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Azor smart and sexier than his wildest dreams He'd kill to have herSoon Beck can't resist her feelings for a guy who seems custom made for her When a string of macabre incidents tears her world apart there is only one person she can turn to But there's to Joe than Beck realise UPDATE I am officially muting comments on this review because they without fail make me hate my life You can take my points or you can leave them It's a book review If your point is thinking critically about media is stupid and bad I can absolutely promise you I do not care If you want to see my personal hell you can read through the comments on this You is a book I should hypothetically like because it is messed up and creepy But unfortunately it’s also – and don’t kill me I’m going to explain why I feel this way – not very good This is a book about a stalker with one interesting twist he narrates Which is horrifying and kind of interesting and Santino Fontana deserves an award for his audiobook narration I will fully admit that this book does one thing really well it makes you feel as if it could happen to you to anyone There’s something really scary about a thriller in which the villain is so outwardly nice even believing within his mind that he IS kind You can completely see why someone like Beck who never goes beyond the outline of a person likes Joe The issue is that the ENTIRE BOOK is based off this gimmick and it is four hundred twenty pages and very little is done with the premise I feel the need to explain how minimal the plot is view spoilerthis book felt to me like it was building up to a revelation in which the girl Joe is stalking is actually going to try and kill him which would’ve been so fucking badass and then He kills her and meets a new victim and that’s basically it hide spoiler

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You AUTHOR Caroline KepnS and much to Beck than her perfect facade The obsessive relationship uickly spirals into a whirlwind of deadly conseuencesA chilling account of unrelenting terrifying deceit Caroline Kepnes' You is a thriller perversely clever and dangerously twisted than any YOU have ever re reread this book just armed with the knowledge that I can picture Joe Goldberg as Penn Badgleylowered to a 45 upon reread On the last day of 2017 here's the full review of my last favorite of the yearhttpsemmareadstoomuchwordpresscoI only know one way to like music That is when you hear a song and you’re instantly like Holy shit this is THE SONG and then you are fully unable to listen to any other music everything else pales in comparison you can only listen to this one song on an endless loop until you’re eventually so sick of it that you can’t even listen to it for approximately twelve calendar monthsI’m currently in this cycle with the song “You” by the 1975 Which as a side note is a band I refuse to listen to purposefully because I find it really pretentious and I think their fans are super like Oh you like a song by the 1975 That’s cute I knew about them before their EP released Yeah I picked up a conch shell that washed up on the shores of northern England and I listened to it and out from it emerged the dulcet tones of pre label signing the 1975It’s really inconvenient to use “the 1975” in a sentence Inconsiderate band naming add it to the list of why I’ll never be an intentional fan of theirsAnywayAll of that is to say that the same named song to this book added to the already heady experience of reading this bookAnd boy was it headyI am really hard on all books My average rating for 2017 was 27 which is truly dismal I’m aware of that I’m probably cynical and bitter and I’m definitely critical it’s true But it’s all especially true when it comes to thrillersI only like thrillers if they scare me And as someone who is scared of heights and things jumping out at me and walking at night and murderers and mice and robberies and bugs touching me and germs and the alarm system in my apartment that randomly arbitrarily speaks in a robotic woman’s voice it doesn’t seem like that’d be a high bar to reachBut books rarely scare me And the amazing fabulous world changing and life redefining news is this book creeped the sht out of meCaroline Kepnes is a genius She figured out something basic and elemental and applicable People are the most scared when they think that a scary thing even if it’s not the scariest possible thing could happen to themAnd what happened in You is creepy and sometimes disgusting and visceral and awfuland so so so so possibleWe follow Joe Joe is a man in his mid to late twenties who works in a bookstore He loves to read; he’s kind of technologically disengaged; he’s a bit pretentious and New York born and bred; he’s a high school dropout but pretty consistently the smartest guy in the roomKind of a dream guy on paper if I’m being totally honestOne day a woman walks into the bookstore she’s exactly Joe’s Natalie Portman esue type They flirt at the register It’s a totally normal interactionExcept then Joe looks at the name on the credit card And he Googles And he stalks Twitter and Facebook and Google Maps and he knows her address and her friends and her plans and where she’ll be and who she is and where she went to college and her job and he can read her writing and he has access to hundreds of pictures and her favorite movie and the books she loves Even easier because this girl Beck always has her windows open in her safe neighborhood full of the unsuspicious richSo Joe pursues Beck It’s just a little simpler because he can read her emails and visit her therapist and buy club soda from her druggie old money loverThis book is in other words a nightmareI’d imagine it’s really polarizing This book exposes a lot about what might shame us It’s hard to admit that sometimes you catch yourself rooting for Joe It’s even harder to admit what you’d do if you were Beck Because for me I’d flirt with the guy at the bookstore register I’d be pleasantly surprised to see him coincidentally later I’d be flattered by the extent to which he’s into me It’s really doubtful that I’d ever suspect him of hoarding my old phone or stealing my high school yearbookWhich is to say I’d fall for Joe and his trapsAnd what could be scarier than thatBottom line One of the best thrillers PeriodHappy new year gang PRE REVIEWchanging my rating to five stars for the moment; still subject to change because I am one indecisive btch YOOOOOOOOOHAHAHAHA DUDE WHATreview to come when my thoughts come in actual phrases

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You AUTHOR Caroline Kepnes kindle Ï eBook 9781471137358 Free  ❮Reading❯ ➵ You ➭ Author Caroline Kepnes – Gone Girl meets Fatal Attraction in Caroline Kepnes' You a chilling account of the twisted psychology behind unrelenting passionWhen aspiring writer GuinevGone Girl meets Fatal Attraction in Caroline Kepnes' You a chilling account of the twisted psychology behind unrelenting passionWhen aspiring writer Guinevere Beck strides into the bookstore where Joe works he is instantly smitten Beck is everything Joe has ever wanted tough r I'm not sure what crazy people shelved this book as romance You is romantic in the same way that Lolita is romantic In other words an insane obsessive and manipulative romance from the perspective of a charming psychopathIt's a fucked up tale told from the POV of a stalker who obsesses over and spies on a young woman He gradually plants himself into her life and seeks a relationship with her whilst simultaneously hacking her emails and following every little thing she does If you're looking for a creeptastic story just in time for Halloween then you need look no furtherWhat is perhaps most unsettling about our narrator is how closely he resembles some of the love interests in YA and NA romance books Telling his unreliable tale Joe truly believes that he and Beck are meant to be His narration is completely insane horrifying and at times beautifulHe is a fantastically unreliable narrator made so by the charm and humour he uses to engage the reader Like Humbert from Lolita Joe's intelligence wit and candor make it easy to sympathize with him even though we are aware of how twisted he really is The novel evades the boundaries of genre; not uite a contemporary maybe but also unlike most psychological thrillers creating something new and complex uite unlike anything I've ever read before Being inside Joe's head is a poisonous but admittedly fascinating place to be Through him the author examines the games people play with one another and the gentle manipulation that even the most innocent of us are capable of at times You also offers an interesting look at stalking in the digital age Joe is able to commit his crimes through the use of email Facebook and Twitter; finding out huge amounts of information about Beck without even leaving his house It made me incredibly aware of how visible we all are these days and had me almost looking over my own shoulder as I was reading itA random spur of the moment read that really paid offBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr