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The Broken World Marked Girl #2 characters à eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¹ [Reading] ➶ The Broken World Marked Girl #2 Author Lindsey Klingele – The adventures of three teen royals and foster girl Liv which began in The Marked Girl conclude in this exciting seuelIn the fantasS frenemy Merek are the only ones The Broken PDF who know what’s going on – and that tracking down the murderous Knights of Valere might be the way to fix everythingIt's a race against time as the crew must find a way to reunite and combine their uests to save both world. Lindsey Klingele’s THE MARKED GIRL follows the point of view of two characters Liv and Cedric Liv wants to be a filmmaker The closest she has come to a fantasy world is through CGI This all changes once she meets Cedric He’s the crown prince from a world called Caelum In escaping the evil within his homeland he jumps into a portal that takes him to Los Angeles In order to return home he needs to find the fabled scrolls Liv agrees to help him even though she doesn’t want him to leave The conclusion to the Marked Girl duology THE BROKEN WORLD picks up right where the previous book left off Its thrilling ending will keep readers hooked until the very endI enjoyed THE MARKED GIRL back when I read it in 2016 My favorite trope is when the fictional meets reality so naturally the premise of the book hooked me from the start I also loved getting to see BookTubers involved in the creation of the book trailer Despite all this I was not sure as to whether I would want to continue on with the duology I’m very grateful that Teenreads gave me the opportunity do so I enjoyed the second book much than I did the first The stakes have dramatically risen making for a fun fast paced read throughout There are so many twists and turns that helped me to be invested in the world the story and the charactersThe relationships romantic or otherwise in this book were incredibly well written and developed Every character pairing felt real and genuine I loved getting to see Liv and Cedric’s interaction in this second book because things are not exactly easy for either of them in this conclusion Despite those characters prominence in the plot the secondary characters are not neglected in any way Each character is given their own arc and page time I could clearly see a transformation take place in all the characters Some became confident independent or sure footed in their actionsThe ending of the duology was incredibly fitting I was very pleased where all of the characters concluded their narrative By the end I felt like I had really grown attached to Liv Cedric and all their friendsI could not be happier that I took the opportunity to finish off this series It’s such an entertaining and warm hearted read If you as a reader are looking for a duology with lovable characters and a fun fast paced plot THE MARKED GIRL and THE BROKEN WORLD are two perfect stories for youReviewed by Gabby B Teen Board Member

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The adventures of three teen royals and World Marked Kindle #212 foster girl Liv which began in The Marked Girl conclude in this exciting seuelIn the fantasy world of Caelum Liv Cedric and Kat must attempt to defeat an evil traitor and his army to save their families and the. 45 stars Oh man it has been a long while since I last loved a series this much this seuel was just amazing full of action adventure and a good dose of humor I liked the group and the ending it was really good and I enjoyed it soo much I really recommend this series if you want an adventure of a life time

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The Broken World Marked Girl #2Kingdom But the city they left behind is facing its own problems back in Los Angeles the sky is orange gravity isn’t working right and earthuakes shake the ground every few hours Opening the portals has had devastating effects and Liv’s best friend Shannon and Cedric’. Super cute kind of cheesy see chapter titles and overall very Disney channel ish in a good way