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SUMMARY The House on the Edge of the Cliff 107 Ü ➵ [Read] ➯ The House on the Edge of the Cliff By Carol Drinkwater ✤ – Available to pre order now Carol Drinkwater's epic story of enduring love and betrayal from Paris in the 1960s to the present day No one else knows what happened that summer OInah Jefferies author of The House on the Edge of ePUB #231 Missing Sister'A beautifully House on the Edge of ePUB #231 woven and compelling tale of passion love and intrigue' Rowan Coleman author of The Summer of Impossible Things'Carol Drinkwater's writing is like taking an amazing holiday in book form' Jenny Colgan author of The Bookshop on the Shore'Given extra resonance by the beautifully drawn French landscape Emotional and tenderly written' Elizabeth Buchan author of The New Mrs Clifton. Could not connect with the characters It was bland with not a lot of life to it

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Available to pre order on the PDF #204 now Carol Drinkwater's epic story of enduring love and betrayal from Paris in the s to the present day No one else knows what happened that summer Or so she believes Grace first came to France a lifetime ago Young and full of dreams of adventure she met two very different menShe The House PDFEPUBfell under the spell of one The other fell under hersUntil one summer night shattered everything Now Grace is living an idyllic life with her husband sheltered fr. The House on the Edge of the Cliff is the latest novel by Carol Drinkwater Just published with Michael Joseph it is described as ‘an epic story of enduring love and betrayal from Paris in the 1960s to the present day’ The House on the Edge of a Cliff is a very seductive book drawing the reader right in from the opening pages Set off the coast of the Mediterranean overlooking glittering and scented landscapes The House on the Edge of the Cliff is a coming of age story a love story a novel laced with passion and dripping with guilt a wonderful tale It is a dual timeline novel that takes us on a journey from the student protests of the late 1960s in Paris to the present day in the South of FranceGrace young with a pocket full of dreams arrives into Gare du Nord train station in Paris With no plan sixteen year old Grace wants to escape her life at home leaving the heated domestic disputes between her parents far behind her It’s 1968 Paris is alive and exciting and Grace is ready to have a grand adventure On her very first day she meets a dashing young man Peter Soames He senses in Grace that she is lost and alone so he sorts out accommodation for her with his family His father works for the British Embassy and his mother is a socialite with her own issues and demons Their apartment can easily accommodate Grace and she is in awe when she sets foot inside the doors Peter’s family have a house maid Peter’s family have money living the kind of life that Grace could only ever have dreamed of Caught up in the excitement of her newfound freedom Grace jumps head first into this wonderful summer in Paris relishing ever single moment as Peter introduces her to a whole new world Peter is a romantic an idealist he is a student of the Sorbonne with ambitions for his future and for others in society 1968 was the year when Paris and eventually France came to a standstill as student protests escalated into a mass dispute between de Gaulle’s government and the French working folk with over 10 million workers eventually going on strike Grace and Peter become embroiled in the protests with Carol Drinkwater bringing their enthusiasm which uickly turned to panic and fear alive for the reader The portrayal of this period takes you right into the streets of Paris with the smells and the noises emanating from the narrative adding to the sense of terror and confusion that was rampant on the streets of the capital at that timeIn an attempt to escape the madness Grace and Peter make the trip across France to the coast of Provence to the home of Peter’s artistic aunt Agnes Agnes’s home is set literally on the edge of a cliff with spectacular views overlooking the bay not far from Marseille Grace is yet again in awe of where she is Her relationship with Peter has moved on and life for Grace is just perfect Agnes is a free spirit sensing the youthfulness in Grace but she welcomes her into her home and Grace settles in amidst the enchanting scent of lavender and broom ecstatic with her surroundingsThe book opens in the present day many years later in the same house on the edge of the cliff Grace and Peter are there spending family time with children and grandchildren when something happens something that impacts Grace to the core A memory resurfaces and Grace is dragged back to that summer in 1968 that summer when her life altered beyond her wildest dreams Now with a family to protect Grace is frightened Can she prevent the past crashing into this perfect world they have created Will the mistakes of her youth finally catch up with herCarol Drinkwater paints a picture with her language and narrative invoking all your senses The House on the Edge of the Cliff is packed with stunning scenery that will make you long for warmer climes but it is also laden with menace There is a sense of the unknown throughout as you attempt to make sense of the chronology of events as they unfold Using real life events such as the Paris revolt of ’68 and also mentioning Brexit Carol Drinkwater writes bringing a sense of authenticity to her story I was swept up in the anger of the protests I was enad with the clifftop views the scents and the sun glinting on the sparkling French coastline I could smell the sweet heady flowers but I could also smell the fear the intoxication and the sense of remorse that radiated off Grace as she looks back at a past that has finally returned to haunt her What should have been a wondrous coming of age experience for Grace as an innocent and naive sixteen year old in the 1960s became instead an ever present memory a companion that sat beside her always in the shadowsuntil nowThe House on the Edge of the Cliff is an incredibly atmospheric novel one that completely immerses it’s reader between the pages as Grace’s story slowly unveils itself It is a romance It is a mystery It is a beguiling and appealing book filled with passion and suspense with betrayal and obsession It’s an homage to the country that Carol Drinkwater is lucky enough to call homeMy Rating 45

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The House on the Edge of the CliffOm the world in a magnificent Provenal villa perched atop a windswept cliffEvery day she looks out over the sea the only witness to that fateful night years agoUntil a House on the PDFEPUB #228 stranger arrives at the house A stranger who knows everything and won't leave until he gets what he wantsThe past and present spectacularly collide in this gripping story of love and betrayal echoing across the decades 'I was hooked from a start threaded with mystery and menace and it kept me gripped' D. This review can be found at sarahsvignetteswordpresscomWhen I heard that Carol Drinkwater had a new novel coming out I couldn't wait to go out and buy a copy Having loved both The Forgotten Summer and The Lost Girl I had high hopes for The House on the Edge of the Cliff I am pleased to say that it did not disappointRich description of Provence family drama intrigue mystery passion loss coupled with what happens when the past and present collide and some twists and turns thrown in all make The House on the Edge of the Cliff a compelling and gripping read from start to finish The intrigue mystery and passion in this book starts with its elegant front cover which invites the reader to ask several uestions who is the woman on the rocks Why is she there What is she thinking What's the significance of the house on the cliff behind her Well I can tell you that the woman on the rocks is Grace the protagonist of The House on the Edge of the Cliff For the answers to the other uestions you will have to read the book as I would certainly give away too much of the story hereWe first meet Grace in the present day at her idyllic villa close to Marseille Her step daughters and grandchildren are packing up to go home after their holiday Grace's grandson wanders off and she goes to find him When Grace does catch up with him it's not uite what she expects The start of the book really packs a punch and sets up the rhythm and tension for the whole book We then follow Grace's life loves and losses over 50 years I really enjoyed the historical elements to this story Like in The Lost Girl where Carol Drinkwater set the book around a pivotal moment in France's history the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks The House on the Edge of the Cliff is set around the Paris riots of May 1968 From the detail that goes into these scenes it is clear that Carol Drinkwater has researched this period to an inch of its life I learnt a great deal about France's history when I studied in Paris for 3 years so I really appreciate these parts of her books as well as the present day France It feels like coming home Another thing I enjoy about Carol Drinkwater’s storytelling is her ability to write as though she is looking down the lens of a camera capturing every aspect of the scene in front of her Each sound of a cicada perfume of a flower crack on the wall of the house is described so vividly I was transported to that moment