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Pressing Hard Book Perry Skky Jr's Perry Skky MOBI #242 about to discover that temptation can be very hard to resist Perry Skky Jr has his whole life ahead of him and so does his boy Damarius Which is why he can't understand why Damarius is wasting his time with weed But then one night Perry is tempted Pressing Hard PDFEPUB or into having a few drinks too many and s. In Prime Choice Book 1 Perry Skky Jr had rededicated his life to God When Book 2 begins he allows himself to be talked into drinking alcohol when it isn't something he really wants to do and it surely isn't an act that's pleasing to God One minute Perry is claiming to be high on life and moments later he's gulping down four beers in a row In other words he gives in to peer pressure He is repentant though especially when the alcohol he consumed takes a toll on his athletic physiue He's also repentant a few times throughout the story when he makes other decisions that he immediately regrets Seems he's learning that it isn't easy to be a Christian in this world Perry sure has a whole lot to deal with in this book His boy Damarius gets him caught up in a dangerous situation A fatal accident takes away a friend and there's still much drama in his life when it comes to females I purchased Book 2 because I wanted to find out if Perry and Savoy the girl he was with at the end of Book 1 would stay strong in their Christian beliefs and remain abstinent But Mr Skky gets a bit confused and can't make up his mind about who he wants Savoy or Tori the girl he broke up with in Book 1 It seems he has feelings for both of them and he ends up hurting both of them He does however take responsibility for the pain he causes And about Perry's Christian beliefs as far as premarital sex is concerned I had to wonder why a guy who is committed to abstinence would have a condom in his nightstand I guess even though his spirit was willing to abstain he figured there would come a day when his flesh would be in control and he'd better be prepared That isn't total commitment Total commitment would be never even thinking about buying a condom never taking a girl up to his bedroom or her bedroom or wherever and doing his best to never put himself in a situation where sex could happen I'm thinking the author was trying to show the reader that Christians don't get it right all of the time and that when the wrong choices are made God is right there ready to forgive Perry says Being an eighteen year old black male is a lot of pressure In order to cope with all of the pressure Perry prays to the heavenly Father But he doesn't always pray just for himself; he also prays for family and friends And it seems that by the end of this story than pleasing himself and his parents Perry Skky Jr wants to please God I plan to purchase the next book not only to see how that works out for him but to find out if he ends up with Savoy or Tori a new girl or if he just decides not to have a relationship with any girl so he can focus on football his education and most importantly his relationship with God

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Pressing Hard Perry Skky Jr Series #2 Perry Skky Jr Perry Skky JrUddenly he's the one caught in a very compromising position Worried about the conseuences he admits his mistake and turns his attention to the beautiful Savoy The only problem is that there are uite a few people who'd like to keep Perry and Savoy apart including Tori Perry's Hard Perry Skky PDFEPUB #194 ex girlfriend Perry thinks he can take the heat until tragedy s. This book took me on a different journey than the first I could have swore the first book was he was practicing abstinence and struggling to stay a virgin But in this book now in college Perry is introduced to drinking around drugs and sexual encounters where he gives in to lust of the flesh with his ex girlfriend Tori who is in the first book in the series At first on some levels it was difficult for me to connect and relate to some of the characters thrown on me in the book; yet these were his football player buddies His relationship with Savoy and past girlfriend Tori where he seems torn between the two Most men fall into the traps of temptation and girl who is coming onto them strongly but hate the neediness of which Tori demonstrates Yet I can relate to this type of reaction for most teen girls wanna be loved and confuse sex for loveMaybe the connection and flow was not kilted tucked in flow together for me but still a good read253 stars

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Pressing Hard Perry Skky Jr Series #2 Perry Skky Jr Perry Skky Jr review ¸ 4 ´ [Epub] ➟ Pressing Hard Perry Skky Jr Series #2 Perry Skky Jr Perry Skky Jr ➠ Stephanie Perry Moore – Pressing Hard Book 2 Perry Skky Jr's about to discover that temptation can be verTrikes his close knit circle of friends And suddenly he finds himself rethinking everything Everything that is except his faith Because when things fall apart Perry knows the only way to come out strong is to rely on his relationship with God But is he Hard Perry Skky Jr Series PDF or strong enough to do what's right Includes a guide on how to start your own book cl. Pressing hard is a book that is based on christianity I haven't finished the book yet but I already know that it is going to be amazing Damarious is the guy in the first chapter that is trying to pressure Perry in to having a drink on New Year's eve Well Perry takes the pressure and starts drinking telling everyone that he can handle his liuarbut turns out that he can't and is acting strange Well I'm not going to spoil it for those who haven't read this book so check this book out It is Amazing