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Agical powers and sets them on important tasks The three children arrive at Golden House on thei. The Steps Up The ChimneyThree siblings go to stay with their uncle and his heavily pregnant girlfriend in a mysterious old house that draws them into a world of magicI remembering reading and enjoying this book from the library when I was child so when I saw this book twenty odd years later in a charity shop a wave of nostalgia hit me I've re read it and I can understand why it made an impression on me as it's Famous Five meets fantasy in a modernish setting modern being the nineties at the time but unfortunately it didn't recapture the magic for me as an adult Some things jarred for me as a modern reader why are the children so concerned their uncle isn't married to the mother of his baby and why are the children so mystified by vegetarianism Maybe it was a bigger deal in the nineties than I remember What I do like though is the effort the author makes to make the siblings feel real in their fights and petty uarrels unlike the Famous Five and how the novel addresses the sexism in both real life and fantasy roles whether it's Mary reacting to the doctor with the distinctly sexist look about him No I'd rather be a doctor I think or the Magician being unhappy the baby is a girl not a boy You can't have a woman Magician their minds are too engrossed They see the problems They make good witches Overall this is a perfectly nice British children's fantasy book but it hasn't excited me enough to continue re reading the series

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The Steps Up the ChimneyR holidays and they soon realize that there is something very mysterious about the ancient house. I read this series years ago when the TV series was shown and as I hadn't read them in a while I thought I'd see if they held up to a re read now I forgot just how long it takes to get going and how much exposition's involved in the beginning The main characters are also a bit irritating although I'll take that over books for children where the characters are so flawless that they end up being annoying In all it's a fairly easy to read introduction to the series which I think just scratches the surface of what's to come

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The Steps Up the Chimney Free read Þ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ø [Read] ➵ The Steps Up the Chimney ➱ William Corlett – William Mary and Alice encounter a magician from another time who gives them magical powers and sets them on important tasks The three children arrive at GoWilliam Mary and Up the PDF #10003 Alice encounter a magician from another time who gives them m. Trigger warnings absent parents childbirth animal death as in a fox kills some chickens an owl eats a mouse etcAs a kid I loved the absolute CRAP out of this series It was basically my version of Harry Potter a trio of city kids who go to a mysterious house in the country full of secrets and magic I was 100% there for it So when we got a copy at work recently I knew I had to pick it up and reread it Andit was still surprisingly decent for a children's book I'll be perfectly honest it's basically set up for the later books in the series so if you read this expecting a whole lot of depth and explanation You'll be disappointed Like at this point of the story the three kids have no idea what's going on They have no answers They just went to stay with their uncle and had a bunch of weird shit happen to them You know So yeah I'm definitely glad I reread this And I'm really hoping we get the seuels too