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Star Spangled BannerNearly every American knows The Star Spangled Banner the national anthem of the United States of America Yet many people dislike the song contend that it glorifies militarism and uestion its suitability as the musical embodiment of nationhood Even professional vocalists have trouble singing the multi octave melody and remembering the words So why in did Congress designate it as the official Star Spangled E. My review will be posted on the Washington Independent Review of Books site

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T political stripes also explains the changing rituals surrounding the song including the practice of standing with hats removed and hand held over the heart during public performancesThis entertaining book will appeal to patriots of all persuasions along with sports fans musicians veterans history buffs and anyone who has ever struggled to hit the high notes in the land of the free and the home of the bra. I enjoyed this book although it was dry at times Ferris provides amazing information about the controversy surrounding the Star Spangled Banner since its writing in 1814 I was hoping it would address the current controversy surrounding athletes kneeling during the national anthem but it was written before those events took place Nevertheless it addresses the many times that congressmen and women have tried to change the national anthem to another song This book is a great read for anyone that enjoys studying American history

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Star Spangled Banner characters ✓ 7 Ü ❰Reading❯ ➶ Star Spangled Banner Author Marc Ferris – Nearly every American knows The Star Spangled Banner the national anthem of the United States of America Yet many people dislike the song contend that it glorifies militarism and uestion its suitabilPubnational anthem than a century after Francis Scott Key put pen to paperFilled with fascinating little known facts drawn from a variety of primary sources Star Spangled Banner provides the first narrative history of this controversial song which turns years old in Marc Ferris's lively account which traces the evolution of the song's instant popularity as well as its use and abuse by Americans of differen. With Star Spangled Banner The Unlikely Story of Anerica's National Anthem Marc Ferris takes we the reader on a journey not only through American history but also across world history with the examination of just what exactly it took for The Star Spangled Banner to become our national anthem as well as the history of other anthems around the world This easy to read book takes we the reader on a fascinating journey that starts with the Battle of Fort McHenry in the War of 1812 which is where the poem that would become our anthem begins across the next 200 years of US history through the controversy of the song which is still ever present today as well as the confusion of just what the US was using when it didn't have an anthem Each step of the way Ferris takes the time to examine not only our anthem but also the anthems of other countries some as they established things of their own There are also tales of parodies of the poem from all facets of history depending on current events along w criticisms that fit the times around Written in 2014 the book also describes the various protests of the song through history as well as getting into protocol for it just how it began to be used in sporting events among other things The book is very easy to read is full of a lot of trivia which makes this a must read for anyone with a curiosity about this 4 stanza poem that became our national anthem in 1931 simply because it was the right time to do it wouldn't cost the US anything to do during Hoover administration