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Download Dewey Fairchild Parent Problem Solver Dewey Fairchild Book #1 Epub · 252 pages ↠ Lorri horn Ç ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Dewey Fairchild Parent Problem Solver Dewey Fairchild Book #1 By Lorri Horn ⚣ – Dewey Fairchild isnTtles the most Fairchild Parent Problem Solver Dewey Epubtroublesome of cases from an overprotective mom who won't let her child go to class on her own to a dad who can't stop picking his nose any chance he gets Dewey has no problem handling other Fun and entertaining read for kids Buying it for my friends kids for sure

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People's parents but when he overhears his parents talking one day he faces a Dewey Fairchild PDF or challenge he never expected Dewey can solve any problem parents may cause but what will he do when the parents who are causing problems are his own It may have started when eleven year old Dewey's friend Seraphina came to him at lunch one day exasperated about her mom It seems that her mother was one of those helicopter moms who still held Seraphina's hand when they walked across the street and then all the way into the classroom Other things were happening too and that's how Dewey became a Parent Problem Solver Within the story Dewey manages to solve than one problem and is so busy he's asked his next door neighbor and elder friend Clara to be his assistant Fortified by Clara's cookie baking and welcoming the clients with cookies set out through a secret passage to Dewey's attic his secret life becomes busier and busier Dewey has older and younger sisters a mom who's often cold and a dad who's a dentist but the story evolves into his own family problem And Dewey is not sure he can solve that one I wasn't sure I would enjoy this book It seemed a bit fantastical to me yet Dewey's fun sense of humor that intertwines with the serious tone he takes when helping other kids won me over I believe there is a part of every child who would love the power to do the things Dewey manages and helps his friends manage in order to fix a parent problem I can hear the giggles while reading about the sleuthing that occurs and see the nodding heads in agreement about parents whose habits aren't always to their children's liking Lorri Horn's writing shows she knows about children's deepest wishes for some power to change things in their lives

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Dewey Fairchild Parent Problem Solver Dewey Fairchild Book #1Parent Problem eBook #180 Dewey Fairchild isn't just good with parents he's great with them He's so good at handling parents that he's built a thriving business out of it He even has a secretary Clara a great alibi and an even better baker Dewey se Imagine a cross between Encyclopedia Brown and Mrs Piggle Wiggle That's right a young boy with detective abilities who also happens to be good at curing problem parents Dewey handles issues ranging from germaphobic mothers to fathers that belch and worse in public With the help of his secretary Clara and her dog Wolfgang von Fluff Bucket young Mr Fairchild finds cures for overprotective mothers fathers who won't stop playing pranks and other dilemmas brought to him by kids from all over town Sometimes he even enlists the assistance of his friends in gathering information or find the right approach for clients to break their parents of all these bad habits As he puts it Desperate mothers called for desperate measuresEach situation is handled successfully and readers will be amused by the solutions to the problems Scenes like the joker dad sucking his thumb in shock over being pranked himself will have readers laughing out loud But what will really win everyone over is the fact that Dewey has a parent problem of his own and doesn't know how to solve it It proves that no one is perfect and that we can all use some help from our friends Seraphina and Colin's attempts at undercover work in the dental office of Dewey's father are hilarious and show how far true friends will go to help each otherThis book is appealing on many levels There are the funny parent problems and the even funnier things Dewey has the kids do to break those parental habits Readers who like secret hideouts or clubhouses will love Dewey's office and the way clients enter and exit For those who enjoy spies and detectives there are the stakeouts message drops and using Wolfie to smuggle tape recorders And there is plenty of word play and puns Looking over the file of the burping father Dewey finds that he also picks his nose in public and had to admit having a public nose picker for a father pretty much nosed ahead of other people's problems He tells his secretary Get it Clara I'm picking her case first Go ahead and groan but it is funnyPerfect for middle grade readers who enjoy humorous stories involving parents friends and lots of cookies