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summary Vixen author Jillian Larkin ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ì [Read] ➲ Vixen By Jillian Larkin – Caz İçki ErkeklerBu tehlikeli bir karışımdırHer kız sahip olamadığını arzular On yedi yaşındaki Gloria Carmody bir flapper gibi yaşamak istiyor bununla birlikte gelEri daha başlamadan bitmek zorundaYoksa değil miGloria'nın temiz ve uslu kuzini Clara Knowlea bu yüksek sosyete düğününde bir pürüz çıkmasın diye yardıma geldi ama Clara da göründüğü kadar masum değil Onun da gizli tutmak için her şeyi feda edebileceği ufak kirli sırları varGloria'nın cemiyetteki en iyi arkadaşı Lorraine Dyer Gloria'. If I had a guilty pleasure book this would be itSeriously it has everything I adore 20s glamour and flappers jazz music ridiculous YA drama a pretty cover and a fast moving plotI ended up picking this book on clearance years ago Like most books I own it got lost somewhere in my house and I forgot it existed Then one day during my epic cleaning sprees to deal with my epic boredom I found it Since I'm trying to give myself a well rounded read shelf for 2020 I decided to pick it up Plus who doesn't want some goofy YA flapper funThis story follows 3 girls1 Gloria engaged to some hot not super nice rich guy but wants to let herself fall in love with a jazz musician2 Clara Gloria's cousin who is super goody goody but clearly has a bad past she is trying to hide3 Lorraine the not so nice girl who is friends with Gloria but wants to be the center of attention SO bad and can't get the guy so she's clearly gonna be a jerk You know the mean girlThis book is super strange for me It's packed full of YA drama and gossip so this really shouldn't be my thing but I was SO DIGGING IT It's like my lack of human interaction has made this kind of gossip gold for me Either way I totally loved it and needed this sort of fun in my life It's like Gossip Girl or 90210 or other super dramatic stories I can easily say this book won't be for everyone These girls in the 20s are definitely like girls from the 2010s2020s They have feminist life goals and want to be strong women They don't fit into the 20s society but totally fit into today I didn't mind because I just wanted a fun read and let myself sink into the drama Buuuut if you're looking for historical accuracy then this book is not for you Enjoy the book for what it isThe book is easy to read and the drama moves fast There's constantly something going on and since the book changes perspectives between the three girls we always see something different There isn't as much romance as there is drama in this book I expected some awesome love and romance plots but love is kind of the back burner thing There are dates and some kisses and sometimes some love confessions but this is by no means a romance it's a drama Overall this book is fluffy and glamorous I want to continue reading this series mostly because it is totally a guilty pleasure I love it for what it is good job Jillian LarkinFour out of five stars

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Caz İçki ErkeklerBu tehlikeli bir karışımdırHer kız sahip olamadığını arzular On yedi yaşındaki Gloria Carmody bir flapper gibi yaşamak istiyor bununla birlikte gelen kısa saçları sigarayı ve müzik dolu geceleri de Artık Chicago'nun en nüfuzlu ailelerinden birinin oğlu olan Sebastian Grey'le nişanlandığına göre Gloria'nın parti günl. 35 4 starsLet's just start out with hello my name is Jamie and I am obsessed with the 1920's and flappers and I will read anything related to said obsessions Seriously I once was a flapper for Halloween I just love the flapper fashion the literature that arose from the 1920's the jazz the transition into the modern culture the progress in woman's suffrage movement the mobsters the speakeasysit is all just so exciting to me I just love reading and watching movies set during this time Anyways once I saw this book I just KNEW I had to pick it up Vixen has it all romance glitz and glamour catty girls mobsters secrets and suspense and is set in one of those most interesting and alluring time periods in America It also did deal with substantial issues like friendship loyalty the suppression of women racial and societal expectations etc In some ways this reminded me of Gossip Girl set in the 1920's with the high society secrets backstabbing and shocking public revelations And I totally was picturing the episode of Gossip Girl where Chuck opened the speakeasy and they were all in flapper like costumes Larkin nailed it At some points I felt like if I closed my eyes I'd be transported into some dark speakeasy filled with smoke and booze dancing with glamorous flappers and gangsters with pin striped suits I could hear that jazz music playing and feel the excitement of being rebellious and sexy in my fringed dress headband and bobbed hair cutThere were some interesting characters in this book Clara was my favorite she was smart despite some obvious bad choices in her past and I thought she was interesting and was the shining star for me I did appreciate some of the dimensions we started to see in Gloria and I started to really appreciate her At some times I felt like Gloria and Lorraine were a bit cliched and predictable but the storyline and the setting made up for what they were sometimes lacking for me The storyline was well crafted and I kept wanting to find out what happenedMy one gripe with this book is that I felt like the author went a little bit overboard with the lingo of the time period and she didn't need to because she really had me convinced of the time period with how she built their world All these phrases and slang were dropped into the story and it felt like a like a kid who learned a set of vocabulary words and tried to keep impressing people with packing them into sentences It just didn't flow all the time and seemed awkward The overuse of all the lingo was distracting and it was really unfortunate because she already set such an authentic scene for the readerI will note that this might be inappropriate for some younger readers lots of booze smoking and it's pretty sexy I thought it was tasteful but definitely a little mature than some YA lit geared for younger readers My Final Thought Vixen is a sexy and intriguing debut that captures the excitement of an era and an underground lifestyle that is full of glamour grit and danger It is edgy and provocative without being trashy It is a promising primer for older teens and YA lovers of all ages into a period of time that should be explored in YA historical fiction I cannot WAIT for the second book to come out as the ending was uite exciting and ends with uite the bangliterally In the meantime I'll be trying Bright Young Things which is also set in the 20's and seems to be about flappers

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Vixen author Jillian LarkNın gölgesinde yaşamaktan bıkkın Lorraine'in kıskançlığı umutsuz bir öfkeye dönüştüğünde artık kimse güvende olmayacak Ve sonunda birileri çok üzülecekYazar Jillian Larkin'in ilk kitabı Fettan her şeyin değiştiği 'lerin en hareketli döneminde geçen seksi tehlikeli ve son derece romantik bir serinin de ilk kitabıTanıtım Bültenind. This was pretty bland Sad right Alas VIXEN is an excellent example of an author not living up to the dramatic potential of her subject matterWe're given a handful of stock teen soap characterizations Gloria the Good Girl who wants to rebel; Lorraine the Bad GirlBest Friend tired of living in her shadow; Clara the Mysterious X Factor distant relation who arrives to supervise Gloria's socialite wedding plans Gloria doesn't want to marry her fiance instead she falls into insta lust with Jerome an Unsuitable Love Interest who actually is unsuitable given that he's a black piano player Meanwhile Lorraine debates between friendship climbing over Gloria to take her place atop the heap o social awesomeness Lorraine also resents that Gloria doesn't realize how awesome she's got it in the male companionship department ie Gloria's best dude friend Marcus who plays the role of Golden Hearted Playboy But when Marcus chooses Clara instead Lorraine exposes a dirty secret from her rival's pastexcept naturally her disgust backfires gets her snared by Carlito a nasty Criminal With Sex Appeal Gloria Jerome meanwhile are caught in the crossfire of speakeasy gangsterswhich leaves Jerome's sister to pledge vengeance on Gloria's former bridegroom the stereotypical Backstabbing Rich Boy Hypocrite who is tied to Carlito's crew of Capone wannabesAnd there's a midget gangster named Thor Yup P Clearly there's no shortage of plot but the personalities are wooden as hell If the author has the skill to flesh them out in future installmentswell she didn't show it here I liked Clara Jerome than the rest but even they were glorified cardboard Compounding the problem is the third person voice It's flat flat FLAT lacking any sort of personality relating events with occasional snarky comments that weren't so much funny as lamely anachronistic I do give the author props for a sprinkling of flapper era pop culture Buster Keaton movies Fitzgerald uotes The Sheik etc I also give her credit for the interracial romance angle But these positives aren't enough to boost my rating The retro lingo felt forced the characters were drab the writing wasn't strong enough to support an uber dramatic soap opera Overall a big fat 'meh' I'll stick with Anna Godbersen's flapper books for my soapy teenage prohibition drama