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From Life of Epub #219 until Mao Zedong's death years later Dr Li Zhisui was the Chinese ruler's personal physician For most of these years. Wow This man is insane Forget the failed economic policies Forget 30 million people killed some say 60 million and I've even heard 90 million as a result of his tyranny Forget the underground city he built This man's private life is insane His insanity seemed uite contagious as the book starts out with the author in charge of preserving the man's corpse with pressure from other high officials This was immediately hilarious as you read about Mao's face falling off and his body becoming bloated Preserving a leader's corpse for further senseless worship is just the beginning to the book's hilarity Don't expect any 20th century Chinese history as the author in this book was not in a position to learn about what was going on throughout the country except through Mao who was a horrible source for that sort of information For example the author was surprised when Mao told him Good news we liberated our brothers in Tibet This may fall under the category of sick humor if you have read anything about the brutal Chinese takeover of Tibet It's harder to find a book insightful to the potential madness power can create Also this book satisfies curiousity of those who know of Mao's policy and want to know what the hell were officials thinking or how someone could be so heartless as well as stupid to implement these plans The author exposes the inner politics of Beijing and the political logic of Mao Last this book shows how people became so obsessed with this figure I don't think there is another book that digs as deep and exposes so much of a historical figure Maybe Mao's rule is less a product of political ideology but of Chinese culture Mao according to The Private Life modeled himself after Chinese emperors especially the nut in Shi Huang who ordered the construction of the beginning of the great wall and the terracotta warriors

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The Private Life of Chairman MaoMao was in excellent health thus he and the doctor had time to discuss political and personal matters Dr Li recorded many of these conversat. This is one of the best China books I've read and I've read about 50 of them It's long and very involved but written in a clear and fluid style It is uite simply fascinating; brimful with interesting episodes and tidbits impossible to find anywhere else Details about Mao's illnesses drug addictions sex life and death are particularly salient while figures and topics you can find in nearly any China book Jiang ing Lin Biao the Cultural Revolution the Great Leap Forward etc are presented in a whole new light Penned by an erudite and Western educated man who saw and spoke with the chairman nearly every day he was in power the Private Life of Chairman Mao is engaging than most standard Mao biographies which is of course because it is a first hand behind the scenes account It may take you a while to get through it and you may wish to supplement it with one of those standard biographies but if you've got a bit of mental stamina or consider yourself a serious China watcher this narrative is a must

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The Private Life of Chairman Mao Free download à 2 ↠ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☂ The Private Life of Chairman Mao Author Li Zhisui – From 1954 until Mao Zedong's death 22 years later Dr Li Zhisui was the Chinese ruler's personal physician For most of these years Mao was in excellent health; tIons in his diaries as well as in his memory In this book Dr Li vividly reconstructs his extraordinary time The Private PDF with Chairman Ma. Damn It Feels Good To Be A DictatorI liked House of Cards but I love this book Breathtaking power struggles filled to the brimIt would not be a cake walk for a non Chinese to fully appreciate this book but it should definitely be no harder to read than the Lord of the Rings Only the traitors traitorous and monsters monstrous And upon finishing this book the reader would finally truly fully understand why the Ring or Power in this book is so PRECIOUSIt's easy to take the moral high ground and pass judgement on Mao here but I think I could easily have done worse had I had held the Ring myself