 17 year old heroine is in love with hero She gives him her heart and her virginity but their affair ends with hero's arrest 7 years later they meet again and Rayner proposes marriage Marie is very happy until she learns that he has married her for revenge Because of her he was arrested and spent 3 months in prison When Marie finds out his true motives for their marriage she wants a divorce but he will not let her go so their marriage becomes a nightmare for her A great book filled with angst passion and betrayal Super cute epilogue I loved it

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review Passionate Betrayal Ö eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ ☀ Passionate Betrayal PDF / Epub ✍ Author Jacqueline Baird – Goldie's world had tumbled downBut that was seven years ago and out of the ruins she had built a new life with a new nameMarie Doumerue had no desire to be reminded of the past Up at the chateau in FranceWas Rayner really her destiny And was his rekindled passion fueled by love or a desire for revenge. Worst Baird I've ever read Heroine is a dumb nut Hero is not better The storyVirginal heroine oh I hate being a hippieNaked Hero haha you're a hippie Wait until I tell my father In that moment h strucks H with a branch and as she is hysterical he has used the word hippie he is arrested for rape Seven years later she is no longer a hippie but a sophisticated women They meet again and he marries her for revenge And buys her expensive gifts and cloths She hates him for it The housekeeper dies and they make up The obligatory baby gets a weird name The end

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Passionate BetrayalGoldie's world had tumbled downBut that was seven years ago and out of the ruins she had built a new life with a new nameMarie. She’d been a naïve seventeen year old named Goldie Brown when she fell in love with Rayner Millard whose father allowed the hippie trailers to stay on his farm Her parents had camped on the farm so close to Stonehenge each summer That year the peace movement had drawn attention and a definite police presence And on the eve of the summer’s solstice she gave all her love to him and it ended in her humiliation and his arrest She’d never known what had happened after that night as her mother had whisked her off to France Shortly after her mother introduced her to her French family her parents had died in a landslide in Turkey And now the passionate girl who had been Goldie has become the shy and reclusive Marie Doumerue It’s seven years later and the last person she expects her grandfather to bring to their Chateau is Rayner But it’s him and though he keeps the secret of their past he pursues her relentlessly Believing that he loves her Marie is ecstatic when he proposes marriage but on their wedding night after passionate lovemaking she learns that he has married her for justice Rayner brutally tells her what had happened upon his arrest; he’d been charged with rape and had spent three months in prison before he was finally released The stigma of the charge had stuck to his family name and he’d had to leave the family farm When Marie insists that she cannot stay married to him Rayner threatens to tell her ailing grandfather all the details of her past and even exaggerate for good measure And Rayner also insists she will be his wife in all ways proving to her that her body wants him So begins a bitter and loveless marriageThe Marie at the beginning of the book is almost the same naïve seventeen year old who had given Rayner her virginity She may have aged but she had kept herself repressed and reclusive Slowly every innocent illusion she had held is striped from her and she is bitterly introduced to her new “reality” She comes out strong but without the innocence that Rayner had always held dear Rayner is a man in his own torment and though he is absolutely brutal sometimes in his treatment of Marie he has regret and attempts to make their marriage work There is love in Rayner but he’d buried it when he had thought Marie had died with her parents With all the mistakes and guilt over the past neither seems to know how to move forward There are several black moments in this book as Marie wakes up to reality but the final black moment is written with an emotional intensity that will pull at your heart Rayner lives a personal hell as he realizes that he’d forever destroyed the innocent woman who had loved him with all of herself Though this book is written from Marie’s point of view I’m glad Ms Baird kept showing us hints of Rayner’s own vulnerabilities If a reader misses those glimpses they may find Rayner a brute and not very likeable This is a story of star crossed lovers who both have to overcome the traumas of their youth