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Spellcast Maggie Graham #1 review Ð 103 ↠ ➞ [Epub] ❥ Spellcast Maggie Graham #1 By Barbara Ashford ➨ – Horticulturetrader.co.uk When Maggie Graham lost her job and her apartment fell to pieces she decided to flee New York City for a while and hide in Vermont at the Crossroads Theatre She hadn't planned to auditionTheatre She hadn't planned to audition yet soon found herself part of the summer stock cast But her previous acting experiences couldn't prepare he. Totally taken by surprise regarding SPELLCAST by Barbara Ashford This book was sugary sweet but deeply introspective all wrapped up in a musical that was laced with a little paranormal tid bits here and there I still don’t know why I accepted this review copy I’m not into musical theater I guess it was the cover or the originality or maybe even the glowing reviews – but I’m so glad I did take it read it and subseuently highly enjoy it Don’t judge just read You’ll be pleasantly surprisedOn a whim Maggie Graham unemployed unattached and slightly frayed ends up in Vermont looking for a bed and breakfast Instead of finding a place to crash for the night she ends up auditioning for the Crossroads Theatre and being cast into minor rolls for three separate plays that will be performed that summer Not know why she accepts the gig Maggie ends up in a run down hotel being paid 100 a week and now a part of a very strange cast of characters and an otherworldly staff – that casts people not by the character they could best play but by the character that will teach them the most Maggie is the only one that has any prior acting experiences but the ridiculously handsome yet strangely ethereal director will only put her in characters that he thinks will make her a better person It would seem that Rowan the director has made it his life goal to help people through singing and acting and he has an almost magic voice that brings the motley cast together to make something spectacular At first skeptical Maggie is soon drawn into friendships and helping others like she never has before She finds herself eerily drawn to Rowan and his mystery and the aura of otherness that surrounds the staff of the Crossroads Will this only be a summer fling for Maggie a push towards her right direction or will the Crossroads set her on her life pathI read somewhere SPELLCAST described as unassuming and it is true This books description and cover can’t convey what it is While a bit long it’s entirety is a discovery of self and friendship and hope Myself as a person could only hope that a Crossroads Theater would appear for me when I was faced with a large pot hole in my road of life Ashford constructed each character with precision and describes each scene as if she had experienced them herself The plays the characters act out are almost real for me and I wish I had prior knowledge of them so I could get just a little better grasp on what is going on This was a very entertaining read and I kept finding myself drawn back into the pages as if I had never left as soon as I picked it up The drawbacks that I found was that yes it was a bit long Ashford would go into details regarding the most trivial of scenes yet her writing flowed so well that I couldn’t skim – therefor I felt it went on and on over trivialities And then there was the ending I will not spoil it but I do have to say that while the ending was how I think it should have been there was still that bitter part of me that wanted so much This is an excellent read that I really can’t compare to anything else Recommended for contemporary romance fans because of it’s only slight taste of the paranormal Yet I really wouldn’t describe this as a romance There is enough to give it a flavoring but not something I would describe as romance I don’t know but this one would probably fit in one of those random genres like Magical Realism or something It is an adult read with a bit of language and some sexual encounters Like this like thatThe Girl That Chased The Moon by Sarah Addison Allen

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R for the theater's unusual staff and its handsome almost otherworldly directorRead Barbara Ashford's blogs and other content on the Penguin Communi. It is obviously a sign from above that Maggie needs a change of scene when she is not only fired but the ceiling of her bathroom collapses on top of her while she tries to take a consolatory bath She packs a bag and leaves New York City for Vermont intent on finding a Bed and Breakfast What she finds instead is the Crossroads Theater and its enigmatic director RowanSpellcast is a fairy tale and like all the best fairy tales it is dark and dangerous and examines all of the things about ourselves we would rather not look at It also glimmers with wide eyed wonder and rustles with restless energy It is impossible to put downAshford's love of theater is apparent and will touch everyone who has had the luck to walk across the stage and everyone who has ever wanted to She captures the camaraderie of the theater perfectly with all of its dysfunctions and drama Her descriptions of things I enjoyed so much when I was younger my time spent engaged in summer theater tickled a smile onto my face and marched goosebumps down my arms It was perfect And I didn't realize I had enjoyed theater as much as I had or that I missed it It is an amazing author that can appeal to memories that are almost 20 years old and get me to recall them so vividlyAnd it isn't just theater It is family and friends relationships and work and all those little and not so little things that fill our lives and make us who we areSpellcast can be a very personal read if you let it And I encourage you greatly to do so

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Spellcast Maggie Graham #1When Maggie Graham lost her job and her apartment fell to pieces she decided to flee New York City for a while and hide in Vermont at the Crossroads. One of the best discoveries of 2011 I finished Speelcast and I'm still speechless I got curious about this book when I saw some reviews stating wonders about this novel by Barbara Ashford I have to admit the title and the cover did some convincing too but how could I resist to such marvellous reviews I don't normally buy books because of fantastic review At least when I'm not certain the book can meet my expectations But in this case I was enthralled by various factors and I couldn't resist buying this Spellcast And it was a wonderful sweet discovery I'm truly happy to have discovered this author and this book It was such a wonderful reading I'm still reeling from those last few pages I even re read the final chapter 3 or 4 times not believing it was the end Actually I'm still not convinced it is the end How I am ever going to survive until June I'm certain I'll die from anxiety until then Despite that this book brought me many emotions What a powerful and beautiful creation we have here I loved the characters right from the start even though in the beginning I couldn't tell them apart But as I devoured the book everything fell to the rights place and I just enjoyed the ride And what a wild ride Such a remarking heart breaking love story I loved the plot I loved everything in the book And loved the cenario at Vermont Oh well I loved it FAN TAS TIC That's all I have to say This is definitely a page turner I wish I had waited for the seuel to come out so I could have of Crossroads Theatre But why oh why couldn't I waitI just hope Spellcrossed will be as sweet as this one I CAN'T wait