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Download à Transcription Æ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Transcription Author Kate Atkinson – A story of WWII espionage betrayal and loyalty by the #1 bestselling author of Life After Life In 1940 eighteen year old Juliet Armstrong is relT finds herself once under threat A bill of reckoning is due and she finally begins to realize that there is no action without conseuence Transcription is a work of rare depth and texture a bravura modern novel of extraordinary power wit and empathy It is a triumphant work of fiction from one of the best writers of our time. Juliet Armstrong is only eighteen years old when she is recruited by the M15 in 1940 She is tasked with transcribing the conversations of British fascists sympathizers during WWII Before long she is given duties such as working as a spy herself and watching a dog which is being held for a sort of ransom Ten years later she finds herself working for the BBC as a radio producer She appears to have moved on with her life until those from her past come back reminding her that one can never get away and there are spies who spy on the spies and that past crimes can and will haunt you The plot shifts around mainly between the 1040's and 1950's with brief time spent in the 1980'sThe plot shifts around mainly between the 1040's and 1950's with brief time spent in the 1980's Juliet begins the book as a young woman mourning the loss of her Mother while attending school to learn a trade She is recruited right out of the school and passes the initial test and is thrown into the world of espionage You've come a long way baby comes to mind This is a slower moving book and one needs to really pay attention to detail I did struggle at times with the slowness Initially I really enjoyed the book and then things felt tedious then things picked up once again Juliet is also an interesting character I failed to connect with her and yet I enjoyed reading her thoughts She had a dry sense of humor and had some witty and insightful thoughts The other characters in this book had their own sense of humor as well I do not read a lot of espionagespy novels and it was nice to see the humor thrown in As Juliet's job is transcription the reader gets to see the transcriptions that Juliet has made I enjoyed this touch even though some of the conversations were mundane I thought this was a nice way to show that a spy's life is not always exciting and how many spy organizations gather their data Plus this is another way of giving the reader a glimpse into Juliet's life her interactions with others in the M15Apart from some pacing issues I was hoping for a little action in this book But again as I mentioned before this book was dealing with transcribing data so there can't be too much action in that and even the fight scene was all very proper Atkinson's writing is wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed her Author's Note at the end Don't skip thatI enjoyed this book and appreciated that Atkinson used a female protagonist ahem spy in this book I just wished I connected with Juliet She started off as naive and got some maturity and oomph as the book progressed but I never felt connected to her character There are uite few characters in this book but I found it easy to keep track of themFans of Atkinson WWII buffs and fans of spyespionage novels will surely enjoy this bookThank you to Little Brown and Company and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my ownRead of my reviews at wwwopenbookpostcom

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By turns both tedious and terrifying But after the war has ended she presumes the events of those years have been relegated to the past forever Ten years later now a radio producer at the BBC Juliet is unexpectedly confronted by figures from her past A different war is being fought now on a different battleground but Julie. Not all of Kate Atkinson’s novels have been what she calls historical fiction but the last several have been This novel may hew closest to the truth though like she says in the Author’s Note at the end she wrenched open history and stuffed it with imaginative reconstruction at least one fantasy for each fact The author tells us afterward what her intentions were we have uestions—that’s inevitable—and instead of farming out possible answers to various reviewers she’s just blunt with us what we’d been wondering about There is something comparable in theatre when the actors takes off their masks for the final bow and we all celebrate togetherAtkinson returns to the Second World War periodic releases from the National Archives of secrets from that time fueling her creative process When she discovers true fact an ordinary seeming bank clerk was a major cog in rounding up British supporters of Nazis her story had a frame When she discovered true fact hundreds and hundreds of pages of transcripts of conversations of dissident groups in London her story had a heartWhat Kate Atkinson does is not necessarily uniue using historical documents to create fiction but what she does with it is uniue Her style tone and characters are recognizably hers She is funny one knows there are people out there whose droll delivery of witty responses to ordinary uestions is uintessentially British but we don’t come across it enough Atkinson can do repartee By now Atkinson may be incapable now of writing a straightforward fiction with a chronological timeline This novel has only three time periods to work with and really only one central character which simplifies the action enough that I only had to reread an earlier section once This was partly due to my surprise maybe a little resentment and finally pleasure at being taken out of the action at what seemed like a critical momentagain She’d done that to me in the previous section as well I was burrowed in like a tick and am yanked to a later earlier whatever time Atkinson manages to satisfy and confound a reader at the same time Atkinson’s characters always have the ‘ghost of Jackson Brodie’ about them This is a very good thing considering how much we liked Brodie and wouldn’t mind having him resurrected We could make the case that the main character in this novel Juliet Armstrong is a female Jackson Brodie—honest and therefore vulnerable she doesn’t have so high an opinion of herself that she is insufferable In the end she is well able to take care of herself She’s smart and a very good liar but keeps herself a little distant After all who can one trustAt eighteen Juliet is parentless her mother's death had revealed that there was no metaphor too ostentatious for grief Young and alone Juliet was not however callow She lied like crazy through a job interview with a flippant and overly inuisitive young man who interviewed her for a job which she was surprised she got Later she learned he'd known every lie and appreciated the ease with which she misled him This book is about spies spies working in the service of the British government or so we believe What is special is that we see what is British about them—what is ordinary patriotic courageous honorable But we also see a nation at war and we see duplicity hunger ambition pettiness Then we lay over that the work of the other nations at war France Germany Russia the United States and a few exceptional people emerge alive not unscathed but breathing at the end The tension comes when we are not sure who will remain standingAtkinson writes about the middle of the twentieth century but she could be talking about the twenty first Juliet could still remember when Hitler had seemed like a harmless clown No one was amused now “The clowns are the dangerous ones Perry said”andDo not euate nationalism with patriotismNationalism is the first step on the road to FascismOne always senses the intelligence in Atkinson’s work She not only writes a good story which means getting the humanity right she makes us think while we read She’s unpredictable And frankly I like her politics It’s always a pleasure to enjoy another of her books

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TranscriptionA story of WWII espionage betrayal and loyalty by the bestselling author of Life After Life In eighteen year old Juliet Armstrong is reluctantly recruited into the world of espionage Sent to an obscure department of MI tasked with monitoring the comings and goings of British Fascist sympathizers she discovers the work to be. 2 oh my disappointing starsI do like Atkinson's novels so when this one popped up I was anxious to begin turning pages Unfortunately the anticipation for this novel went south as I become bogged down in a uneven plot and the flipping of time elements This is a book I should have loved It had everything World War 2 a strong intelligent woman espionage London all the things that make for a poignant novel So what went wrongFor me I just could not connect with any of the characters They were choppy figures that seemed to drift about as I wondered exactly why they did what they did There really didn't seem to be much of a plot and though I am sure Ms Atkinson did her due diligence on the topic it just fell ever so flat It was hard for me to maintain attention and though I did skim a bit and found myself adverse to continuing at times wishing and hoping it would get betterSo for me this novel just didn't come together I am hoping Ms Atkinson does continue to write for she does it so wellThank you to my local library for a copy of this book