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Sailing to SarantiumMission and a talisman from an alchemist Once in the fabled city with its taverns and gilded sanctuaries chariot races and palaces intrigues and viol 435 A buddy read with the Fantasy Buddy Read Group because we love Kay's storytelling “He wanted to achieve something of surpassing beauty that would last A creation that would mean that he the mosaic worker Caius Crispus of Varena had been born and lived a life and had come to understand a portion of the nature of the world of what ran through and beneath the deeds of women and men in their souls and in the beauty and the pain of their short living beneath the sun” I grew up with stories of the Golden Age of Byzantium Not hard to do when we still have churches and mosaics left on the Balkans as legacy of that time Reading Sailing to Sarantium reminded me of those histories and it is exactly as the author intended Sarantium is the Fantasy representation of that most glorious and opulent of times in Constantinople when gold was heavy in the coffers and gems were mixed with the colored glass chips adorning the walls and window panes of the houses of G d Not to be outshines by the divinity those rich and powerful enough adorned their own households in similar lavish fashion proving to lesser beings how close they are to the Almighty and how the poor are insignificant compared to them This is a tactic employed by the self aggrandizing power mongers since beginning of time but it does seem like Empires when reaching their highs and are on the verge of reaching that edge after which follows a demise tend to find most reasons for building magnificent monuments to their rains statues of their heroes and art proclaiming their G ds Loudly and very expensively O sages standing in God’s holy fireAs in the gold mosaic of a wallCome from the holy fire perne in a gyreAnd be the singing masters of my soulConsume my heart away; sick with desireAnd fastened to a dying animalIt knows not what it is; and gather meInto the artifice of eternity Sailing to Byzantium by W B YeatsThe homage G G Kay pays to Yeats is obvious but also does the great poet justice Just as in the short poem so in this first part of a duology we are given beautiful prose and the reflection on loss mortality and what is left behind after we are gone What is a legacy and how your role in everyday life directly effects the meaning of the concept Is it enough to be remembered by your loved ones or by a country or by a civilization? What is the best way to make our mark and do we need a monument to ourselves other than what we do with our lives? Is flesh of your flesh the only way to continue who you are not just the material of which you are made? And this is just the legacy part The grief and loss of your beloved spouse and children are they enough for the ones left behind to attempt to stop time and refuse all joy that might follow? Does a happy moment after their death dishonor them? Or having love for someone new make the love you felt for them less or cheapen its value? But what did one own if life if love could be taken away to darkness? Was it all not just a loan a leasehold transitory as candles? The story in the tradition of GGK's world building and storytelling is about a talented Artisan who is a well respected mosaic creator Caius Crispus of Varena is on his way to Sarantium under a false name and with a contract to craft a mosaic for the newest basilica euivalent of Haghia Sofia just build by the current Emperor Valerius and the Empress who have no hairs and feel the pressure of newer emerging powers bubbling in the political swamp around them Faced with their mortality and well versed in the ways of toppling powerful figures Valerius and his wife are looking for their rode to immortality On the road from the Western seat of the Empire Crispin has some very moving experiences with one of the Old G ds and a very spiritual revelation when looking at a representation of the One G d of his fate A very knowledgeable GR friend of mine was very good to tell me that such reactions to art have a name hyperkulturemia See we always learn something new “Amazing when you thought about it how uickly made decisions became the life you lived” Crispin is uickly immersed in the politics and intrigues of the high echelons and just as uickly his life becomes imperiled However amid loss danger and supernatural beings he also struggles with staying true to the memory of his perished wife since he seems surrounded by some extraordinary women gifted not only with good looks and high station but intellect and whit and see him almost as a challenge as to which one of them would get him to surrender I love the way GGK describes art atmosphere and women I don't think I could grow tired of his veneration of all three This is why and the political intrigue of course I am looking forward to reading the conclusion to this marvelous series I know not all enjoy his writing style but it fits my reading preferences juuuust right Now I wish you all Happy Reading and may you Always find what you Need in the pages of a Good Book

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Book ¶ Sailing to Sarantium ↠ 448 pages ä ☀ [PDF / Epub] ★ Sailing to Sarantium By Guy Gavriel Kay ✍ – Crispin is a master mosaicist creating beautiful art with colored stones and glass Summoned to Sarantium by imperial reuest he bears a ueen's secret mission and a talisman from Ence Crispin must find his own source of power in order to survive and unexpectedly discovers it high on the scaffolding of his own greatest creation What can I say? It seems to be difficult to rate Kay's books any less than 5 full and deserved stars This story offers among others a compelling “game of courts and intrigues” violent intricacies the clash of the sacred and profane journeys and brilliant colors all skillfully brushed with Kay's trademark themes and storytellingSurprisingly this book has a few magical elements than those I read before namely the brilliant masterpieces that are The Lions of Al Rassan and A Song for Arbonne and they fit very well into a story fashioned after the reign of Justinian the Great Moving with ease in his alternate Byzantium Kay crafts an engaging tale and gives all his characters a full voice each with well rounded thoughts and personalitiesThrough the gradual world building the captivating introduction of the characters and the use of foreshadowing if a bit pronounced the narrative unfolds in a crescendo of unpredictability and tension achieving an impeccable immersive effect and seamlessly bridging the two instalments of this duetDo yourself a favor pick a book penned by Kay You moved through time and things were left behind and yet stayed with you The nature of how men lived He had thought to avoid that to hide from it after they’d died It could not be done

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Crispin is a master mosaicist creating beautiful art with colored stones and glass Summoned to Sarantium by imperial reuest he bears a ueen's secret Most of today's fantasy can be traced through branches back to rather small root Epic fantasy can be traced back Lord of the rings fairytale inspired fantasy like that of Gaiman or Diana Wyn Jones can be traced to Lud in the Mist grimdark to Dread empire military fantasy to Black company science fantasy to Amber chronicles Kay is one of few authors who's work come from different tree entirely as he draws inspiration from history and historical fiction Sailing to Sarantium play out like book of historical fiction with personal story of an artisan as main focus Setting is heavily inspired by Byzantium of Justinian I Beside few fantasy elements this is very authentic setting and technology medicine and way of life match those from history books So Kay put story in historic setting but without restraints of real world's history and geography In fact way supernatural elements are used is similar to magical realism than fantasyI remember Terry Goodkind talking about not liking his books being labeled as fantasy because he writes books about people no matter what setting they are in Now Goodkind is delusional self loving army but what he says about himself can be applied to Kay Story is slow paced and not that eventful and without huge twists or tear jerking moments This to me would generally sounds like a flaw as book sounds dull when you describe it to people but it really isn't This book relies on elaborate worldbuilding and very well developed characters to keep readers attention and it did keep me enthralled from first to last pageConsidering my previous experiences with Kay I think it's not too soon to put of on my favorite fantasy authors list