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Fallen AngelsIrefighter Harris Black finds a shoebox filled with striking nudes and a handwritten note admitting to the woman’s love forhim Who is the enigmatic woman in the photos and how does she know him so well His next door neighbor and best friend PI Clair Caldwell is the perfect person to help him solve the mystery Except that Clair is already involved than he ever could have guessed. Wonderful seriesThe characters and situations they get into are great Dane and Angel are such an awesome couple and the mystery is woven so well through the love story Alec and Celia have wonderful chemistry and the danger in the story really ramp up the speed you read the story in Harris and Clair are good friends from the start and the humor in this story is awesome I would recommend these stories to any adult reader who enjoys great characters and hot sexy scenes

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Download Fallen Angels ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ë ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Fallen Angels By Lori Foster ✸ – Featuring a brand new novella as well as two classic stories this trade paperback volume offers pure reading pleasure for Lori Foster's continuously growing fan baseBeguFeaturing a brand new novella as well as two classic stories this trade paperback volume offers pure reading pleasure for Lori Foster's continuously growing fan baseBeguiled PI Men to the Rescue PI Dane Carter assumed his murdered twin's identity to find his killer Angel Morris was his main suspect a woman his twin had betrayed Now Dane could destroy her trust again By falling in. This book contains three stories which I rate as 4 stars 3 stars and 2 stars4 stars to BEGUILEDBeguiled is a feel good story I loved Dane's character I loved the way he was immediately sexually drawn to Angel cared for her and did things for her the baby and Mick The main conflict comes from someone threatening her A secondary conflict is Dane is pretending to be his twin brother Derek who was murdered Derek had treated Angel badly Dane is now pretending to be Derek and apologizing for the prior bad treatment of herCAUTION SPOILERMy one complaint is that Angel did something stupid which put her and Dane at risk She received a phone call from the bad guy but didn't tell Dane because he was in a good mood and she didn't want to spoil his mood That was not a good reason The story would have been better if the killer had not made that phone call It was a stupid move on the killer's part as well It served no purpose He knew where she was By calling her he lets her know he knows She doesn't tell Dane which was stupid Dane could have done something differentSexual language mild Number of sex scenes five Setting present day US Copyright 1999 Genre romantic suspense3 stars to UNCOVEREDThis was a fun romantic story Clair and Harris are platonic best friends A previous boyfriend of Clair's took nude photos of her without her knowledge She wrote a note to the boyfriend to break up with him and said she loved Harris instead Harris accidentally discovers these and wants to find the woman not knowing it is ClairSexual language strong Number of sex scenes three Setting present day Chester Ohio Copyright 2004 Genre contemporary romance2 stars to WANTONOverall this was an ok story but not worth buying I found myself skimming some parts that were a little slow Celia thought she was a loose woman Alec shows her that sex is ok and she is not loose I wasn't buying her reason for thinking she was loose She was previously engaged to a killer and liked having sex with him before she knew he was bad A second conflict was Celia going undercover to find Hannah who was forced into prostitution Celia is new to the detective business and wants Alec's help Alec doesn't want her doing this because it's dangerous He agrees to help her if she will have sex with him for a week She agrees and tells herself she is doing this for Hannah but actually she wants Alec as wellSexual language mild Number of sex scenes four Setting present day US Copyright 1999 Genre romantic suspense

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Love with herWanton PI Men to the Rescue Passion had clouded PI Celia Carter's judgment once Never again Now she took on dangerous undercover assignments to deal with her guilt But PI Alec Sharpe was determined to reawaken Celia's sexualitybefore she got herself killed© Lori Foster P HarleuinUncovered Men of Courage After a blaze on his block results in an overturned Dumpster f. The novella was really weak but the two other stories were ok They were a little too light on plot and were very simplistic Beguiled was much better than Wanton