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Download á Athelstan õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¼ ➸ Athelstan Free ➮ Author Tom Holland – The formation of England occurred against the odds an island divided into rival kingdoms under savage assault from Viking hordes But after King Alfred ensured the survival of Wessex and hiIng of the whole of Britain'Tom Holland recounts this extraordinary story with relish and drama transporting us back to a time of omens raven harbingers and blood red battlefields As well as giving form to the figure of Athelstan devout shrewd all too aware of the precarious nature of his power especially in the north he introduces the great. The epic first installment of the Penguin Monarchs series describing Athelstan's achievements uniting England establishing diplomatic relations with continental European powers and managing a fractious royal succession Athelstan's personality and even the site of the most decisive battle of his reign remain elusive but the book discusses the political and religious influences of his times and the family who shaped his childhood and adolescence his grandfather Alfred the Great his father Edward the Elder and his warrior ueen aunt Aethelflaed of Mercia I am pleased that the Penguin Monarchs series includes volumes about the Anglo Saxon monarchs as it is essential to start before 1066 to understand the foundations of England and the monarchy

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Figures of the age including Alfred and his daughter Aethelflaed 'Lady of the Mercians' who brought Athelstan up at the Mercian court Making sense of the family rivalries and fractious conflicts of the Anglo Saxon rulers Holland shows us how a royal dynasty rescued their kingdom from near oblivion and fashioned a nation that endures to this d. Absolutely intriguing I went into this book without knowing anything about Athelstan and now i feel like a pro I wouldn't have bought it if it had been a bit longer but having finished it I'm wishing it had been I absolutely loved the writing style It was so hilariously pompous and melodramatic that I found myself reading bits out to people and laughing out loud Honestly I would recommend this to anyone It was so funny and enjoyable and educational with no prior knowledge reuired

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AthelstanThe formation of England occurred against the odds an island divided into rival kingdoms under savage assault from Viking hordes But after King Alfred ensured the survival of Wessex and his son Edward expanded it his grandson Athelstan inherited the rule of both Mercia and Wessex conuered Northumbria and was hailed as Rex totius Britanniae 'K. A super little book How has this man escaped my radar for so long – the first real King of a united England and arguably of Britain Why aren’t there kids around called Athelstan He achieved a lot in his shortish life and reign 45 and 15 respectively Warrior scholar patron of the arts and devout Christian with a special relationship with the long dead St Cuthbert Interestingly he never married unlike his father Edward who was always changing his wives Athelstan was born to an early and soon to be sidelined wife As the new wives and kids graced the royal fold Athelstan was rather forgotten about brought up at the court of his indomitable aunt but a generally good egg if you kept on the right side of her ueen Aethelflaed of MerciaHis Grandfather Alfred the Greatearly spotted Athelstan’s potential and they seem to have had a special relationshipWilliam of Malmesbury writing his life some 200 years or so after Athelstan’s death said of of him “He was a man whose life though short was glorious” He pointed to his martial achievements as well as his passion for justice his piety and learningTom Holland’s conclusion will stick with me for a while“In a country that has been a unitary state for longer than any other in Europe the sheer feat of statecraft that was reuired to bring it into existence risks being signally underestimated The king who founded England has largely been forgotten even by the English”Recommended 4