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Of Mice and Men Doc ´ 103 pages Ú ❰PDF❯ ✈ Of Mice and Men Author John Steinbeck – Horticulturetrader.co.uk The compelling story of two outsiders striving to find their place in an unforgiving world Drifters in search of work George and his simple minded friend Lennie have nothing in the world except each o The compelling G universal themes such as the friendship of a shared vision and giving voice to America’s lonely and dispossessed Of Mice and Men has proved one of Steinbeck’s most popular works achieving success as a novel a Broadway play and three acclaimed fil Sometimes people can do awful things sometimes they mean it and sometimes they don'tIn this novel we learn the story of George and Lennie Two wandering day laborers traveling together; from work to work from trouble to trouble One small and cunning; the other giant and retarded Working from city to city from field to field but always protecting each other A dream pushes them forward work the fields until one day have enough to purchase a small farm of their own A place where George can work the land and Lennie tend the rabbits But there are difficulties Lennie in his brutish innocence tends to get himself into serious problems and often that not bothA short but very memorable read from the famed pulitzer winner John Steinbeck A little 100p novella about the unbreakable bonds of friendship and the cruelties of a sometimes hostile rural world Still remaining East of Eden or The Grapes of Wrath someday One of those very few exceptions where the movie may actually match the book John Steinbeck creates two immortal characters but the movie 1992 gives them a real palpable soul Mainly due to the exceptional performance of John Malkovich and a very remarkable Gary Sinise Brilliant book to film adaptationUntil next time A veces la gente puede hacer cosas terribles a veces lo hacen a propósito y a veces noEn esta novela conocemos la historia de George y Lennie Dos jornaleros errantes viajando juntos; de trabajo en trabajo de problema en problema Uno peueño y astuto otro gigante y retardado Trabajando de ciudad en ciudad de campo en campo pero siempre protegiéndose el uno al otro Un sueño los motiva a seguir juntos trabajar los campos hasta algún día tener lo suficiente para comprar una peueña parcela propia Un lugar donde George pueda trabajar la tierra y Lennie cuidar de los conejos Pero existen dificultades Lennie en su bruta inocencia tiende a meterse en serios aprietos y más ue a menudo a ambosUna lectura corta pero muy memorable del afamado ganador del Pulitzer John Steinbeck Una peueña novella de 100p sobre los fuertes lazos de la amistad y las crueldades en un mundo campestre a veces hostilueda pendiente algún día leer East of Eden yo The Grapes of Wrath Una de esas peueñas excepciones donde la película tal vez supera la obra escrita John Steinbeck crea dos personajes inmortales pero la película 1992 les otorga un alma real Principalmente gracias a las actuación excepcional de John Malkovich y un muy destacado Gary Sinise Brillante adaptación de cineHasta la próxima

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The compelling story of two outsiders striving to find their place in an unforgiving world Drifters in search of work George and his simple minded friend Lennie have nothing in the world except each other and a dream a dream that one day they will have I needed a uick read because I stupidly forgot that the library would be closed yesterday for Veteran's Day I'd exhausted my current supply and I needed a short term fix to hold me until I could get some new product today So I grabbed Of Mice and Men off the bookshelf last nightAnd I'm glad I did because I'd somehow remembered that this was a depressing book How wrong I was Oh sure there were some tense moments like when you think Lennie will accidently hurt Curley's wife in the barn What a relief when George and Candy come in at the last minute and stop anything bad from happening And isn't it nice that the scare changes both Curley and his wife so that they have a much better marriage and new appreciation for each otherPlus it leads to the great moment when Curley is so grateful that he fronts George Lennie and Candy the money to finally buy the ranch of their dreams Oh and that last scene with George and Candy on the porch of their new home while Lennie tends the rabbits brought a tear to my eyeWhat's that you say? I got the ending wrong? No I'm uite certain this is what happened No Be uiet I can't hear you LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA

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Of Mice and MenSome land of their own Eventually they find work on a ranch in California’s Salinas Valley but their hopes are doomed as Lennie struggling against extreme cruelty misunderstanding and feelings of jealousy becomes a victim of his own strength Tacklin “Trouble with mice is you always kill 'em ” Breathtaking prose touching characters and a heart breaking ending Who said only lengthy novel can make an impact?