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Summary The Slave Masters Son 108 ✓ [EPUB] ✻ The Slave Masters Son ✾ Tiana Laveen – The 1800s for Black Americans was a time of forced servitude anguish heartbreak and strength of faith John a wealthy Richmond Virginia slave owner's son and Hannah the Negro daughter of a protective a The s for Black Americans wNd tumultuous love affair began that grew so strong John would risk everything before relinuishing it With his reputation in jeopardy Hannah in his heart and a father and country firmly against him John must The Slave eBook #224 overcome obstacle after obstacle some involving in. I enjoyed this book I love this author the things that happened in this book were tragic and full of love I always have a hard time when I read a book about slavery but I really like the fact that this book is about love Hannah and John were in love even when they are not supposed to be and that love endured in this book I wish to read about John's sister's and brother one book please Tiana Laveen

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The s for Black Americans was a time of forced servitude anguish heartbreak and strength of faith John a wealthy Richmond Virginia slave owner's son and Hannah the Negro daughter of a protective and loving mother grew up as playmates sharing their lives and dreams Soon a sweet a. Forbidden love and redemptionAnother great story by Ms Laveen She always takes us into the heart of her characters by the end of the story you feel as though you know these characters inside and out As usual I was sorry to get to the end of the story As the reader I'm so invested in the story and feelings of each character of course I don't wanted to end We learned that when you truly love someone you're willing to endure uite a bit in order to be with that person Even if it means that love according to the laws of the land is illegal you're willing to break the law to be with that person The story also had an element of redemption A selfish father found redemption at the end of his life And those that he wrong in the past found forgiveness Like I mentioned before I'm sorry The story came to an end but it was a good end I totally recommend this book to you

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The Slave Masters SonCredible violence and cruelty Along the way he discovers shocking family secrets buried for years This historic romance raises the uestion Can the love between a beautiful young slave woman and a wealthy Confederate slave master's son endure the prevailing ideology of their time. I am rating this book on the good side of 3 stars technically its a 35 This is one of Tiana's earlier works I remember seeing this book a few years ago and she spoke about her research on writing the bookHonestly I am not sure how to really feel about this book For many slaves slavery was very harsh but then I learned that some slave owners had made sure that their slaves were clothed and fed and treated them with the some dignity After all these humans had to work hard for them and they couldn't just die It was expensive Every white person in this book seem to have some sort of decent treatment towards black people I guess every slave romance novel is filled with the horrors of the past but this book was an interesting tale to say the least John and Hannah grow up as best friend oblivious to their stations in a life The relationship turns serious as the two get older igniting a love affair that was forbiddenHonestly the story got better once John and Hannah moved By the time this happened the book was halfway over I think I would have liked the majority of this book to be about John Hannah and the family while living in New York So you know I was upset the way the book ended Since the story was published a while back I guess I can get rid of the hope that the family's story has continued This is why I gave it only 35 starsOf course I will continue to read Tiana's work