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Two young men meet Beauty of Epub #225 for one of them this is love at first sight for the other only lust and guilt In Paul Harris returns to England from self imposed exile All the PDF or in Tangiers for an exhibition of his paintings He leaves behind Patrick the man he has. This is a seuel of sorts to Husband's The Boy I Love which I reviewed in 2007 It's a little confusing because the three books in the series The Boy I Love Paper Moon and All the Beauty of the Sun were written in the order above but the timeline is The Boy I Love All the Beauty of the Sun and Paper Moon This is important if you were setting off to read them all in order and I highly recommend you do because these books are stellar Simply the pinnacle of gay historical fictionHusband's prose suits me perfectly I'm uite aware that this literary style won't be everyone's cup of tea but I find her level of detail her love for the minutiae in the depth of great emotion to be one of her greatest assets She's not content with someone walking with some distress through London streets; with skillful use of layering detail on detail she brings the scene to live through sights scents sounds even touch The effect of this is not only to show the protagonists emotional state which literary fiction must rely on but to immerse you entirely into the scene sometimes you feel so close that you wonder that the characters can't see you peering in on themPaul Harris whose story is or less the mutual thread in the series has returned from Tangiers where he's been living in exile with his lover Patrick in order to show his war paintings in a London gallery and hopefully to sell them He's uncertain as to whether the trip was sensible he's an ex convict and would be in danger one again should his homosexuality be exposed again and he's left Patrick behind He is anchored with Patrick Patrick was his sargeant in the war and Paul learned in the trenches to rely on Patrick and it is Patrick that pulled Paul out of than one terrible problems in the previous bookSadly though Paul is very much if you can't be with the one you love love the one you are with so anyone who dislikes this ethos might want to avoidHis story interweaves with the others in the story Ann the good time girl and artists' model Lawrence straight but probably on his wavelength than any the gallery owner and artist Joseph Day love rival for Ann and Edmund public schoolboy and bi curious gay virgin Some of it is written in third person some in first some in stream of conciousness so if that literary style isn't for you you might not want to try it but I think you should because the writing is so utterly beautifulEven when it is recounting the worst of times death in the trenches being one dark subject the prose remains clear and honest This isn't for those who find World War One unreadable something that dwells heavily on the trenches It's mentioned and obviously the effects of the war still resonate with everyone physically and mentally but it's not the only factor Paul has demons than just the war oh yes indeedI can't help but care for Paul passionately I felt tremendously sorry for him and the things he does in London were unwise but I felt he was a leaf blown about by fate and he didn't have the fibre to hold himself upright I think any pretty young man would have captured him Despite what he purports to feel about Edmund I was never fully convinced I don't think he could separate love and sex and Edmund was relatively untouched by the war He lost a brother but he was too young to have been in himself Perhaps it is that aspect of Edmund that draws Paul like a moth to a flameI did find the relationships rather confusing and they lent heavily on coincidence Everyone seemed to know everyone else Ann for example who Paul has only met through Lawrence and Edmund knows and has had a relationship with Matthew a man who has spent years in hospital the war drove him madIt's hard to describe the plot because other than the thread of Paul of Edmund there isn't really much of one but that's no detriment Rather it's a slice of life we start watching these characters at a certain point and we stop at a certain point There's no definitive ending no neat tying up of plot lines because this deals with life and of course life doesn't have genre endingAll of the characters and there are than I've described all of whom are connected to Paul in some way or other are fully fleshed out their actions and reactions explored and conseuences or the threat of conseuences worried about I take my hat off to Husband because she is a master juggler of plotlines how she does it and with such a deft touch is beyond meSo don't miss this series if you love the power of words words rich in layer and tone without swamping themselves in the morass of this is literature you will love them Can't recommend them enoughAs a final note I have to mention the covers The trilogy has been republished by Accent Press with new covers and they are terribly misleading On each cover as you can see there's a close up of a beautiful woman with a warLondon backdrop Seeing that in a bookshop makes one think that you are getting a standard women's fiction book or a romance Granted the back makes it clear that the story revolves around Paul and his loves but the cover It's baffling If the publisher was actually afraid to put a picture of a man on The Boy I Love and All the Beauty of the Sun then it's rather misrepresenting and once a reader buys a book thinking it's one thing and finds that actually it's gay romance with some scenes with description than the average non gay fiction reader can cope with they probably won't come back I would have much preferred a honest cover but this doesn't affect the five star mark of course

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All the Beauty of the SunLoved since they met in the trenches in needing to discover if he has the strength the Beauty of Kindle #212 to live without him and wanting to explore the kind of life he might have lived had it not been for the war In Bohemian Soho Paul meets Edmund whose passionate love cha. I enjoyed this novel and I still think Marion Husband is a great writer However the fact that she wrote this novel after the first and third books in the trilogy make for a disjointed story Her writing style has changed since the first two books and I felt hoiked out of the reading experience from time to time I think her best character in this trilogy is Paul Harris I feel I know him so well I wasn't sure how the MatthewAnn story fitted in and this sub plot felt tacked on Is Edmund mentioned in the third book Paper Moon I don't think so and he should be I want to see how that story develops and I'm sure his experiences of WW2 would be crucial to the story I was a little disappointed If All The Beauty of the Sun had been written as a stand alone then it would be all the better for it Sorry Marion

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All the Beauty of the Sun Summary ò 100 Ú ➮ [Ebook] ➩ All the Beauty of the Sun By Marion Husband ➺ – Two young men meet for one of them this is love at first sight for the other only lust and guilt In 1925 Paul Harris returns to England from self imposed exile in Tangiers for an exhibitionNges Paul's idea of himself With Edmund Paul begins to believe that he may have another life to live free of the guilt and regrets of the past But the past is not so easy to escape and when Patrick follows Paul to London a decision must be made that will affect all their lives. I really liked this story It is a bit dark Paul is 30 years old and has lived the life of one much older He's been to war he's been married and divorced he's had many lovers and he's had Patrick his partner since he met him in the trenches during the Great War Patrick and Paul have a deeply convaluted relationship Patrick has loved Paul since the moment he saw him Paul is driven mostly by lust and self presevation Patrick sees to that preservation Paul is an artist He and Patrick live in Tangiers an easier place than England for two bent men as Patrick calls them Paul misses England and wants to go home at least to visit A showing of his art in a London gallery provides the opportunity He goes alone; Patrick has no desire for England In London Paul seeks out the company of a young man named Eduard he meets at the showing even though it is clear to him that Eduard is somehow involved with Ann Paul can it seems sense a new lover even when the lover is deeply in denial of his sexuality Eduard falls as Patrick did immediately in love with Paul Paul is hoping this relationship will free him to be strong to escape his past to be able to live without Patrick's ever present protection to be able to live in England as his own man He has not been able to do that to date somehow caught in his adolescense defined by the war and his past and his fear The story contains lots of twists and turns and interaction of charaters that the reader does not expect; Paul's father his former mother in law his son his old friend Matthew These people connect to his past and to his present How will it all sort out Worth the read to find out