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Way of the Wolf Become a Master Closer with Straight Line SellingJordan Belfort immortalized by Leonardo DiCaprio the Wolf PDF #10003 in the hit movie The Wolf of Wall Street reveals the Way of eBook #180 step by step sales and persuasion system proven to turn anyone into a sales closing money earning rock of the Wolf PDFEPUB #196 star For the first time ever Jordan Belfort opens his playbook and gives readers access to his exclusive of the Wolf Become a. Interesting ideas Straightforward writing This book is loaded with great tips and tricks about the human psyche and how to sell effectively Learning sales skills is important in any type of business today so why not learn from the bestWritten in easy conversational language any one can pick up this book and start to improve themselves A great addition to your marketing lessons and self improvement skills This is one you will recommend to others as well as read over and over yourself

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characters Way of the Wolf Become a Master Closer with Straight Line Selling ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¹ ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Way of the Wolf Become a Master Closer with Straight Line Selling By Jordan Belfort ✐ – Jordan Belfort iMaster the art of persuasion and build wealth Every techniue every strategy and every tip has been tested and proven to work in real life situations Written in his own inimitable voice The Way of the Wolf cracks the code on how to persuade anyone to do anything and coaches readers regardless of age education or skill level to be a master sales person negotiator closer entrepreneur or speake. After reading the Way of the Wolf by Jordan Belfort the book honestly pointed out things that I have never thought about before This book is nonfiction and teached you how to become a better salesperson through different tactics This book was able to grab my attention right from the start He started off with a warning of how this book will provide anyone reading with the ability to persuade most people He tells you not to take advantage of people because you will be able to After the warning he went into how he invented the straight line selling system This part was interesting based off of how he came up with the idea pretty much in the moment of talking to his struggling employees For the rest of the book he take you through every step it takes to become a killer salesperson He talks about body language conscious and unconscious mind how to make people think for you not against you This honestly helped me with my job in door knocking since I have to persuade people everyday If I am unable to then I will make no money simple as that This book is worth picking up and reading it front to back Everyday we are trying to convince and persuade people and I promise this book will only help I agreed with everything that Jordan Belfort was saying he was only telling the truth about people and their motivesintentions What stood out to me the most with this book is actually how much it has helped me improve in sales At first I thought I would read the book and get nothing out of it But the book proved me wrong and helped in ways I would have never thought of

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PDFEPUB or step by step system the same system he used to create massive wealth for himself his clients and his sales teams Until now this revolutionary program was only available through Jordan s online training Now in The Way of the Wolf Belfort is ready to unleash the power of persuasion to a whole new generation of readers revealing how anyone can bounce back from devastating setbacks. Written by the Wolf of Wall Street himself this book gives you an overview of the Sales Training System called the Straight Line Method which simplifies every sales conversation into a simple to follow framework There are some elements of the book that I just thought were overly specific to his personality eg he linked moving into a “flow state” what he calls a state of complete certainty by using a specific smell in a tube that he carried with him While definitely worth experimenting with I think very specific tactics like this will vary person to person With that said the framework of sales as I’ll describe below made perfect sense to me the first time I read it and I’m excited to begin testing it to see how it might workTHE FRAMEWORKA sale only happens when you’ve accomplished 5 things with your buyer1 Certainty with your product or service2 Certainty and trust with the sales person3 Certainty and trust with the company selling the service4 A low pain threshold relative to the ability that your product has to remove the pain5 An action threshold that is surpassed based on the level of certainty of 123If you don’t have a sufficient level certainty across all 3 that surpasses a prospects action threshold a sale will never happenIf someone has a low action threshold they only need to be an 810 on #1 #2 or #3 to buy Someone who is very hard to sell to is one that has a very high action threshold and would need to be at a 95 10 for a sale to happenTo ensure the sale closes the pain the buyer is feeling must be above their current threshold to deal with that pain If they aren’t suffering from sufficient pain there isn’t a real benefit for them to change their state and buy your product to solve itYou can lower their action threshold by 1 increasing the pain of what they are suffering from in some way or 2 showing how the decision is reversible or won’t have a life changing impact if wrong and therefore reducing the cost of making a bad decision in the buyers mindOn 123 you must ensure you get the prospect to a level of certainty on both a logical and emotional level HANDLING OBJECTIONSWhen an objection presents itself Belfort highlights that regardless of what the buyer is saying it can be boiled down to them not having a sufficient level of certainty on #1 #2 or #3Either they don’t trust that your product will solve their need they don’t trust you or they don’t trust your companyAnytime there’s an objection instead of addressing it head on you instead need to deflect it using a turn of phrase like “I understand what you’re saying But let me ask you a uestion does the idea make sense Do you like the idea” then go back into another few sentences of your presentation he calls these segments of a presentation loops with the objective of increasing the buyers level of certaintyYou must ensure you have certainty on #1 #2 then #3 in order So you will continue loops until you feel like the prospect is at a 8 on product certainty logically first then emotionally second before moving on to sales loops on #2 then #3 ON SCRIPTSAs someone who’s very against scripting this concept really stood out to me Whenever you watch a movie that motivates you inspires you — elicits an emotional reaction of some sort — those moments were created for you as the viewer with carefully crafted and rehearsed scripts As a sales person if you want to generate the same results in your buyers you need to perfect a script that you repeat every timeIf a script makes you feel “wooden or stiff” it just means you wrote a shitty script It should be written as if you’re speaking not using perfect english The script should also focus on the tonality that you use The same words said with different tonality will come off different to the person you’re speaking withScripts enable you to not worry about what to say and instead focus on how to say it and to actively listen to your buyerBUILDING A SCRIPT THE INTROOne of the most important elements of the script you write is the first 4 seconds You need to convey to the buyer that you are1 Sharp as a tack you must show you can make fast decisions and have a pace of delivery that signifies this intelligence 2 Enthusiastic as hell you must believe internal that you have something great to offer and talk accordingly3 An expert in your field this comes from translating features into benefits and simplifying industry terms that make the complex look simpleThe onus is on you to uickly close the gap between acting “as if” you are the expert and actually taking the time to rapidly learn and “become” an expertOverall you must come across as a person worth listening to1 Get to your points uickly2 Don’t waste their time3 Have a solution4 Be an asset to them long termAfter this 4 second intro you then progress into intelligence gathering but before you do this you must ask permission to the prospect to o so You simply do this by saying something like “Let me ask a couple of uick uestions so I don’t waste your time”Using the word “so” is an important thing called a justifier to ensure the buyer knows why you’re asking them these uestions BUILDING A SCRIPT Gathering Intelligence Your uestions should be used to validate if you can actually help the buyer and that the buyer can afford the solution you are selling to themThe uestions you ask should be asked in a logical order in such a way that also moves from low invasive to high invasive uestions and each uestion should use the appropriate tonality so you ensure you build rapport with your buyer not destroy it Assuming the prospect is actually a buyer then you use a powerful transition such as “Well based on everything you’ve told me this is definitely something that will hep you and let me tell you why”BUILDING A SCRIPT RAPPORT PREPARATIONBuilding rapport has nothing to do with small talk as that doesn’t establish you as an expert You don’t want to uash small talk Instead you let the buyer have their moment and bring them back to the “straight line” by saying something like “That’s really cool I never knew about that Thank you for sharing that Now as far as your goal of” If you feel like you are ever moving out of rapport with a buyer you need to stop your loop and move back into active listening using a tone of “I care and want to learn ” and “I feel your pain” you always have to be building rapport throughout the prospectScripts ensure that rapport and charisma is baked into the words you’re saying “He cares about me he understands me he feels my pain” are things people feel when they meet someone with a lot of “charisma” you can engineer this through a script Your script also ensures that you are prepared for anything that may come up in a sale You’ve thought through and prepared a sales loop for any objection remember that’s a smokescreen for not having a certain level of certainty on 1 2 3Overall you have 4 elements to your script Script to introduction Script with the main body of your presentation that ends with you asking for the order the first time Scripts with the rebuttals to main objections you expect to hear the generic response can be “I hear what you’re saying but let me ask you a uestion Does the idea makes sense to you Do you like the idea” Scripts to loop you from an objection rebuttal script that will allow you to loop back into the sale process to increase certaintyAfter every loop you say something like “You follow me so far” or “Makes sense” only until they say yes do you move on to the next loopsFor example 4 Second Intro upbeat and enthusiastic Link the call to how you met your prospect Justify why you’re having the call Ask permission to enter the intelligence gathering phase ualify the prospect via intelligence gathering Assuming this is true powerful transition into your body of your sales script saying “Based on what you told me I think This is a perfect fit for you” Name of your Product Paragraph or two on ONE single benefit that fills a clients need Use Metaphors or examples here or try to link it to credible high profile customers that use your product or endorse it to increase certainty “You follow me so far” Paragraph or two on ANOTHER single benefit you follow me so far Paragraph or two on ANOTHER single benefit you follow me so far Transition to close create urgency if you can at minimum with your tonality by using a “hushed” tone As directly for the order If they object as most will Transition into a rebuttal script new loop by saying “I hear what you’re saying but let me ask you a uestion Does the idea makes sense to you Do you like the idea” Depending on their response if they give you a very unenthusiastic response eg 1 or 2 on certainty you probably didn’t ualify properly and should end the call If they are in the middle then you loop back into a sales script that left off after the last benefit you highlighted Reply in a tonality that matches theres and is slightly certain You will break rapport if you jump too many levels As you go through your new loop increase your certainty ever so slightly until half way through where you are speaking at peak confidence Repeat this seuence 3 or 4 times at most until They have total confidence in the product Then start looping on the trust level with you as the sales person These loops go into your background experience credentials If that’s established then start looping on the trust of the company These loops go into company awards great customer service etc At any time if you get a sense they are now getting uncomfortable being rude laughing nervously after 3 or 4 loops the give them space and ask permission to reengage at a later date If you progress through all 3 levels ask for the order If that fails amplify pain or lower their action threshold You can do this by asking for a smaller order via a step down like “I’m obviously not getting rich here but this will serve as a benchmark for future business” Other ways include money back guarantees cooling off period paint a picture by saying “I’ll hold your hand the entire way” to reduce negative fears or use a 4th very powerful language pattern such as a phrase like “Let me ask you an honest uestion what’s the worst that can happen here Let’s say this fails you loose XXXX is that going to bankrupt you No definitely not And if it works well it won’t make you incredibly profitable either will it No definitely not This won’t kill you and won’t make you wildly successful but it will serve as a benchmark for future business Follow this with a step down sale of a smaller amount If this doesn’t work you then must start recalling in a sympathetic tone the pain points they highlighted to you at the start of your intelligence gathering Eg I know you said before that you’re worried about XYZ given how things are going where do you see the business a year from now If it still doesn’t work say something like “Please don’t misconstrue my enthusiasm for pressure I just know this will help you Let me do this I’ll send you some info and let you sit with it Let’s chat again next week” Let them cool off and repeat this againBUILDING A SCRIPT OBJECTIONSYou must structure your script so that not all your benefits come out at the start as you need to save those benefits for subseuent loops that you use to increase the certainty within your buyer You should have loops that reinforce certainty in 1 2 and 3Be mindful of “energy in benefits out” as you get to the close Whenever a prospect gives you buying signals such as “so how much will this cost me” you shouldn’t just reply with “3000” but instead “great uestion the cash outlay is 3000 and for that you get Benefit 1 Benefit 2 Benefit 3 the next steps to get you setup are super simple so believe me if you do half as well as my other clients then the only problem you’ll have is that I didn’t call you six months earlier and you started then Sound fair enough”Notes On calls it’s important to monitor how many calls it takes for a prospect to buy When a prospect exceeds a certain number of days between calls or a certain number of calls above and beyond your maximum you should consider it a dead prospect and recycle it for someone else to reengage in 3 months Once a deal is closed you still need to work on maintaining or improving certainty within your prospect through case studies dinners emails etc Good uestions to ask What do you lie or dislike about your current supplier What is your biggest headache with your business What would be your ideal program if you could design it Of all the factors that we just spoke about what is the most important to you Have I asked about everything that’s important to you