Summary Sinful Chocolate Kimani Romance ↠ E-book or Kindle E-pub

Summary Sinful Chocolate Kimani Romance

Summary Sinful Chocolate Kimani Romance ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ñ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Sinful Chocolate Kimani Romance Author Adrianne Byrd – Charlie Masters playa extraordinaire has no plans to change his heartbreaker ways Then some bad news from his doctor gives himN't believe him a few are cooking up revenge and one has a knockout sister offering him a taste of heavenGisella Jacobs is busy launching her new shop Sinful Chocolate when delectable Charlie knocks at her door Her fr. Maybe I'm taking these stories to seriously At least it was somewhat realistic as far as the hero being a playa She really paints him as a playa Usually when you read these books he was a playa and then he changes once he sees the heroine I’m glad she didn’t take this route in writing this book however he was pretty raunchySo far my only issue is that the heroine hasn’t learned her lesson from her ex fiancé She likes people who like to use women as pawns in a game Also I didn’t like how Isabella tried to make it sound like the women he messed with were dumb Like really All of them RightI can honestly say the story got better toward the end At first I didn't like neither the heroine nor the hero I thought your first date should be the clinic LOL

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Iends warn that he's trouble but his kiss is richer than her finest Belgian cocoa his touch as velvety smooth as her lightest truffle Sinful Chocolate EpubAnd when something so wrong feels so righthow can a woman resi. I just wish there was about who the cray woman in Charlie's life was What he did to make her lose it The other parts were uite charming about Charlie and Giselle dreaming of each other and fighting their attraction This was a good book just not what I'm used to from Ms Byrd

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Sinful Chocolate Kimani RomanceCharlie Masters playa extraordinaire has no plans to change his heartbreaker ways Then some bad news from his doctor gives him pause for regretand six months to make things right with all the women he's wrongedMost do. This one is my favorite so far It was hilarious heartwarming and exciting and the dreams and lovemaking were off the chain HOT Can a sister get a piece of that cake It was good to see Charlie fall head over heels for Gisella This was definitely a great readOn a serious note women date men who they know are PLAYERS in hopes of changing him and then they get upset when things don't turn out the way she wants In turn they do stupid immature things that make them look foolish and desperate If a man has not made any promises don't expect any If he is a player then expect to get played I see so many women who constantly put themselves in this type of situation Did I just vent