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review Can't Let Go ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ [PDF / Epub] ✎ Can't Let Go ☂ Jane Hill – I'm watching you I know everywhere you go When Beth Stephens opens the first mysterious note she is terrified Someone out there someone who seems to be stalking her every footstep has prised open the I'm Lf safe her days filled with new friendships a boyfriend and a steady job as a teacher everything starts to unravel Suddenly she can trust no one seeing danger everywhere and she realises that she has to find the stalker before he closes in on he. The blurb on the back of Jane Hill's Can't Let Go tells us that this is psychological suspense fiction and yes it has it's suspense but it is certainly not thrilling all the way through I found the first half of the story uite slow the reader is introduced to the main character; Beth and slowly we begin to find out little bits about her We know from page one that Beth 'killed a man and got away with it' over seventeen years ago and it is this event that has shaped Beth's life todaySeventeen years ago she was Lizzie; an outgoing drama loving teenager she went to San Francisco and returned as Beth became a teacher wore conservative clothes didn't form relationship and spent her life looking over her shoulder and imagining that she could see her victim following herBeth begins to receive letters addressed to 'the murdering bitch' someone knows where she is and what she has done Beth then spends the rest of the story trying her best to avoid capture but she doesn't know who is after her and she can't ask anyone for helpSet in London and in Edinburgh during the fringe the book contains a lot of detail about stand up comedy comedians and their routines I wasn't surprised to find out that the author is a part time stand up comedian there is certainly a lot of knowledge in the storyI did enjoy the story despite the slow start which when looking back was probably essential in order to build up the picture of Beth's life There is a great twist at the end of the story which I certainly didn't see coming and the build up to the end is excellently writtenOn the whole an enjoyable story and I'd read another of Jane Hill's novels

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I'm watching you I know everywhere you go When Beth Stephens opens the first mysterious note she is terrified Someone out there someone who seems to be stalking her every footstep has prised open the terrible secret Can't Let MOBI #10003 she's be. The basis of this story is that as an eighteen year old in San Francisco Lizzie killed a man by the name of Rivers Carillo On her return home her whole persona changed she started to go by the name of Beth The story is split as is often in this genre between past present In the present day some seventeen years after the murderous event Beth is haunted by what she had done boy don't we know it after all it's reiterated often enough She freuently imagines she sees the ghost of Rivers causing her to flee from wherever she is not always very convincingly is unable to maintain any sort of relationship When she finally agrees to date her neighbour Danny makes a friend in comedian Zoey her life seems to be gathering some semblance of normality but she then receives an anonymous note the paranoia really hits home Beth is convinced that someone knows what she did all those years ago wants payback for Rivers death Now right from the start I had a problem with that first note Remember I'm watching you I know everywhere you go For a start Beth received it at the school where she taught teenage girls Isn't it just the sort of prank they'd pull on someone they'd consider to be a middle aged spinster I expected the note to turn out to be a coincidencered herring Okay not exactly right but a later note ambiguously addressed to the murdering bitch just reinforced the idea that Beth was not the intended recipient As a result the death of Zoey wasn't really much of a surprisesorry but I did warn you at the start about spoilers ;oAs for young Lizzie well I can believe her falling for an older man as she was as she says in her own words an annoying naïve pretentious teenagervery naïve indeed Lizzie may have thought Rivers to be the hero of a romantic novel but he just struck me as sleazy I'd have liked a bit of a mysterious aura about him rather than feeling it was blatantly obvious from the off that he was a married cheat or maybe I've just got cynical in my old ageTo summarise l found the story a little tedious very repetitive at times lacking in suspense I did have high hopes for it having so enjoyed both Grievous Angel The Murder Ballad however this pales in comparison so it's an okayish two stars from me

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Can't Let GoEn hiding for over a decade And he is threatening to exact revengeAll these years Beth has carefully built her life on a lie kept to herself been wary of close relationships and protective of her privacy And now just when she finally thinks herse. I listened to this on Audible and perhaps I may have had a better experience had I read it Whilst the story started well it became extremely repetitive on audio and slightly irritating The main character actually annoyed me and therefore I was unable to feel any sympathy for her dilemma