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Retribution Read ↠ 9 ↠ ❅ [KINDLE] ✾ Retribution By Jilliane Hoffman ➞ – KlappentextDer Alptraum jeder Frau Du kommst abends in dein Apartment Du bist allein Alles scheint wie immer nur ein paar Kleinigkeiten lassen dich stutzen Du kümmerst dich nicht darum Du gehst schla KlappentextDer Alptraum jeder FrauBesteht kein Zweifel ihr gegenüber sitzt der Mann der sie vor Jahren eine ganze entsetzliche Nacht lang gefoltert und vergewaltigt hat Wider alle Vernunft will C J nur eins Vergeltung Dabei vergisst sie dass Rache auch blind machen kann Blind gegenüber der tödlichen Gefahr die für sie von Cupido noch immer ausgeh. I enjoyed this book a lot It's thrilling to the end with a lot of twists and new revelations etcI guessed some of the turns but there were still enough how and am I right thoughts So it definitely didn't get boring

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KlappentextDer Alptraum jeder Frau Du kommst abends in dein Apartment Du bist allein Alles scheint wie immer nur ein paar Kleinigkeiten lassen dich stutzen Du kümmerst dich nicht darum Du gehst schlafen Und auf diesen Moment hat der Mann der unter deinem Fenster lauert nur gewartet C J ist Staatsanwältin in Miami un. This is a remarkable debut novel I must say up front that the protagonist is a rapetorture victim Not everyone can stomach the horrors that were perpetrated on her but from that moment on I understood her motivation The character was well written and I felt her fear paranoia anger and loss of control This book was not a white knuckle page turner; it slowly and methodically revealed the story and its surprises It is also a sad but perhaps realistic commentary on our law enforcement and legal systems I think readers of this book will have to judge for themselves what is right and what is wrong Recommended

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RetributionD sie ist ein As Eines Tages schnappt die Polizei bei einer zufälligen Verkehrskontrolle einen psychopathischen Serienkiller nach dem seit Monaten gefahndet wird Weil C J die Beste ist betraut man sie mit der Anklage Aber als ihr der Mann vorgeführt wird den sie im Polizeijargon Cupido nennen ist sie wie gelähmt Es. Judging from the other reviews it looks like I'm the only one who did not enjoy this book This is my second novel of Jilliane Hoffman’s I’ve read and it will be my last I should have learned my lesson after reading her other one I didn’t find this novel entertaining at all Nor was it suspenseful or thrilling For a court room drama it’s uite the bore It revolves around CJ Townsend who is a district attorney in the state of Florida Twelve years earlier while studying in New York she was violently raped There’s a serial killer who has just been captured and CJ is in charge of prosecuting it Everyone is gunning for a guilty plea of course however as soon as she sees the alleged serial killer her world is turned upside down as she realizes he’s the same person who raped her and he in turn recognizes her She doesn’t know if she should continue to prosecute the case or not but she just wants to make sure that no one finds out what happened to her years earlier This is where the story becomes ridiculous than it already is She has a reputation of being smart strong and in control in the courtroom but right now she’s having a hard time dealing with it You think When she’s alone she’s a complete mess She doesn’t want any help or wants to talk to anyone especially with Agent Falconetti who cares for her and knows that something is wrong He sees that she’s losing weight jumpy at every turn and has dark circles under her eyes yet he does nothing but stand by and constantly ask if she’s ok As well throughout the entire plot she just goes on and on about her rape I’m not condemning judging or knocking the feelings of one being raped however it just seems that the author let CJ’s personal problems over shadow a story that could have been exciting instead of so long winded None of the characters jump out and they have no depth The plot is full of improbabilities that it’s ludicrous The blossoming relationship between CJ and Falconetti is superficial I can’t imagine any man wanting to be in a relationship with such a person who is a complete nut because that’s what she comes across as For a supposedly smart woman she’s beyond stupid There are way better books out there to read I’m just glad I didn’t buy this book but checked it out of the library You might want to do the same