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Free download â The Summer They Never Forgot ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ó [Ebook] ➫ The Summer They Never Forgot ➪ Kandy Shepherd – Ben Morgan has had his share of heartache yet buries his scars beneath his charming façade But when Sandy Adams drives Ben Morgan has had his They Never Epub #226 share of heartache yet buries his scars beneath his charming façade. THE SUMMER THEY NEVER FORGOT by author Kandy Shepherd is a Harleuin Romance release for February 2014Sandy Adams wanted to get away as far away from Sydney as she could to start a new life It was her thirtieth birthday and the day her ex was getting married On her way to start a new life she turned to a small town for lunch It was the same town where she had spent the summer with her family when she was eighteen And had a summer romance with the town’s favourite son Ben Morgan She had thought Ben had betrayed her by not contacting as they had promised Then she met Ben again But was he the same person he was twelve years back Ben had lost so much and had been hurt in life He had a suitcase full of emotional baggage now could he be the same carefree person for Sandy again Could they look beyond the short time they had together for something longtime Could Ben move on from his past grief and forge a new start with Sandy Or would Sandy settle to being second in Ben’s life after his griefTHE SUMMER THEY NEVER FORGOT is the heartwarming story of two teens falling in love having to separate by circumstances and getting back together again Author Kandy Shepherd brought to life a gorgeous but tortured hero who couldn’t give his all because of past hurts and a strong feisty heroine who would settle for nothing less than all The chemistry and sensuality between Ben and Sandy sizzles The emotions depicted in the story would touch readers heartHighly recommended for all lovers of romance45 out of 5 stars

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Have changed in the last twelve years yet they’re right back where they started facing a second chancetogether. If you’re looking for the perfect summer read you’ll love “The Summer They Never Forgot” by Kandy Shepherd I won this book during a giveaway and I’m really glad about it because it’ll be “the book I’ll never forget”Sandy and Ben make for a wonderful couple I liked the idea of them having fallen in love during their teenage years when she and her family came to Dolphin Bay for a holiday but then losing touch Years later they’re not only grown up but loaded with baggage from the past While Sandy deals with the end of an unhappy relationship that was filled with compromises and false promises Ben has to overcome losing his wife and baby to a raging fire Despite the trauma and drama they can’t help falling in love with each other all over again The author makes it credible and takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster ride Whereas I find that the protagonists in some of such second chance novels give in too uickly or simply fall in lust these two share real chemistry wage inner wars and give real love a chanceApart from the leading couple and the sizzle and action between them—I loved every part of this—there’s another star to the story for me Dolphin Bay Shepherd has created her own fictional setting a coastal town in Australia where dolphins are part of every building decoration and wake of life The little holiday town came alive while reading so much so that I wish I could plan my next trip to this place Oh and let’s not forget formidable Aunt Ida and her uaint bookshop that I feel like visiting or even running myselfThis book has everything I cherish about reads with a holiday feel a believable love story second chances sweet and steamy scenes galore and things happening so fast you need to take a breath and a sip of a cold fruit juice or a lick of ice cream to keep your coolI enjoyed this romance novel immensely and can’t wait to read “The Tycoon and the Wedding Planner” by Kandy Shepherd

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The Summer They Never ForgotBut when Sandy Adams drives into town memories of their last summer together come flooding back Everything may. This book gave me the warm and fuzzies from beginning to end It's a bit of a cliche to call a romance sweet or heartwarming but that's really what The Summer They Never Forgot isI was having a pretty horrific day when I picked it up and was hoping I'd end up getting a dose of the levity the cover promised and that's exactly what happened All the jobs I had around the house completely got forgotten and I ended up reading it in one sittingFrom the very beginning I found myself liking Sandy and I fell in love with Ben the minute he walked onto the page Yum They were familiar convincing and the conflict pulled me in leaving me really caring about whether or not they ended up togetherThis is the kind of book you read when you want to give yourself a bit of a treat after a tough day or on a lazy afternoon It's definitely going on my re read pile