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Read & Download Level Up Your Life ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ ❧ [KINDLE] ❀ Level Up Your Life By Steve Kamb ➠ – Level Up Your Life uses the principles of video games movies television comic books and pop culture to teach you how to transform your life in extraordAracter will look like Build your own uest lists Hack your productivity habits and willpower to build momentum Build in rewards and accountability Add members to your party expanding your community Find your own personal Yoda or Morpheus ie mentor to help you along the way Restart and earn Extra Lives how to keep going when you get scared or stu. It’s January so a lot of people are currently working on resolutions they vowed to do this new year So what better way to start off the year than with one of those ‘self help books’ that will help me achieve my goals if I just follow the methods put forward by the authorI discovered Steve Kamb and Nerd Fitness sometime last year while researching Intermittent Fasting I found the article to be really informative and it encouraged me to check out the rest of the site I stuck around for a while and discovered that lo and behold Steve Kamb had actually published a book called Level Up Your Life In a nutshell Level Up Your Life details how to achieve your goals and become a awesome person through gamification Gamification is basically a rewards based system to make some kind of changes For example someone wishing to lose 40kg of weight may implement a system where for every 5 kg of weight loss they can reward themselves with something like a new book or game Anyway Steve Kamb goes into a lot detail in his book Level Up Your LifeI think this book definitely appeals to those who have a strong interest in nerd culture and specific things within it Kamb uses a lot of examples from various pop culture icons such as Batman Jason Bourne and Katniss Everdeen to get his points across And honestly the examples work really well with the arguments that Kamb is makingAnother thing implemented well is that Kamb’s websites Level Up Your Life and Nerd Fitness allow you to make a character and set goals which you can assign points to to gain XP and essentially level up a character There are a few activities in the book that you can do on pen and paper or you can use this site for an easier and fun way of implementing the gamification systemSo what did I thinkJust uickly I uite enjoyed this book and I got out of it than what I thought I wouldI feel like I’ve read a lot of the advice that was in here before and I did find it encouraging and it has put me on track for thinking about trying to achieve my goals using a gamification system I did feel like towards of the book I was starting to get a little tired of the book I think that’s because towards the end there was a lot of talk about nutrition and exercise and how it should be done I think that’s of a personal gripe where whenever I read a book about a particular subject I always get annoyed when an author mentions their specific way of eating and exercising and suggesting that people should do it that specific way That being said Steve Kamb does say that these are suggestions and that other things are worth trying as wellI think another thing that was starting to bother me by the end was the references to Jason Bourne I have no desire to be Jason Bourne I haven’t even seen those movies and I don’t care to and so I kind of just started switching off at those parts because I want to be me and not someone else That being said his point is that you should aspire to be the awesome person that you think you should be and not the mundane character that you areI didn’t find this book to be the most profound and inspiring book I have ever read but there was actually some good advice hidden between the pages I’m definitely keen on the gamification system and I think Kamb lays down some pretty good foundations on how to set up your goals in this kind of form But another thing that struck me in this book and most likely had the biggest impact on my thoughts was about how we choose who we spend time with and the memories we collect with those people It got me thinking about some of the people that I spend time with and how there are some of them that I dread spending time with because they’re just really negative people and I have absolutely no meaningful and happy memories with them On the other hand I have some wonderful friends that I have the best memories with and I feel like I just appreciate them so much after reading this bookAs I finish writing my thoughts on this book I have come to another realisation or lesson learned from this book In various places Steve Kamb says that we should find things that we love and those are the things that we find ourselves so immersed in that we lose track of time As I was writing this I found that I genuinely did lose track of time I do love writing and I do feel I could get lost in writing I just need to find the medium that suits me most For now I’ll settle with writing down what I thought of the books I read

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Level Up Your Life uses the principles of video games movies television comic books and pop culture to teach you how to transform your life in extraordinary ways and collect real Level Up PDFEPUBworld experiences that are just as amazing and fulfilling as the adventures of comic book heroes and video game characters Learn how to design your own. Steve Kamb the creator of nerdfitnesscom offers behavioral games and community support to assist readers in becoming their best self It's the self help genre meets gamificationSteve was addicted to video games miserable at his job and disappointed with life I still love those games and movies and enjoy the entertainment they provide They're a part of who I am as a person The problem was that they had become a way to avoid the unhappiness in my real life while also allowing me to continue doing nothing about it pg xiThe game that had him hopelessly hooked was Everuest What had begun as a fun way to blow off some steam after school or work uickly became an addiction pg 5So Steve took what he loved best about the game the levels the endless uests the secrets and created an online community in which the members support each other to become the best whatever it is you want to be through just those thingsEssentially Steve takes the hero's journey as described by Joseph Campbell and crafts a way to implement that into your life through your own preferences Life is meant to be lived on your own terms pg 23 I picked this up because I recently read a behavioral game book and I wanted to see what the theory would look like in action Steve has done a solid job making his game completely customizableHe provides examples between the chapters of people who have used his game to level up their lives The results are impressive The truth is that most people fear change They themselves might want to change but don't want to put forth the effort and energy to make it happen pg 57With Level Up Your Life Steve gives readers the tools to make their lives into a game of their choosing Recommended for gamers and the young at heart

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Level Up Your LifePersonal Epic uest of Awesome through advice on health fitness travel and financeAuthor Steven Kamb the foundercreator of NerdFitnesscom leads you on a journey to discover the kind of game you want to play including how to Develop a leveling structure Create a personal Origin Story every hero has a great origin story Determine what your Level ch. Not bad a book on kind of looking at your life like a video game where you can level up in order to find happiness and get things done The book does make a pretty good point that the part we love about video games isn't so much beating them as getting to the point where we beat them that the entire game is supposed to be fun That's just an analogy about the podunk saying It's not the destination it's the journey but one that kind of made senseOverall this book KIND of seems like an advertisement for Steven Kamb's company Nerd Fitness which is kind of pricy to join but I'm actually kind of swayed in the direction of signing up after reading this book It just looks like fun