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Dooku Jedi Lost Read ¾ 104 ´ ★ Dooku Jedi Lost PDF / Epub ✪ Author Cavan Scott – Listening Length 6 hours and 21 minutes Delve into the history of the sinister Count Dooku in this audio original set in a galaxy far far away Darth Tyranus Count of Serenno Leader of the Separatists Listening Length hours and mHin the stony walls of his family’s estate orbited by the Funeral Moon where the bones of his ancestors lie interred But soon his Jedi abilities are recognized and he is taken from his home to be trained in the ways of the Force by the legendary Master YodaAs he hones his power Dooku rises through the ranks befriending fellow Jedi Sifo Dyas and taking a padawan of his own the promising ui Gon Jinn and tries to forget the life that he once led But h. First of all this is not a book so let's get that out of the way immediatelyThis is an audio drama six hours long performed by a full cast I have to state upfront that I loathe this medium and so you should take my review and rating with a HUGE grain of salt if you're someone who likes audiobooks or audio shows I am no judge of voice acting so I will say only one single thing on that score the Ventress voice was nearly perfectAside from the inherent grating campy weirdness of listening to an audio drama at all the biggest downside of this story is the narrative structure It is a dual storyline one following Ventress in the present day and one exploring Dooku's backstory through flashbacks to various points in his life Ventress's storyline is by far the smaller one; her mission is simple and straightforward and I would say probably a solid 78% of our air time is spent on Dooku's flashbacksThe flashbacks themselves are fine I don't enjoy them as much as I liked being with Ventress but they do provide the important canon details I was after and lay a lot of good groundwork for Dooku as a character The problem is that the story uses the gimmick of Dooku's daily holo messages to his sister as a vehicle to propel us into his past And then a journal that Ventress somehow finds in a desk drawer which conveniently picks up where the holo messages left off and then the end of the story is supplied by his sister herselfThis just came off to me as incredibly weird and absurd The story tries to excuse the ridiculousness of Dooku having a JOURNAL by having him claim to have purposefully left all these things for Ventress to find But why He gives Ventress the holo messages in the first place ostensibly so that it will help her on her mission but it ends up playing no role in that And why should he want Ventress to understand HIM or see his backstory It's never explained and Dooku's nature as a prideful and private person makes it seem completely out of character I know the story needed to create some reason to tell Dooku's life story but I can't help feeling there had to be a better possible reason than this The journal and holocomm just seemed completely artificial something you have to handwave because the author needed it to be that way not because it actually makes any sense in universe Having to hear so many characters doing silly first person narration of lines that in a book would be part of the scene setting prose I stepped out onto the plain the wind caressing my face didn't help eitherThis was the biggest stumbling block I ran into trying to enjoy this story I am vitally interested in gathering up whatever new Star Wars knowledge Lucasfilms sees fit to disseminate and I did learn UITE a bit from this book about Dooku and the time before the preuel trilogy This is probably as far back in the history of the post Ruusan Jedi Order that I personally have ever ventured and it was a very interesting journey The few shoutouts and tie ins with Master and Apprentice were certainly noticed and appreciatedOverall the experience of hacking my way through this six hour long ordeal was a test of my commitment I don't know that it was worth it necessarily but I'm at least glad it's overSome notable things• Weird how Dooku spent so many years being Yoda's padawan and yet Yoda shows up in this book like seven times and it's almost always in brief scenes where he's on the Council You don't get the sense that Dooku and Yoda really cared about each other at all and the story certainly doesn't invest in their relationship• Rael Averross I was glad to see him show up because I love him and he and Dooku's relationship is definitely a high point His extremely deep cowboy voice is a little weird especially when Dooku's voice is about half as deep as it should be but still Rael• The Bogan Collection First of all what the HECK is this• Dooku's childhood in the Temple gives off MAJOR Harry Potter vibes Weird classes with eccentric teachers Sneaking into the restricted section of the Archives Grudge matches with fellow students Leaping to immediate and poorly founded conclusions about people being evil Sith bestiary Check check and check• KY NAREC There were far fewer Ventress backstory details than I was hoping to get in this story but I love the ones we were given And I love Ky Narec even though he wasn't real I hope to see him again• Dooku and Sifo Dyas's friendship is one of the best parts of this story and it makes the fact that Dooku would eventually murder him twice as sad• This Dooku and ui Gon were extremely close thing that new canon has created continues to be extremely intriguing It almost gives me a completely different perspective on ui Gon and I'm still not totally sure how I feel about it• The entire Jedi Order is a freaking mess It's just an absolute disaster There's so much chicanery and drama going on it's almost hard to keep track of• Lene Kostana It's a little bit odd because when she first showed up I was like oh she's cool She's a maverick and a dissenter with good ideas But then she kept showing up almost taking the emotional place of Yoda as Dooku's mentor and everything she did just seemed to get and shady Now that I've finished the story I look back and see her being selfish and unstable and obsessive and possibly dangerous but the narrative never actually seems to sour on her Very conflicted Is she meant to be sympathetic Is she meant to be seen as contributing to Dooku's eventual Fall You know it was really unclear• Jenza was great It was obvious what her eventual fate would be but I liked her a lot as a character I don't understand why Dooku would become the heir of Serenno with his brother dead when Jenza was right there • Dooku almost comes off as the most reasonable person in the Jedi Order which is interesting for a story chronicling his Fall to the Dark Side Although I suppose it makes sense given that most of it is told through his own eyes and he is almost certainly an unreliable narrator

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Listening Lengthhours and minutes Delve into the history of the sinister Count Dooku in this audio original set in a Dooku Jedi PDF or galaxy far far away Darth Tyranus Count of Serenno Leader of the Separatists A red saber unsheathed in the dark But who was he before he became the right hand of the Sith As Dooku courts a new apprentice the hidden truth of the Sith Lord’s past begins to come to lightDooku’s life began as one of privilege born wit. A great book I was a little worried as it is re screenplay version of an audio book However with all the narration scenes It gave just as much insight into what the characters were thinking This is the preuel to the Master Apprentice some of the passages on this book fit in perfectly with the ui Gon and Dooku or the parts with RealI am not a fan of the watered down politically motivated Jedi of the Disney era of Star Wars So this made me empathise with Dooku's disillusionment with the Jedi of around him They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions this is definitely true in this book We see Dooku with the best of intentions stepping closer and closer to the dark sideI am a reminded a bit of the Smallville series As much I as never liked that series I did like Lex and even though I knew he was going to turn evil I kept hoping it would not happen This is similar here I knew Dooku's destiny but I like the character I did hope it would not happenIf I had one complaint about this book it is I did not see the exact moment that Dooku fully turned We see the meeting with Palpetine but not the final corruption In fact the penultimate chapter was Dooku's most heroic momentThis is a great book and history of a great character I was not even a huge Dooku fan at the start of this book but the story is awsome and really does the character justice

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Dooku Jedi LostE finds himself drawn by a strange fascination with the Jedi Master Lene Kostana and the mission she undertakes for the Order finding and studying ancient relics of the Sith in preparation for the eventual return of the deadliest enemies the Jedi have ever facedCaught between the world of the Jedi the ancient responsibilities of his lost home and the alluring power of the relics Dooku struggles to stay in the light even as the darkness begins to fall. I sense the Dark SideDooku Jedi Lost is unlike anything else that has been released with regards to Star Wars Among the slew of new canon books comics art books Del Rey and Penguin Random House Audio created this audio only release written by Cavan Scott It's a combination of an audiobook and an audio dramatization that features a full cast As Scott has said on Twitter it's like a movie for your earsAdmittedly I am not the biggest fan of audiobooks I find it difficult to concentrate when there is just one narrative voice plus I struggle to focus without the words in front of me This year in an effort to incorporate reading HELLO INSANE TBR I've been attempting audiobooks again I've actually gotten through a few GO ME Now the reason that I've been even remotely successful in completing three audiobooks is because they have all been audio dramatizations with full casts and each contained a cinematic uality to them It helps that the scripts in uestion are X Files and Star Wars two of my favorite things OF LIFE I wasn't about to miss out on a new Star Wars story just because it is audio only I'm glad to have stepped outside of my comfort zone a bit Especially because I was able to enjoy this story that features one of my all time top Star Wars characters ASAJJ VENTRESSDooku Jedi Lost follows Asajj as she trains under Dooku and uncovers why he left the Jedi Order It jumps throughout different time periods in Dooku's life as a little boy a teenager a young man and then onto his role as Jedi Master This is the mysterious Count Dooku's origin story FinallyTo see ahh read erm HEAR Dooku's progression into the dark Sith was uite something It's incredibly insightful to see just what went on with Dooku and how he went from being one of the best Jedi's the Order had seen to what lead to the events that unfolded in The Phantom MenaceThis helps to fill in some of the prior gaps and gives us a deeper understanding of Dooku Through his personal relationships with Sifo Dyas ui Gon Jinn Yoda Ventress and his familyTears pricking my eyesAlthough some of the voice actors felt a little off within their respective roles I thought Marc Thompson did a wonderful job with Yoda and that Orlagh Cassidy absolutely nailed the Asajj portrayalI appreciate all of the attention that is being paid to the preuel era as of late It's about time that we explore these stories there is still so much to discover in this timeline