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When the Music Stops review å eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ ➜ [KINDLE] ❆ When the Music Stops By John T. Fuller ➦ – Horticulturetrader.co.uk When a handsome young mute man is admitted to Link Hill Insane Asylum Dr Daniel Archer's world is turned upside down Whilst Dr Archer battles his inner demons his superiorT who is the mysterious Mr White is he really as unknowing as he first appears to be and can love possibly triumph even against such stacked odd. 45 stars with a rare round up Damn y'all this was amazing Beautiful evocative storytelling Where did this author go I don't have it in me today for much of a review but if you can stand some moral ambiguity in your stories I highly recommend this one Maybe after I re read it which is definitely going to happen I'll write

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Er battles his inner demons his superiors begin to suspect that the doctor's interest in his patient may be a little than merely professional Bu. Madness is fascinating the idea of a mind turning on itself or giving up losing all sense of purpose and identity and desire Humans are appallingly fragile I believe very little separates us the sanefrom them the broken The first thing I love about this story is this ^ theme and how Dr Archer coaxes his mute fragile mental patient dubbed Mr White view spoilerout of his perceived madness hide spoiler

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When the Music StopsWhen a handsome young mute man is admitted to Link Hill Insane Asylum Dr When the PDF Daniel Archer's world is turned upside down Whilst Dr Arch. You know when you finish a book and you just stare at the kindle and keep clicking the doo dad hoping for something just one sentence one word even just please Then there is no but you are still staring at the freaking page Just breathing and staring and thinking about everything you read swallowing back the lump in your throat all the while knowing that it was one of the most beautiful stories you have ever readWell that just happened to meJohn T Fuller has created an outstanding novella here Set in the early 20th CenturyDr Daniel Archer is our narrator; he is a physician at Link Hill mental institution who battles with his pious conscience and professional ethic when he develops a dubious affection for one of his young patients When Archer looks at his patient ” Archer feels his heart clench an exuisite ache of such magnitude it scares him as witness to this rapture such as one touched by the Lord” As Archer goes about his job at the mental institute battling his growing feelings and searching for justification in his methods just to be near the silent Mr White he also unconsciously describes the day to day treatment of the patients This in itself is an appalling look at an era of terrible treatments and abuses against the mentally handicapped When Mr White begins to respond to the Doctors treatment through music and attention we discover his talent for mimicry; to draw dance and play any instrument This spurs Archer Could Mr White feel the same way Does he want the same thing “ Looking up into White’s face the doctor feels like his heart might burst; he is recognised special beloved” Fuller creates an effortless Victorian Gothic mood for this book The writing is faultless and enthralling This novella encapsulates everything you could want in a story and then some Whatever moral issues I uestioned about what the Doctor was doing I knew it was right The kindness and compassion he shows and the fierce protection over Mr White is a testament to the man he really is It's not always a very pleasant read but it's compelling and beautiful and sickening and erotic and exciting and dramatic in just the right mix to make it unforgettable It manages to portray a really surprisingly tender love story without ever dulling down the terror of what doctors used to do to their fellow human beings in those asylums Richard Rider's review John T Fuller is a genius story teller A must buy author for me Thanks for the recommendation Richard;