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What to Do with a Bad Boy The McCauley Brothers #4Praise for The Troublemaker Next Door A Do with Kindle #213 Publishers Weekly Top Romance for Spring Filled with strong willed characters The love sceneswill make readers sweat RT Book Reviews stars Top Pick GoldWHAT IS WITH MIKE McCAULEYEvery time Delilah Webster runs into Mike McCauley he practically bites What to PDF or her head off The rough and tumble contractor clearly has baggag. 4 Opposites Attract Stars Why is it everyone always thinks they know what is best for us They try to hook you up with the guy or gal you have no interest in with the resounding phrase of but they are perfect for you we know what is best Mike keeps hearing this from his Mom and siblings and he does his best to stay clear of it all He has no interest in being set up for a long term maybe this is the one relationship He had his true love and she gave him the most amazing gift in the world; his son Colin What was tragic was how she was taken from both of them shortly after he arrived Mike has worked to hold his life together with the support and help from his amazing family He muddled through the first years learning with Colin how the two of them were to survive and then flourish They are a team and Mike is happy he thinks devoting himself to his son; understanding he has had his one love and living this lifeThere is just one thing it seems all of his brothers have found their women and he is feeling the pull of discomfort of being out of sorts He has made a practice of hooking up when necessary with clear cut rules so there would be no hard feelings but lately he is sensing an emptiness which needs filling But it will not be with the tough tatted great looking Del oh no she is just too abrasive too tough and unfortunately too great looking She runs a mechanic shop with her family and she happens to be friends with one of the brother's gals so they now are interacting and and to top it off Colin is crazy about her Mike is irritated annoyed and uite frankly confused because on one hand he is angry Colin is learning swear words and will have to see her to take her to task for it on the other hand he is thinking of how he wants to paddle her beautiful assDel is of like mind as well she has no desire to hang out with Mike; no way is she interested in the big strong burly man who can make her feel feminine like no other guy No she is a tap it and go gal leave them before they leave her She learned that lesson early with a mother who had no mother gene in her body Del is determined to be strong; take no shit from anyone and just live her lifeAnd all along Colin the mastermind adorable little kid has a plan which he wants to put in motion will he be able to accomplish his goalThis story totally surprised the hell out of me It held my attention from the start It had the set up lead me down the road and I was hook for the entire rideThe characters had full back stories each had their own angst as to why they behaved the way they did Each had great senses of humor and acted like real people they messed up said sorry and messed up againThe chemistry for these two was off the charts and the way Mike talked to Del Holy Christmas it was hotThere was scene after scene between the two of them which could have made the firetrucks work over timeThis had heart caring and a couple of real life lessons that I wish most of us never have to experience Losing loved ones way too soon is devastating there never is a right time To somehow recover and allow yourself to feel again without guilt is a process It all happens at its own pace the trick is to allow it to happenThis is part of a series yet it read easily as a stand alone I will look for the other books as this author has shown m

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Away from a woman who makes him feel alive for the first time in yearsWhen a simple kiss to Do with a Bad MOBI #10003 turns hot and heavy Mike discovers he can't stay away no matter how certain he is they're destined to crash and burnMore praise for The Troublemaker Next Door A winner Fast paced with countless spicy scenes that will make readers hungry for the next installment Booklis. Finally Mike and Del get it together For several books in the series these two have danced around each other even though they both are attracted Mike has yet to let go of his grief over the death of his wife 6 years before and Del doesn't think she will measure up Mike is a neat freak single dad and Del is a tattooed garage administrator This is one of the grittiest of the books in the series with some pretty graphic sex scenes Both Mike and Del have baggage that they need to get rid of to be happy Mike's mother interferes and tries to hook him up with a passive aggressive single mom because she isn't thrilled about Del Del's family is supportive but they are teasers and don't realize when they have gone too far It's up to Mike and Del to show that they are serious about the relationship to get their families on board I loved the glimpses of the other couples in the book and especially the ongoing snarkiness about Vanessa and Cam from the last book That said this could be a book for a new to the series reader and they would have no problems with the story It looks like this is the end of the McCauleys I'm waiting to see what Ms Harte has up her writer's sleeve for future books

review What to Do with a Bad Boy The McCauley Brothers #4

What to Do with a Bad Boy The McCauley Brothers #4 Free read Ö 6 ✓ ❮Epub❯ ➡ What to Do with a Bad Boy The McCauley Brothers #4 ➠ Author Marie Harte – Horticulturetrader.co.uk Praise for The Troublemaker Next Door A Publishers Weekly Top 10 Romance for Spring Filled with strong willE Del has her own emotional scars and knows she's better off keeping her distance but Mike's temptation in jeans and a T shirt and she's always been good with her hands There's something about the strong willed to Do with PDF #180 mechanic that sets Mike's motor running and scares the hell out of him Mike has loved and lost and will never hurt like that again even if that means walking. We already met Delilah Webster a tatooed and pierced mechanic and Mike McCauley a widower and single dad of an adorable six year old son From what we saw it was obvious that things between them would be intense explosive and torrid That's what we got in this book Del sassy fierce and with a big heart Mike dominant but not the uber alpha who can't share control when they both feel the need They're doing a good job at pretending they can't stand each other but not so great at acting like they're not strongly attracted to each other That's why it's so fun for the reader to watch these two trying to deal with their growing feelings But after losing the love of his life six years ago Mike gave up on love and Del is not dreaming about happily ever after either so why not get this blazing chemistry out of their system and enjoy a couple nights of pleasure Last Sunday my sister and I passed by a garage nearby and she said it made her think about Del and the boys working at her father's repair shop It made me want to reread my favorite book of the series I think that if I was reading this book for the first time today I probably wouldn't enjoy it as much as I did back then Something to do with what I recently began to call douchitude and too many emphasis and talk about the proportion of a certain part of the male anatomy to name but a few I can't deny this book is hot and if you like crude than dirty talk you're gonna be pleased but when those kind of details are repeat and repeat it tend to get on my nerves after a time I don't think I need to hear about it twenty times in a story you know Having said that the chemistry between Mike and Del was certainly there and very tangible And Del is the kind of unusual heroine that I like confident and she doesn't let others dictate who she should be or how she should live her life You either like her or hate her but she won't apologize for being herself Authenticity originality and generosity It take a strong man to handle her but he also need to be caring and that's why Mike was the perfect guy for her Colin Mike's little boy was an important character of this book and such a cute kid and a comic relief too For all those reasons and because I remember what fun it was to fall in love with these characters I'm keeping my initial rating