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READ & DOWNLOAD ´ Rough Ride Ð [KINDLE] ❂ Rough Ride By Carol Lynne – For rancher Ezra James life is pretty simple He wakes before dawn and spends his day working with the cattle he loves For twenty years the EZ Does It ranch has been enough to drown out his loneliness For rancher Ezra James life is pretty simpleOwns the clothing store in townPalmer 'Wyn' Wynfield caught Ezra's eye the first time the rancher stepped foot in the store Though Ezra knew his large size intimidated others his little self confidence was shattered when Palmer backed away in apparent fear In a moment of self preservation he refer. Rough Ride is the fourth book in the Cattle Valley series It stars rancher Ezra James who we briefly met in book two and Palmer ‘Wyn’ Wynfield who we met in book one He runs a local clothing store This is told in third person from both Ezra and Wyn’s povsview spoilerThe storyline in this book flowed better and was complete than in the last one The author appears to have taken effort and time in making this a better read The only part I thought was rushed was the beginning where Ezra and Wyn finally get together If you read the previous three stories you’d find that these two have been interested in each other but avoided getting together I suppose that could explain why they hurriedly got together at the start of this book since mentions of their interest spanned the other stories However it was too rushed for me and made it appear the author just wished to bring the two together so she could get on with the rest of the storyIn the other books Wyn was insecure In this one he appeared like another person He was uncomfortable when he returned to the family farm but other than that he lost his insecurity As to Ezra he was also this other person In fact he was so different he acted and talked like Gill from book three I can’t tell you how many times I kept thinking that Wyn had hooked up with Gill as I read the story Pretty much Ezra and Gill are the same person just different books Ezra was supposed to be shy but he didn’t come across that way at all He was Gill only with a name change Rough Ride was a fast easy read with no angst I enjoyed the plot and flow and thought the author did much better with this story than the other ones I’ve read in the series so far The characters’ personalities didn’t sync up with what they were like in previous books and Ezra I almost typed Gill varied from his portrayal the most Especially to the point where I couldn’t tell the difference between him and Gill He was disappointingI give this story 35 stars because of the good plot but have to lower the rating to 3 Stars because Ezra was too similar to Gill in book three hide spoiler

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Red to Wyn as Mr Fancy Pants That was six years ago and he's never been forgivenAn early morning phone call changes all that Though the line is scratchy Ezra definitely hears the words he's been waiting to hear for years I need youReader Advisory This book is best read in seuence as part of a serie. I loved Wyn from previous books he deserved someone amazing like Ezra They seemed to dance around each other because of their first meeting they'd unintentionally hurt each others feelings Of course with the help of resident meddler Nate lol he gets Wyn talked into calling Ezra when he needs his help Of course Ezra runs to help because he cares about Wyn I really enjoyed Richard too my heart broke for him I know he gets his own book too but it's been so long since I've read these I'm really looking forward to reading about him again I just love this series I love everybody in Cattle Valley makes me wish they were all real so I could go visit and stalk some of them PI loved how Ezra was with Wyn I love that he believed him about Smokey I loved that he put Wyn first when it came to Smokey And I loved how Wyn talked Ezra into forgiving him when he needed to Although I wouldn't have been so forgiving it just shows the kind of person Wyn is I loved itOn to the next

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Rough RideFor rancher Ezra James life is pretty simple He wakes before dawn and spends his day working with the cattle he loves For twenty years the EZ Does It ranch has been enough to drown out his loneliness and guilt To the world he appears impervious to everything The only chink in his armour the man who. The people over in the MM Romance Group reuested that those of us who give 1 star to a book explain why I know that there are many people who read Ms Lynne's work and are happy unfortunately I am not If you enjoy reading Ms Lynne's work please continue to do so If you have never read one of Ms Lynne's works please try her out May I suggest Cattle Valley Sweet Topping as this is the best book I have found in any of her seriesI'd like to explain my 1 star The blurbs to a book is what draws me into buying and this book started with such a promise; an interesting story line and a wonderful idea and characters I had met in previous books I find Ms Lynne always always has such wonderful story ideas I have read about 6 of Ms Lynne's works and start each one hoping that the writing will finally match the promise given in the blurb and once again it is the uality of the writing particularly the dialogue that makes me dislike the book The dialogue is wooden the writing does not evoke in me any Oh that was wonderfully worded moments which I love to have when reading I felt disconnected from the story it never pulled me in which was sad because I wanted to enjoy the characters in this book I read the book to the end because I wanted to find out what happened Sadly though I was left with a bitter taste in my mouth The story line had such promise the book could be so much if the writing the pure craft of writing and the use of words were better executed I needed way to pull this story out of the 1 star category