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Wonder AUTHOR R.J. Palacio doc æ Hardcover Read × horticulturetrader Ç ✍ Wonder pdf ✎ Author R.J. Palacio – Horticulturetrader.co.uk I won’t describe what I look like Whatever you’re thinking it’s probably worse August Pullman was born with a facial difference that up until nowGet past Auggie’s extraordinary face Wonder begins from Auggie’s point of view but soon switches to include his classmates his sister her boyfriend and others A wonderful read for all ages

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Ted him from going to a mainstream school Starting th grade at Beecher Prep he wants nothing than to be treated as an ordinary kid but his new classmates can’t ”You don’t need your eyes to love right You just feel it inside you”I chose this uote as my introduction to this review because I think it fits the prevailing mood of the book so very well In my case “Wonder” definitely wasn’t a sad book or a book that caused me to cry rivers of tears it however was a book that made me think a lot about life though I mean how could you not think about Auggie and the world we live in after finishing this book How could you not wonder if you’re a good and righteous person It’s easy to say you’d never talk bad about a boy like Auggie but how many of us can truly say that they never said a single bad word about another person How many can say they never bitched about someone else I think the answer is “none” ”Jack sometimes you don’t have to mean to hurt someone to hurt someone You understand”We’re all human we have our dumb moments we make mistakes and we all have flaws The thing is no one is perfect and I think “Wonder” teaches this lesson very well Not directly or forthright like you would expect but subtly and with a lot of finesse ; We can read it in the way the students react when Auggie starts to attend their school we can see it in the blunt hostility Julian is showing whenever no adult is around to see it We witness it in the change of the students in the change of the tide And this my dear friends is so beautiful and amazing to watch ”At first I admit it I was only friendly to him because MrTushman asked me to be especially nice and all that But now I would choose to hang out with him He laughs at all my jokes And I kind of feel like I can tell August anything Like he’s a good friend Like if all the guys in fifth grade were lined up against a wall and I got to choose anyone I wanted to hang out with I would choose August”Slowly and gradually the children around Auggie begin to realise that he’s just another normal kid and that his face might look different but that he’s actually a really cool guy to hang out with He convinces them with his actions and his wonderful character Not with his looks XD ”She kissed me all over my face She kissed my eyes that came down too far She kissed my cheeks that looked punched in She kissed my tortoise mouth She said soft words that I know were meant to help me but words can’t change my face”Still there were many moments my heart ached for August and sometimes I just wanted to hug him like his mom It made me sad that he had to fight for being accepted that he couldn’t just go out like any other kid that there always were people who stared at him But I didn’t just feel for our cute and adorable protagonist but also for his family and friends The moment his father cried alone in his bedroom touched me so much I just couldn’t stop thinking about it Not even after I closed the book ”His back was to the door so he didn’t know I was there At first I thought he was laughing because his shoulders were shaking but then he put his palms on his eyes and I realized he was crying It was the uietest crying I’ve ever heard Like a whisper”I know everyone talks about Auggie and his experiences but I think his parents deserve to be mentioned as welll They raised two wonderful children Against all odds and with all the love a parent is able to give For me they are the secret stars of the book and I love them with all my heart They raised Auggie and Via to be two awesome and independent kids and this is an achievement Plus can we acknowledge their grandma as well I loved the scene with Via and her because it was done so beautifully ”I love Auggie very very much” she said softly I can still remember her Portuguese accent the way she rolled her r’s “But he has many angels looking out for him already Via And I want you to know that you have me looking out for you Okay menina uerida I want you to know that you are number one for me You are my ” She looked out at the ocean and spread her hands out like she was trying to smooth out the waves “You are my everything You understand me Via Tu es meu tudo”Their grandma understood Via and her troubles and it may seem strange but I was so thankful for her saying those things As Auggie’s sister Via didn’t always get the attention she needed because parents tend to take care of the kid that has problems and is in need of their advertency They had no other choice it’s only natural Still I loved Olivia for accepting this and I loved her even for supporting her brother She obviously couldn’t help but feel alone sometimes though and it was really comforting to know that her grandma was watching out for her Well her grandma and Justin of course ; P I’m sure if I wanted I could probably write an entire essay about this book but I guess I’ll just leave it at that In this particular case it might be best if you experience this “wonderful” book yourself All I’m saying is that “Wonder” was a heart warming and super sweet read I can recommend it to everyone and I really hope many people will learn from it and will become broad minded and kind in the future Open your minds and heartsYou’re beautiful and perfectly imperfect; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise ; ”You were wearing that helmet all the time And the real real real real truth is I missed seeing your face Auggie I know you don’t always love it but you have to understand I love it I love this face of yours Auggie completely and passionately And it kind of broke my heart that you were always covering it up”

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Wonder AUTHOR R.J. PalacI won’t describe what I look like Whatever you’re thinking it’s probably worse August Pullman was born with a facial difference that up until now has preven Ye gods what a wonderful book I don't read a lot of realistic middle grade fiction I tend to gravitate toward fantasy But this is probably the best such book I've read since Sherman Alexie's The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time IndianThe main character August Auggie Pullman is a ten year old boy with severe facial abnormalities Little kids scream when they see him Older kids make fun of him and call him a freak Auggie is home schooled through grade four but for middle school his parents decide to send him to a private school Beecher Prep in New York City Wonder is the story of his fifth grade year told partly from Auggie's perspective and partly from the other kids in his life his sister Via her oldest friend Miranda Via's boyfriend Justin and Jack and Summer Auggie's new friends at Beecher Prep Each narrator has a distinct completely believable voice Palacio writes with just the right balance of humor and pathos making each character both flawed and sympathetic She gets kids how they think how they talk how they have the capacity to be both horribly mean and incredibly brave and kind I recognize these characters from my years of teaching middle school and I'm sure young readers will recognize them too The book rings with authenticity The short chapters and shifting narrative make this a uick easy read It's a feel good book with a great message and the ending is a tearjerker in the best possible way I'd recommend it without hesitation to most middle grade readers girls or boys even those who may not normally pick up realistic fiction