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Nn just in diesem Moment befindet er sich auf dem Weg ins Magisterium Der unterirdischen Schule für Zauberei Ein dunkler und geheimnisvoller Ort Dort soll er bei Master Rufus dem mächtig. You're all thinking it No one wants to say it but we're all thinking it sigh Okay fine i'll say itJK Rowling to Cassandra ClareWell at least this one isn't about Shadowhunters

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The Iron TrialSten Magier der Schule in die Lehre zu gehen Doch alles was Call über ihn und das Magisterium weiß lässt ihn befürchten das erste Schuljahr nicht The Iron Kindle lebend zu überstehe. I really wanted to love this one and I could almost give it a 3 star after the fascinating twist at the end but I just can't For the most part I couldn't stop seeing the glaring parallels with Harry Potter which annoyed me endlessly I'm not one to roll my eyes at similar storylines I don't curse all MG novels about magic school for being Harry Potter rip offs but there are only so many similarities I can tolerateSo let's see we have this kid Call who was marked at birth by the most evil of its kind someone corrupted by his desire to become immortal called the Enemy of Death but I call him Ed sounds much ominous don't you think When Call gets to magic school the best of the masters takes him under his wing telling him how he has a hunch that he will be something special Then he teams him up with a boy and a girl telling them they were chosen to form this special combination probably because he saw it in a Harry Potter movie There were but smaller similarities throughout like how he finds a small creature that bore resemblance to Dobby not in appearance but in uirkiness and general oddity of a friend their whole setup for meals with magic food and general atmosphere of the school things like thatParallels aside the plot kind of bored me for the most part There's a lot of time spent on character building that ended up just being boring A number of chapters wasted on sorting sand not kidding for instance followed by exercises or tests that ended up being uite pointless for story progression Ok fine we get to explore the school grounds and learn some interesting history which helped expand the world building a bit so I do give it some credit but I felt as if everything that happened everywhere we went were just detours designed to give further hints towards an eventual twist A twist that was surprisingly really intriguing but easy to predict after all those not so inconspicuous winks As far as characters the cast was diverse and engaging enough but I didn't feel especially attached to any of them Nor did I feel as if I really got to know them aside from maybe Callum I know the role they each have to play in the story but I couldn't even recall most of the side characters from one sitting to the next The world could have also used a wider scope How they find students for the Iron Trial had me a bit confused especially as it said some kids don't even know themselves they have magical abilities It seems like it would be easy for a kid to to fly under the radar At any rate the entire mage historypurpose is briefed in a mere 2 pagesAm I sufficiently intrigued to want to continue with the series I think the twist offers something new and thought provoking enough to make me want to know where it will go from here so I will be highly tempted but I'm not sure this one will even be memorable enough for me to care by the time it's released Either way I will always be a fan of Holly Black but this one left me feeling disappointed An advance copy was provided by the publisher for reviewFor of my reviews visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

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The Iron Trial Read ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ ❮Ebook❯ ➡ The Iron Trial Author Holly Black – Geschlagen mit einem lahmen Bein und einer scharfen Zunge ist der zwölfjährige Callum nicht gerade der beliebteste Junge auf dem Planeten Doch das ist erst mal sein geringstes ProbGeschlagen mit einem lahmen Bein und einer scharfen Zunge ist der zwölfjährige Callum nicht gerade der beliebteste Junge auf dem Planeten Doch das ist erst mal sein geringstes Problem De. What's with all the Harry Potter comments Can authors not write stories about kids and magicians any because it's a rip off of H Potter