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Tarot Tells The Tale Explore Three Card Readings Through Familiar Stories Download ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ ❰Reading❯ ➶ Tarot Tells The Tale Explore Three Card Readings Through Familiar Stories Author James Ricklef – HorticulturetraderThe Tale PDFEPUB #190 Let author and Tarot teacher James Ricklef guide you through sample readings for famous characters from history myth and fiction Discover many Tarot Tells Epubways to interpret the cards read reversed cards expand on Tells The Tale Explore Three. I have been reading tarot cards for years I actually own a tarot card reading business see my profile for the link So I generally avoid books about the cards I fear they will only repeat common information about reading the cards; I also fear that they will primarily consist of definitions of the cards versus practical advice or rare knowledge But when I saw this book at the used book store I knew it was worth picking up I loved the idea of reading for fictional and historical characters and thought it would be a fun read Ill admit I expected to be entertained but not to learn muchThis was a great book Ricklef begins the book with a chapter on advice about reading the cards He warns that this chapter can be skipped if you are a practiced reader I am never one to skip around in books so I decided to forage ahead figuring a review of the basics couldn't hurt Well Ricklef's explanation was in depth and helpful than the course I took about learning to read the cards Rick offers a series of ways to interpret the card based on the visuals presented; on the elemental and numerology correspondence; on what type of card it is; and Ricklef illuminated the fact that our intuition can pick up on the themes represented over and over symbolically through the cards and assist us in a reading He also provides guidelines about the ethics of tarot card readings As I read for people and do so in a professional format I run into ethical dilemmas Do you have to answer every uestion asked How do you know if it's ok to answer a uestion or if it's better to rephrase it or back off completely Recklef explains this in full I thought the readings would be entertaining but would not provide much insight into reading the cards I was wrong As I read each chapter I looked at the spread and generated my own interpretation before reading Ricklef's It was helpful and interesting to outline my own thoughts vs Ricklef's and how he got to those conclusions Reading someone go through a reading step by step is also very helpful especially if you are new to reading cards I have not found a resource that offered so many readings from beginning to finish and offered a thorough explanation of the whole processThe idea of reading for folklore and fairy tale characters was intriguing but they came off as too simple to bring much complexity to the table I found it was the historical and literary figures who were the most entertaining Ricklef is clearly an educated man and this is shown through the characters he chooses to read forThe book concludes with thoughts on each card including a uote keywords and in depth thoughts for the major arcana cards This section really helped me revisit these cards and gave me of an in depth understanding of them especially of The Lovers The MoonI got a great vibe from the book and the author as well I will be holding on to this to use as a reference during my readings for the future I have a client who is learning how to read tarot cards himself and he asked for resourcesThis was the first and only one I provided; it's a great start for the beginning tarot card reader

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Epubcommon three card spreads construct a good uestion and even rephrase less than Tells The Tale PDF #8608 ideal uestions Explore several variations of the basic three card spread and learn how to break the Celtic Cross into mini spreads for Tells The Tale Explore Th. i love the premise for this book i find it fascinating that he can take fictional or historical characters and read the cards it gave me some new perspective to think about when interpretting the cards i tried this with a reading on president bush about a year agoit was pretty interesting

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Tarot Tells The Tale Explore Three Card Readings Through Familiar StoriesRee Epubclearer insightful advice Beginning Tarot students will find in depth solutions to common stumbling blocks while advanced readers will delight in the myriad possibilities of three card spreads and the sample readings for famous charactersCOVR Award st Runner U. This was a super interesting way to learn about how people put cards together to form readings Since that's something I've been stuck on for ages I really appreciated it