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The Fourth Pan Book of Horror StoriesN Fourth Pan Book of Horror PDFEPUB or ‘Slime’ Adobe James ‘The Ohio Love Sculpture’ Davis Grubb ‘The Horsehair Trunk’ Alex Hamilton ‘The Attic Express’ Elliott O’Donnell ‘The Haunted Telephone’ The Fourth EpubSir Frederick Treves ‘The Elephant Man’. Some great stories in here particularly Aickman's wonderful 'Ringing the Changes' but also some real dregs 'Slime' 'The Haunted Telephone' Funny how genre expectations have changed over the years there are some stories here that I doubt would find an online publisher today never mind be featured in a prestigious anthology Interestingly this volume ends with a non fiction piece on The Elephant Man which is well written compassionate and far interesting than many of the stories that precede it

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The Fourth Pan Book of Horror Stories Read & download Ù 102 ¼ [Epub] ➝ The Fourth Pan Book of Horror Stories Author Herbert van Thal – Contents William Sansom ‘Various Temptations’ MS Waddell ‘The Pale Boy’ Ray Bradbury ‘The Emissary’ Robert Bloch ‘Lucy Comes To Stay’ Contents Pan Book of Horror EpubWilliam Sansom ‘Various Temptations’ MS Pan Book PDFEPUB #10003 Waddell ‘The Pale Boy’ Ray Bradbury ‘The Emissary’ Robert Bloch ‘Lucy Comes To Stay’ Richard Davis ‘Guy Fawkes Night’ Vivian Meik ‘The Two Old Women’ Alexa. A bumper collection of stories in this the fourth of the popular '60s horror anthology series edited by Herbert Van Thal I'll list the stories in order of decreasing uality starting with the bestTHE EMISSARY by Ray Bradbury In which a bedridden boy uses his pet dog for contact with the outside world A bizarre and macabre piece of horror fare lyrically beautiful and utterly uniueSARDONICUS by Ray Russell In which a man is afflicted by a horrible condition Best known for being turned into a movie by William Castle MR SARDONICUS this has strong characters and compelling suspenseRINGING THE CHANGES by Robert Aickman A honeymooning couple learn their choice of a seaside village in Norfolk was ill chosen East Anglia hasn't been this spooky since the days of M R James and RINGING THE CHANGES is a classic horror story and the best I've read from this offbeat writerTHE ATTIC EXPRESS by Alex Hamilton A man becomes obsessed by the train set in his attic Essentially this is one huge action set piece and it's thoroughly gripping with tons of suspenseful situations thrown into the mixTHE ELEPHANT MAN by Sir Frederick Treves A true account of John Merrick the so called 'Elephant Man' A tale of human suffering and dignity that moved me to tears a couple of times; an exceptional story but one that has no place in a horror anthology Surely its inclusion is in bad tasteVARIOUS TEMPTATIONS by William Sansom A story of a lonely girl and a sexual murderer The today unknown Sansom crafted some great psychological stories and this is one of themTHE TWO OLD WOMEN by Vivian Meik A supposedly true story of voodooism in 20th century London The author claims that this is factual and it's certainly a lively piece and one that's fun to readTHE IMPORTANCE OF REMAINING ERNEST by M S Waddell Clinical horror in the style of Charles Birkin and a mix of visceral bloodshed and psychological terror Well writtenSLIME by Joseph Payne Brennan A short story version of THE BLOB This tale is action packed and full of great monstrous situations nothing not to love for the pulp fanTHE HAUNTED TELEPHONE by Elliott O'Donnell A ghostly telephone call is the subject of this traditional ghost story O'Donnell was by all accounts a true life ghost hunter and he brings wealth of experience to this atmospheric taleTHE PALE BOY by M S Waddell The story of a strange and shunned boy at an orphanage There seemed to be loads of these abnormal person stories written in the mid 20th century and this is a subtle variant on the themeLUCY COMES TO STAY by Robert Bloch A girl is trapped in a sanitorium This story's familiar from being anthologised in the Amicus film ASYLUM It's short and snappy but not one of the author's bestGUY FAWKES NIGHT by Richard Davis In which an old man recalls the story of his childhood friend and his friend's father who disappeared one November 5thThe problem with this lengthy effort is that the outcome is eminently guessable from the premise and it takes an inordinate amount of time to finally get to itMOONLIGHT SONATA by Alexander Woollcott A country mansion is the basis for murder most foul An extremely short narrative supposedly based on a true story that contains a couple of stirring momentsTHE LITTLE GIRL EATER by Septimus Dale A man is trapped beneath a pier by a steel girder which breaks his back A little girl is the only chance of his salvation as the tide comes inThis one reminded me of a very similar effort about a guy trapped in a wrecked car It's well written and has a very workable premiseDULCIE by Hugh Reid A serial stalks women through the streets of London during the Blitz This one's appealing ghastly and dated in its own special wayTHE OHIO LOVE SCULPTURE by Adobe James A collector of erotica adds an unusual sculpture to his collection I wasn't sure where this one was going but it makes up for it with a genuinely shocking twist at the climaxTHE HORSEHAIR TRUNK by Davis Grubb A cuckolded husband decides to use his gift of astral projection to take revenge on his wife and her lover Solidly written but without any particular style or wit to recommend it above othersHARRY by Rosemary Timperley A little girl meets an imaginary friend who lives at the bottom of her garden This story's not bad but I found it too depressing to enjoy making it the worst in the anthology for me

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Nder Woollcott ‘Moonlight Sonata’ Septimus Dale ‘The Little Girl Eater’ Rosemary Timperley ‘Harry’ Ray Russell ‘Sardonicus’ Robert Aickman ‘Ringing the Changes’ Hugh Reid ‘Dulcie’ MS Waddell ‘The Importance of Remaining Ernest’ Joseph Payne Brenna. I read this when I was two Yes two years old My mother left it lying around and I still remember The Pale Boy although not any details just that he scared me a LOT and put me off getting friendly with new children until I'd got to know them after a while