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Weeping Waters Summary ï 0 Å [EPUB] ✰ Weeping Waters Author Anne Maria Nicholson – Horticulturetrader.co.uk On Christmas Eve 1953 shortly after 10pm a lahar torrent of water gushed out of the crater of Mount Ruapehu and swept down the valley fatally weakening a railway bridge minutes before a packed overnig On Christmas Eve shortly after pNevitable the train track should never have been built across the volcano's path tangiwai means weeping waters and was known as the place of torrential flows and death In Weeping Waters the memories of tangiwai drive those who live there fifty years on to look for ways to tame Ruapehu where another deadly lahar is building Set between and the present day the novel is based on events surrounding the tangiwai disaster and the conf. I found this book really emotional in parts and very informative The Tangiwai train disaster is something I knew of only in an abstract form as it happened well before my birth The flashback accounts of survivors made it feel very real and completely devastating and horrific for those who survived and the rescuers who helped out I also loved the Maori perspective interspersed through the tale The modern day part of the tale is a bit contrived and feels like the ending was rushed a bit but still a good read

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On Christmas Eve shortly after pm a lahar torrent of water gushed out of the crater of Mount Ruapehu and swept down the valley fatally weakening a railway bridge minutes before a packed overnight express train nose dived into a river at tangiwai in the centre of the North Island Many of the passengers mostly families and young people were asleep and perished in one of the world's worst train disasters For Maori the tragedy was i. Story worked better when focused on the scientific and cultural rather than the romantic which I found fairly unbelievable There seemed to be an awful lot of telling rather than showing and some things would seem to come out of nowhere eg when Frances thinks Sam's attractive Should have been right at first meeting not after some time especially when it was so random Frances's past relationship was pointless and it would have been far better to concentrate on developing other inter personal relationships I would have liked to know why Frances took out American citizenship I assume to make it easier for work but a simple line could have explained this While the tangi scenes were interesting it would have had impact if we had been given the chance to know the character and grieve along side the mourners There were some medical inaccuracies at the end and it's been years since we had nursing sisters in New Zealand As for the Tangiwai disaster I didn't have a problem with few created characters to tell Frances's story but I don't like it when an author gives fake names to real people To me it is disrespectfulI see that the author has written a further book with Frances that seems to follow pretty much the same plot line I think I'll pass

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Weeping WatersLict that still exists While the characters and incidents are invented many of the survival and rescue stories are based on true events When a young Vulcanologist comes to research early warning systems on the mountain she finds herself in the middle of a raging debate between local landowners iwi and government agencies With a hidden agenda of her own she finds herself torn between two men each on opposing sides of the argument. Love this book love how she sets it in New Zealand amazing book worth 6stars or