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Free read ↠ uantum Author Patricia Cornwell Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free í ❮BOOKS❯ ✯ uantum Author Patricia Cornwell – International bestselling author Patricia Cornwell delivers pulse pounding thrills in a series featEen MIA for daysDesperate to halt the countdown to disaster and to clear her sister’s name Captain Chase digs deep into her vast cyber security knowledge and her painful past probing for answers to her twin’s erratic conduct As time is running out she realizes that failure means catastrophe not just for the space program but for the safety of the whole natio. I can't believe Patricia Cornwell wrote this I started reading this on Kindle Unlimited and kept thinking I skipped a page or missed a paragraph NOTHING made sense so choppy purposefully vague and misleading completely not engaging at all I stopped reading after literally nothing had happened literally spent pages on her walking thru the underground secret tunnel ok maybe that's a scene setter walking in the parking lot walking into her office walking back to the car etc Don't bother it's AWFUL

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International bestselling author Patricia Cornwell delivers pulse pounding thrills in a series featuring a brilliant and unusual new heroine cutting edge cybertechnology and stakes that are astronomically highOn the eve of a top secret space mission Captain Calli Chase detects a tripped alarm in the tunnels deep below a NASA research center A NASA pilot uantum p. We’ll say 375 stars for a sluggish startAfter a hiatus from her successful forensic series Patricia Cornwell returns with a novel that will have readers reaching for the stars in the middle of this impactful crime thriller Captain Callisto ‘Calli’ Chase gave up a promising career in the military to help her family She was able to land on her feet serving within the NASA police in Virginia While out investigating an alarm within the facility Callie comes across some forensic material that leaves her baffled When one of NASA’s scientific contractors is found dead in her room from an apparent suicide Calli takes notice What starts out looking like a simple cry for help does not make sense the pieces come together The note left for others to find the state of the body even the last meal laid out on the table It all points to something that’s been staged While she is trying to juggle her workplace situation Calli is brought up to speed that her twin sister Carme is wanted for uestioning in the disappearance of a man she was seen to have had words with not too long before Unable to locate Carme Calli struggles as she remembers the key event in their past that drove a wedge between them as twins and sisters While Calli is certain there is a killer on the loose within the NASA facility she must remain calm and do all she can in order not to show her hand while inside the terror mounts An interesting return by Cornwell with an entirely new concept While many did not enjoy this novel the concept grew on me by the end and I am ready to recommend it to those who enjoy something scientific alongside their crime thrillersI have long been a fan of Cornwell and her Scarpetta series While those novels did begin to lag after a time I could see a great deal of effort went into their creation When I heard that Cornwell was going to try her hand at something new I was a little surprised as Scarpetta was not yet tied off This space themed crime thriller novel has all the ingredients for the author to reinvent herself with a curious cast of characters and a great deal of research having gone into the narrative Calli Chase proves to be an worthwhile character and serves well in the role of protagonist Her strong belief in the law and order resonated with me as did her mathematical uirks that surface throughout the novel However there were times that I felt a significant disconnect I am not sure what it is as I do not remember having this issue with Kay Scarpetta but realise that it may take me some time to connect properly with Calli Her backstory and character development were both present throughout offering some early tidbit on which Cornwell can build I hope for reveals to ensure Callisto Chase is not just another character whose uniue name is the sole reason she stands out Other characters grace the pages of this book and prove to be entertaining though they also proved to be lukewarm at times The multiple plots are strong and the ideas are there but the delivery though the characters was significantly lacking As a story there was a great deal of potential here though things fell flat early I scanned Goodreads and noticed others felt the same way Thankfully I held on as things did get better and I was able to feel confident in finishing this piece Such class and past success as an author should not deter Patricia Cornwell though I would hope that this is just a rut and not the new face of a talented writer I have enjoyed for a long timeKudos Madam Cornwell for trying something new Not sure if it worked though some of my other favourites are stumbling these days Perhaps it is just a phaseLikehate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons a different sort of Book Challenge

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uantum Author Patricia CornweHysicist and cybercrime investigator Calli knows that a looming blizzard and government shutdown could provide the perfect cover for sabotage with deadly conseuencesAs it turns out the danger is worse than she thought A spatter of dried blood a missing security badge a suspicious suicide a series of disturbing clues point to Calli’s twin sister Carme who’s b. Charles van BurenA thrillermystery which uickly became tiresomeSeptember 5 2019Verified PurchaseFormat Kindle EditionReview of Kindle editionPublication date October 1 2019Publisher Thomas MercerLanguage EnglishASIN B07BN2WGGJ353 mostly dreary psgesI believe that this is but the third Patricia Cornwell book I've read It is very different from the other two and I suspect from what most readers of her books are accustomed to This one is very wordy with long passages which if they advance the plot at all do so minisculely At 70 to 75% percent into the book I still wasn't completely sure what was happening except that it had been built up to be something very bad and dramatic Then the book stopped without real resolution I suppose there will be a second volume but I won't be reading it Cornwell has an excellent command of the language but that does not prevent tedium The gimmick used in the Kindle edition can not dissipate the problems Here is the uote from the beginning of the book about the gimmick Two Ways to Read This book features animation On compatible devices you can control this experience using the Show Media option in the Aa menu