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Рядко се намира роман който да е толкова музикален Николай Грозни пренася своя читател в един водовъртеж от звуци Всяка отделна глава подобно на действие от една симфония носи името на пиано шедьовър от романтизма В това необятно стихотворение в проза с брилянтни описания пиесите на Шопен придобиват особена монументалност И тъй като тук истинският смисъл на живота е да свириш прелюдиите на Шопен за себе си страниците са наводнени от лиричност която служи като антидот срещу идиотския и жесток свят Със своя антураж от персонажи карика. Nikolai Grozni's book Wunderkind was a terrifying reading experience It was also disturbing sad embarrassing A few times I had to put it down and walk away It was uite literally making me sickIt is also absolutely spectacularWunderkind is an autobiographical novel about a piano student at the Sofia Music School for the Gifted in the last couple of years of communism Konstantin and his friends are bright passionate talented and that makes them everything that the regime does not need them to be Young hearts and minds are treated as criminals for wanting to be free and inspired Ideas are crushed Brains are washed Hopes and dreams are laughed upon Full review here

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Wunderkindтури на безумието извращението и лъжите циркът на живота действа като една непоколебима сатирична машина чиято цел е да осмива обществения строй Петнайсетгодишният Константин е бунтарски настроен много талантлив пианист с необикновена чувствителност в безперспективната и контролирана среда на София през те години Опитва се да се справи с възрастното поколение в общество в което за изразяването на откровеността често се заплаща висока цена Прикован от милитаризма на музикалното училище за даровити деца през по голямата част от де. This is a phenomenal book It captures the atmosphere of 1980's Sofia brilliantly The sky over Sofia is made of granite It is gray in the morning grayer in the afternoon and black at night; black but with a faint ruby glow its hard grainy surface ignited by blinking traffic lights brightly lit streetcars restless apartment buildings television sets neon signs by iridescent Russian soldiers cast in bronze and the red dreams of fat apparatchiks sleepwalking through the collected works of VI Lenin It's not so different here now although we are mostly minus LeninIt's not an easy book to read as the semi autobiographical hero is bent on a course of self destruction and the world he lives in is almost without grace or redemption But still there are moments of beauty captured in the descriptions of the music and it is a must read for people interested in the Balkans It reflects better than anything I've read the strain of living with the lies and contradictions of authoritarian regimes I would have given it 5 stars but I felt it wobbled a little at the end I'd give it another 12 star if I could for the beautiful language especially considering the author wrote it in English it's not a translation Really worth it

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Wunderkind Read è 2 ↠ ❴Ebook❵ ➠ Wunderkind Author Nikolai Grozni – Horticulturetrader.co.uk Рядко се намира роман който да е толкова музикален Николай Грозни пренася своя читател в един водовъртеж от з Рядко се намира роман кня Константин тържествува над режима чрез своите малки бунтове като пушене пиене подигравки с властта и противопоставяне на учителите си при всяка възможност Въпреки всичко той се упражнява в свиренето с истинска отдаденост вдъхновен от произведенията на Шопен Дебюси и Бах Вундеркинд е хипнотична и затрогваща книга със съзерцателния портрет на юношеската обърканост която ни дава изящен и трагикомичен поглед за случващото се зад Желязната завеса в самия край на Студената война Животоспасяваща се оказва благодатта на добрата музик. This is a debut novel that is absolutely mesmerizing The author of this magical story is a very accomplished memoirist who has been heralded by the New York Times Book Review for his Editor’s Choice Pick Turtle Feet But in this his first foray into the world of fiction Nikolai Grozni offers a captivating story that will have readers calling out for his next book The narrator of our novel is a fifteen year old young man by the name of Konstantin and to say this boy has talent would be an understatement In fact Konstantin is brilliant and he knows it as he creates music as lovingly and artfully as Michelangelo did when sculpting his David But Konstantin is experiencing many difficult issues in his life He has been literally confined to the Music School and is reacting substantially to the issues involving his country and his government It is Sofia Bulgaria in the late 1980’s and the communist regime is absolutely brutal They’re also the ones who run the Sofia Music School for the Gifted where Konstantin lives The school is run with the same “iron fist” that the rest of Sofia is run by; these people are unmerciful unbending and completely rigid to the children causing some to end up despising the music that’d once made them happy Konstantin is a rebel Smoking drinking partying he simply can not stand living under the brutality and oppressiveness that communism has caused in his life Although the depression despair and fear exist in Konstantin’s heart and soul his outward behavior is that of pure arrogance which not only hurts him in school but also makes it impossible for him to get close to the one person who he cares for deep inside his soul; Irina a lovely girl whose violin is her only saving grace The one thing that Konstantin can always count on is his piano An extremely talented musician the passion and drive he has for piano playing is the only thing that makes his world possible to live in and also gives Konstantin the opportunity to get out of the country and out from under his own self destructiveness in order to have a life and secure a blessed future Each and every page of this book is remarkable The author has done a superb job of structuring each chapter so that it relies upon a piece of music In fact it is so well done that it feels as if you’re reading not a novel but a tribute to the world of music This man’s life may have started out as a horror show but through music became a true and utter gift A literary triumph This in depth and highly emotional look at life behind the Iron Curtain for a piano prodigy is beyond outstanding and one readers will never forget